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We serve many organizations offering the flexibility to finance and lease technology solutions to streamline customer’s acquisition processes and to modernize, innovate and upgrade your IT infrastructure.

Here is how our customers are taking  advantage of our strategic financing solutions.

  • Maximize the value of IT hardware and software assets.​
  • Lowering the total cost of ownership.​
  • Offering flexible terms tailored to customer’s budget requirements. ​
  • Upgrade aging infrastructure and software fueling organizations for better business outcomes. ​
  • Conserve capital by spreading the IT budget over the length of financing. ​
  • Potential Tax advantages and preserving credit lines. ​


Our professional financial solutions entail Tech-as-a-Service (TaaS) Programs and other traditional financing programs of leasing.

Tech-as-Service (TaaS)

  • Flexible and comprehensive options to bundle Hardware, Software & Services.​
  • Payment plans for subscription options.
  • ​Customers can scale up or down throughout the subscription term.
  • ​TaaS programs are smart, simple, and scalable.

TaaS for Endpoint (Taas-E):

  • End-To-End Solutions with our broad portfolio for all endpoint products – Client, peripherals, phones and more.
  • Flexible Subscription model allowing our customers to scale up or down throughout the subscription term.
  • Unparalleled capabilities dedicated to crafting advanced financial services IT solutions to enable the growth of our customers.

TaaS for EndpTraditional Financing Programs

  • Flexible leasing options to meet budgetary and business demand.
  • Aggressive financing rates.
  • Fast and expedited financing approval process.
  • Bundle hardware, software and services from multiple vendors into a single financing option. 

Extended Benefits:

  • Fair market value and $1 buyout leases.
  • Installment Payment Agreements.
  • 100% Software and/or Maintenance Financing.


vCloud Tech’s years of experience in working in the IT financial industry makes us an ideal partner to take care of your financial needs. Connect without our team of financial experts to learn how you take advantage of industry-leading financial consultants. Connect with our sales experts to help you with your next big IT project. 

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