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We Know That Licensing Microsoft Software Is Complex. That's Why We've Formed One of The Largest and Most Knowledgeable Teams of In-House Microsoft Licensing and Cloud Experts to Make It Easy for Our Customers to Use.

We know what it takes to be an effective partner. And while many Microsoft licensing vendors are shrinking their Microsoft licensing and support teams, vCloud Tech is countering this trend by introducing more resources and expertise than ever before. Deploy the right licensing experts to find, evaluate, and gain insights when deciding on the best Microsoft licensing program and licensing model for your business. After all, Microsoft software licenses are one of the biggest IT decisions and costs. With a team of professionals reviewing terms and conditions and working on a variety of licensing models, it acts as a trusted partner, providing consulting and strategic services to cloud solution providers (CSPs) or enterprises. Enterprises Agreement (EA) contracts are fully optimized to support changing business needs.

What Is an Effective License Position and Why Do You Need It?

ELP stands for Effective License Position and was the first term coined by Microsoft to refer to an organization’s compliance position.¬† ELP is basically a comparison of current license entitlements and current software consumption. This reveals a gap between the two datasets and is either under-licensed (used outside the terms of the License agreement, with potential audit risk) or over-licensed (i.e., license or shelf). It is used to determine if there is wear leftover), A solid indicator of overspending that needs to be addressed before the annual correction or renewal date.

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Why partner with vCloud Tech for your Microsoft Software Licensing?

In addition to having access to one of the largest and most knowledgeable teams of Microsoft licenses and cloud experts in-house, customers choose to outsource Microsoft licenses to vCloud Tech for the following reasons:

  • Support for renewal and contract execution: vCloud Tech uses the T36 timeline and lifecycle kit to assist customers in renewal and contract execution. The license changes throughout the life of the contract and includes tracking and tracking from start to finish.
  • Evaluate Different Program Options: vCloud Tech has several resource teams to help you evaluate different Microsoft programs and select the best contract for your situation.
  • Helping you find the best price: Our experts can help you negotiate price terms from Microsoft and create a reason to request a discount in a particular scenario.
  • Proactive and continuous communication: The GVK team sets up regular meetings every other week or monthly to confirm contracts (and renewals from Microsoft).
  • Implementation, Recruitment, Optimization: In addition to cost, cloud optimization services target architectural and governance changes needed to accommodate the dynamic pricing and scalability models of the cloud. We are also working on the human side of digital transformation by adopting a cloud model with the expansion of Adoption Change Management (ACM) services.

Ready To Embrace Us As Your Software Licensing And Sam Consultant

vCloud Tech’s years of experience in working in the IT industry makes us an ideal partner to get the right tools for your organization. Take advantage of our free software licensing service by contacting a vCloud Expert to learn how you can optimize your organization’s software investment across your IT environment.


We offer a range of technical and business partners and bring their products to markets.

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Optimize Your Systems And Save Money

With SAM and software licensing service, you can determine your organization’s exact user requirements and find the least expensive software license for your needs. This will help you get the ideal number of licenses required.

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Avoid Audits And Penalties

Software licensing service deploys a strong SAM process that can better understand how your software assets are being deployed and used. This will result in a low risk of a software license audit and avoid or minimize noncompliance penalty fees.
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Smarter IT Utilization

Utilizing licensing and SAM services will help your business get the right information about what IT technologies your organization truly requires. Our experts help many organizations right-size their software licensing spend, connect with us to learn more.

Why vCloud Tech?Purpose

A node-based SAM license limits the number of managed nodes that can be monitored in your environment while permitting an unlimited number of component monitors per node.

Software asset management (SAM) is a business process that involves coordinating and optimizing the procurement, implementation, maintenance, use, and disposal of software applications inside a company.

By decoding software license entitlements, automating the collection of software consumption data, establishing vendor-specific effective license positions (ELP), governing software assets, optimizing software value, and sharing information, SAM tools provide in-depth analysis and management of software assets.

Software license management enables businesses to ensure that they are adhering to license agreements. With so much software being used throughout huge organizations, it’s vital to ensure that all users are using the program as intended and as the software manufacturer has authorized.

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