Why vCloud Tech?Delivering The Best-Modernized User Experience To Hybrid Workers Where Workers Demand A Seamless Experience

Whether Employees are Onsite or Remote, Today's Organizations Need to Think Differently to Ensure That Employees are Optimally Provisioned, Connected, Protected, and Trained.

Work is no longer the place we go, Offices are no longer mandatory, they are optional. Users have hundreds of technology experiences, not just one.¬† In the future of hybrid work, IT leaders will need to rethink their end-user experience. Every experience has new requirements, and IT teams need to think differently in order to successfully deliver these new experiences in a hybrid work environment. As they continue to face the turmoil of the global supply chain, they need to find new ways to serve and deliver devices to distributed workers. Employees need to be connected to the organization’s network, trained, protected, and productive by introducing new methods. vCloud Tech helps support remote and provides Digital Workplace Solutions to hybrid working models so that everything can be successful in the hybrid world. By using the latest technology to deliver the latest desktop experience, you provide a consistent experience across multiple device types and reduce device deployment effort.

Why Collaborate with vCloud Tech?

As an industry leader empowering the modern workplace, vCloud Tech has helped companies adapt to hybrid work models and has supported both remote and on-premises workers. Our transformational capabilities extend to the latest desktop solutions and a robust professional development curriculum. We help our customers maximize the value of their hybrid work investment while delivering the best end-user experience, regardless of location or device of choice. vCloud Tech supports the transformation of hybrid workers. It provides consistency across multiple device types, reduces deployment effort, optimizes collaboration platforms, and leverages the best technology to deliver the latest desktop experience.

Enable Productive Work Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device With Digital Workplace Services

People expect flexibility in their modernized work environment, whether they log in or use the device. That’s why it’s important to provide a consistent, high-quality, immersive workspace experience to support and enhance productivity and collaboration. Physical location does not hinder productivity. Enterprises can combine physical and Digital Workspaces Services into one integrated platform that offers the best of both worlds. By properly training employees for newly introduced technologies, organizations can maximize productivity, engagement, recruitment, and consumption. Ultimately, a powerful professional training program focused on current and new hybrid technologies will increase employee productivity, ensure staff retention efforts, and increase overall end-user satisfaction.

We make it simple to fix problems

Our industry-leading IT partners’ purpose-built Modernize workplace Infrastructure services, and solutions offering is designed to handle the most complex IT difficulties, making us an excellent distributor for your cloud transformational journey.

Brand StrategyFeatured Technology Partners

We offer a range of technical and business partners and bring their products to markets.

Approaches and CapabilitiesOur Approach

Make Plans For a Modern Work Environment

Examine the best options, create personas, and determine your technical readiness to use modern collaboration and provide better digital workplace services.

Create a Whole Architecture

While designing a persona-based adoption plan, choose and integrate supporting infrastructure and update the network for collaboration, video calling, and meetings.

Measure and Improve

Assess the impact on productivity using unambiguous KPIs, then validate and optimize the present state while continuing to develop additional personas and features as needed.

Solutions and ExpertiesOur Solutions

Hardware for an Exceptional Experience

Provide the necessary tools to enhance the employee experience no matter where they work. Digital transformation and support services should be used to empower employees.

Virtualization of Desktops

Use virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to provide secure remote access to apps, files, and data while extending the lives of PCs & laptops. This can lead to cost savings on hardware upgrades and replacements.

Most Popular Productivity Software

To keep ahead of new products and features, choose and deploy the best productivity software solutions and leverage partnerships with key vendors like Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft, and others.

Are you Willing To Bring us as a Modernize Workplace Solutions Partner?

Years of experience offering a Modernize workplace experience make vCloud Tech an excellent partner for a digital transformation. Expect us to be at the cutting edge of this digital transformation world to provide you with the best solutions available since digitization has become a must in this age, and more and more businesses around the world have accepted it.

Why vCloud Tech?Purpose

A Modern Workplace is an operational setup that has been properly created to fulfill both your business’s physical and technology needs, as well as the needs of its employees.

Here are three methods to upgrade your workforce planning in preparation for the future of work:

  • Ensure that everyone in the firm participates and is held accountable. SWP is no more merely a once-a-year HR activity
  • Consider “work task” planning in addition to roles and employment
  • Concentrate on SWP’s future agility

Employees that work in a modern, inventive workplace are more productive, exhibit more initiative, and have higher general health and well-being.

The Modern Workplace is the result of four major transformations: Putting the appropriate tools in place for your team. Allowing them to collaborate more effectively. Using data to assist you in making better decisions faster.

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