Why vCloud Tech? Minimize Cloud-Managed Service Costs And Maximize Your Expertise

Work Confidently in the Cloud

Organizations are migrating their workloads to the cloud to scale, accommodate remote workers, and improve agility, but often internal IT departments effectively maintain and expand their Hybrid Cloud environment.  We have the skills and qualified subject matter experts to manage, protect, and grow your cloud environment, providing you with the ability and confidence to drive further innovation in your business.

Explore New Cloud Technologies That Dominate Brainstorming Sessions, But Current Environmental Management Can Dominate the Day.

vCloud Tech cloud experts work with teams to coordinate business and IT goals, manage and optimize cloud usage, and facilitate team transitions from completing work to driving innovation. The cloud allows organizations to innovate faster, take greater risks, and enjoy more adaptable operations. With vCloud Tech’s Cloud-Managed Services & solution, you can maximize cloud resources to meet your business and IT goals. By proposing new and innovative ways to engage with your customers, you can optimize cloud usage and incorporate layers of automation into your business.

Reinventing the Potential of the Cloud

You need to build and manage your cloud to meet your business needs. vCloud Tech’s Cloud-Managed service solutions include platform design, automation, operations, compliance, and security.

Benefits of Cloud Management with VMware

  • Accelerate agility: Unleash innovation by accelerating the delivery of infrastructure, platforms, and app services with a self-service consumer experience.
  • Control the clouds: Manage risk and control your multi-cloud environment by simplifying financial management, enhancing security, and automating compliance.
  • Optimize performance: Maximize resource utilization, integrate visibility, and optimize performance at minimal cost by providing end-to-end intelligent operations.  Freedom of choice Manage your cloud, infrastructure, and application architecture on-premises or as a service, leveraging the consistency and flexibility of a single control plane.

Why vCloud Tech?Featured Technology Partners

We offer a range of technical and business partners and bring their products to markets.

FEATUREd PRODUCTSWe make it easy to fix things

Redhat Openshift

Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-ready cloud management solution designed to run from their enterprise-grade Linux operating system to manage all your hybrid cloud-based operations. Red Hat OpenShift is an industry leader and is supported by its Kubernetes platform. Red Hat’s OpenShift solution is optimized to improve developer productivity and promote innovation.

VMware vRealize & vCloud Suite

VMware’s vRealize Suite provides Cloud Management products and offers automation, operations log analytics, lifecycle management, and more on-premises. VMware vRealize Suite provides a management solution specifically designed for hybrid cloud and heterogeneous data centers. It manages applications and infrastructure to improve business agility and IT control.

SolarWinds logo

Solarwinds Virtualization Manager

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (VMAN) is their powerful virtual machine (VM) monitoring tool built to enhance all your cloud management operations in a single suite. VMAN is designed to monitor the health and performance of other solutions like VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors, and Nutanix AHV. Their virtual solution is designed to optimize performance, monitoring, and management issues in your organization’s cloud.

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