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Trend Micro is the Best Endpoint Protection for a Business solutions provider. For the last 30 years has kept the unwavering vision to make the world safe for digital information exchange. Moreover, Trend Micro’s primary focus is to provide next-gen tools and services for cybersecurity. like their Trend Micro internet security solution. This single-minded passion has inspired innovations that keep up with the cyber threats and hackers in this ever-changing IT landscape. Since Trend Micro’s inception. Furthermore, it has provided 250+ million endpoints cybersecurity solutions to over 500,000 organizations worldwide. Trend Micro Internet Security solutions are known to offer industry-leading cybersecurity protection. built for multi-device cyber protection against ransomware, dangerous websites, viruses, and cyber identity thieves. vCloud Tech offers the entire catalog of Trend Micro’s products and services. In addition, Trend Micro also provides a range of free cybersecurity tools. including the Trend Micro Removal Tool and the Trend Micro House Call virus scan tool. From the network to the cloud to endpoint cybersecurity protection, Trend Micro has got our customers in both public and private sectors. covered with a connected cyber threat defense recognized and recommended by analysts and industry gurus of all kinds.

Solutions and ExpertiesTREND MICRO OFFERS THE BEST

Hybrid Cloud Security

Trend Micro offers hybrid cloud solutions. So that, Secure your organization’s cloud, physical, virtual, and container environments more efficiently with a single unified solution.

Network Defense

Trend Micro’s solutions can detect and protect your networks against known and unknown liabilities with cross-generational protection methods.

User Protection

Trend Micro’s cybersecurity solutions. Then, Safeguard your organizational employees and network users with the perfect tools that give you enhanced visibility and a faster response to cyberattacks.

Software-Defined Storage

Trend Micro’s commercial storage solutions. Let organizations stop data infrastructure fragmentation and provide modern infrastructure for modern data centers that are predictable, resilient, and simple.


Smart Protection for Office 365

Trend Micro Smart Protection for Office 365. Offers multi-layered cyber threat protection for Microsoft Office 365 against Business Email Compromise, phishing, ransomware, internal email, and file-sharing risks. Smart Protection for Office 365 combines the power of Trend Micro Cloud Security and Trend Micro Email Security. Gives your complete cyber threat cloud protection.

Complete Threat Protection Solution

With Trend Micro’s Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection solution. You can utilize multi-layered cyber threat protection for your Organization’s Microsoft Office 365 suite. That protects your systems against Business Email Compromise (BEC), internal email, ransomware attacks, phishing, and file-sharing risks. Smart Protection merges the power of Trend Micro Email Security Advanced and Trend Micro Cloud App Security. Gives your systems complete cyber threat protection.

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Protection

Business Email Compromise (BEC) protection is a fast-growing cyber threat to organizations around the globe. Trend Micro’s Email Smart Protection for Office 365. looks at the who, what, when, where, and why of an email and catches BEC attacks by using artificial intelligence (AI). Including expert systems and ML, to examine email content, header, and authorship. In addition, the solution is built with unique writing style DNA technology. Which authenticates incoming emails.

Advanced Ransomware Protection

Ransomware is a massive threat to any organization. According to research, 94% of ransomware infections and over 90% of targeted cyber-attacks start with an email. Trend Micro’s Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection solution detects ransomware and other malware hidden in shared Office documents. In addition, it eradicates phishing attacks and spam with multiple protection techniques. Like sender reputation, machine learning (ML), content, and image analysis.

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Trend Micro Endpoint Protection offers complete visibility into cyber-attack spread and the extent of influence of advanced cyber threats. EDR allows your organization’s IT teams to perform impact assessments instantly. Determine the root cause of the detection, and take proactive measures to take care of and update your security.

Superior Detection with a Single View for Integrated Workflows

Trend Micro Endpoint Protection leverages a complete portfolio of advanced detection tools against an ever-growing variety of cyber threats. EDR solution integrated with Trend Micro’s endpoint protection. As a result, Offers comprehensive cyber threat detection and response tools with automation and remediation capabilities. In addition, the soliton lets you view all the detections, perform investigations. Therefore, an initiate response to them from a single dashboard for endpoints alone or across other Trend Micro security layers.

Root Cause Analysis and Impact Assessment

Trend Micro Endpoint Protection EDR software gives organizations complete visibility into the attack vector, spread, and extent of the impact of advanced cyber threats. So that, With EDR, your incident response IT staff can quickly perform impact assessments, determine the root cause of the issue, and take proactive measures to take care of and update the security. In addition, the solution helps organizations with global cyber threat intelligence that gives them assistance, clarity, and a comprehensive database of cyber threat information.

Automated and Integrated Threat Response

Trend Micro Endpoint Detection and Response EDR software solution for enterprises. That is, Automatically isolates, quarantines, and blocks executions by rolling back settings (files, in the case of ransomware attacks). As a single action for a holistic view of what system threats may inhabit within your enterprise. And also, provides your IT teams with the option to respond to issues while performing their investigations manually. With EDR solutions, endpoints processes can be terminated and isolated, and Cyber Security intelligence automatically updated per user.

Sweeping and Hunting

Trend Micro Endpoint, a Protection EDR solution, has the tools to perform multiple indicators of compromise (IOC) sweeps with numerous parameters and registries. and then, account activity for specific communications and malware to run your processes. Your organization’s IT team can also search using industry-standard YARA or OpenIOC rules to perform cyber threats. Moreover, hunting is based on indicators of attack (IOAs). In addition, the EDR software solution leverages other Trend Micro products. So that, your IT Teams can sweep for IOCs or IOAs across the entire environment (server, network, messaging, and endpoint).


Trend Micro XDR collects deep activity data across your organization’s endpoints, email, cloud workloads, networks, and servers. Moreover, XDR enables you with a high level of detection that can be difficult or even impossible to achieve with SIEM or individual point solutions. In addition, XDR applies effective analytics to the data collected from native products in the ecosystem. And then, produce correlated and actionable alerts.

Integrated Investigation and Threat Response

XDR software Connects your organization’s emails, servers, cloud workloads, endpoints, and networks. In addition, it provides a broader perspective and a better context to hunt, detect, and contain cyber threats. Utilize robust XDR Sensors to correlate data across your customer environment. Moreover, Trend Micro’s global cyber threat intelligence delivers fewer, higher-confidence alerts, leading to better and earlier detection. Further, Simplify your XDR support with a single vector and get an attack-centric view of an entire chain of events across your security layers.

Correlate Activity Data Across Multiple Vectors

Trend Micro XDR solution collects and correlates deep activity data across email, servers, cloud workloads, endpoints, and network vectors. Finally, enables a higher level of threat detection and investigation. That is, close to impossible to achieve with security information and event management (SIEM) or individual point solutions. Furthermore, with XDR, you will be able to combine context. These benign events abruptly become significant indicators of compromise. As a result, you can instantly contain the impact, minimizing the difficulty and scope.

Correlated Detections Tools and Built-in Threat Intelligence

Trend Micro XDR solution applies valuable expert analytics to your organization’s activity. Data collected from your native products in the environment to produce correlated and actionable alerts. Moreover, XDR is integrated with global threat intelligence tools. Furthermore, the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network suite continuously updates expert detection rules that maximize the power of analytical models in unmatched ways. In addition, Trend Micro XDR’s cloud analytics considers activities like PowerShell that would not automatically generate an alert.

Respond Faster with Integrated Workflows

Trend Micro XDR solution simplifies and speeds up your investigation and response with one place. In addition, the investigation tools to accomplish an attack-centric view of an entire chain of events across cybersecurity layers. Moreover, The solution slows you to power to run a root cause analysis, look at the execution profile of an attack. Moreover, including associated MITRE ATT&CK TTP, and identify the scope of impact across your digital assets. In addition, the XDR solution can take the immediate response and track actions from a single dashboard.

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