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Trend Micro is the Best Endpoint Protection for a Business solutions provider. For 30 years, it has kept the unwavering vision to make the world safe for digital information exchange. Moreover, Trend Micro's primary focus is to provide next-gen tools and services for cybersecurity, like their Trend Micro internet security solution. Since Trend Micro's inception, this single-minded passion has inspired innovations that keep up with the cyber threats and hackers in this ever-changing IT landscape. Furthermore, it has provided 250+ million endpoints cybersecurity solutions to over 500,000 organizations worldwide. Trend Micro Internet Security solutions are known to offer industry-leading cybersecurity protection and built for multi-device cyber protection against ransomware, dangerous websites, viruses, and cyber identity thieves. vCloud Tech offers the entire catalog of Trend Micro's products and services. In addition, Trend Micro also provides a range of free cybersecurity tools, including the Trend Micro Removal Tool and the Trend Micro House Call virus scan tool. Trend Micro has customers in both the public and private sectors, from the network to the cloud to endpoint cybersecurity protection. Covered with a connected cyber threat defense recognized and recommended by analysts and industry gurus of all kinds.

Solutions and ExpertiesEnsure compliance with security best products.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security

Trend Micro Antivirus Security protects your computer or device from various types of malware, such as viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other online threats. The antivirus software offers real-time protection by scanning files and applications on your device for malicious content.

Endpoint Security with Apex One

Apex One is a high-end product featuring the most recent virtual patching capability, based on the Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative, as well as a wide range of advanced technology to identify and fight advanced attacks, such as non-file-based threats.

Trend Micro Workload Security

Trend Micro Workload Security offers advanced security for virtual, physical cloud, and physical servers. It safeguards the data & applications of enterprises from business disruptions & data breaches. This platform allows you to simplify security processes and increasing the value of cloud & virtualization projects.

Trend Micro Web Security

Trend Micro Web Security offers comprehensive endpoint security and centralized management, with additional security features for cloud-based applications like email, web, and collaboration. It provides the most secure defenses at every level, including advanced detection tools that help you stay ahead of the latest threats.

Trend Micro Intrusion Prevention

Trend Micro Deep Security delivers server security for cloud, data center, and container workloads. It incorporates host-based control options, which include Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS).

Trend Micro Cloud App Security

Trend Micro Cloud App Security uses machine learning to detect previously unknown malware before it executes. For example, the Document Exploit Detection Engine detects malware hidden in Office files.

Solutions and ExpertiesTrend Micro's Feature Solutions:

Trend Micro's Feature Solutions:

  • Enhanced Cloud Security:¬†By integrating vCloud Tech’s multi-cloud expertise, Trend Micro can further strengthen its cloud security solutions, ensuring that organizations can securely operate in diverse cloud environments.
  • Advanced Network Security:¬†The partnership aims to enhance network security offerings, combining Trend Micro’s robust cybersecurity solutions with vCloud Tech’s network expertise to deliver a comprehensive and resilient defense against cyber threats.
  • Cybersecurity Education:¬†Trend Micro and vCloud Tech will collaborate to provide cybersecurity education and training resources to help organizations develop a cyber-resilient workforce.
  • Threat Intelligence Sharing: The¬†partnership encourages sharing threat intelligence and cybersecurity insights, enabling rapid responses to emerging threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Cybersecurity Threat Detection:¬†Trend Micro utilizes advanced technologies, including machine learning and behavior analysis, to quickly identify and respond to cybersecurity threats. This proactive approach helps organizations stay ahead of potential attacks.
  • Cyber Insurance:¬†Partnering with insurers, Trend Micro offers cybersecurity insurance solutions that help organizations mitigate the financial impact of a cyber incident. These policies provide coverage for various costs associated with a cyberattack.
  • Web Protection:¬†Trend Micro’s web protection solutions offer secure web gateways, blocking malicious websites and protecting users from web-based threats, enhancing overall web security.
Advanced Network Security trendmicro

Partnership with vCloud Tech

Trend Micro has forged a strategic partnership with vCloud Tech to elevate cybersecurity standards and empower organizations with comprehensive protection against cyber threats. This collaboration leverages vCloud Tech's expertise in multi-cloud environments and security to enhance Trend Micro's cybersecurity solutions.

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