Why vCloud Tech?Protect Your System Data From Deletion, Corruption, And Cyber Attacks With Enterprise Endpoint Backup Solutions

What Is Endpoint Protection?

Important business data is created and stored on the end user’s laptop and desktop. It’s not in a relatively secure location in the data center, but on the user’s local drive. If you run out of IT resources, you need to make sure that the file system data is protected and that users can recover the files or folders themselves in case of data loss. Endpoint protection is more important than ever. With more of your team working remotely, be sure that their data is protected and recoverable.

Endpoint Protection Automates This Process by Providing:

  • Scheduled backup of important folders without user intervention
  • No interruption in local machine performance during the backup process
  • Self-service restore of files and folders from previous backups
  • Web-based positioned to find lost laptops
  • Ability to remotely wipe a lost or stolen laptop

Challenges for Remote Workers

Laptops are productive, but can your business remember employees backing up their devices? In addition, as the entire global employee moved to the home office, more vulnerabilities were introduced due to inconsistent Endpoint protection and management and slightly different behavior for each employee.

Consider This:

  • Only 14% of the business, IT, and cybersecurity executives consider endpoint security to be one of the most mature cybersecurity programs in their organization.
  • 68% of IT security experts say that an organization has experienced one or more endpoint attacks that endanger data assets or IT infrastructure.

To say nothing of human error or equipment failures.

Endpoint Backup Solution with Maximum Protection and Minimum Impact

No one wants an automated endpoint backup that slows down the local machine while it’s running. The vCloud Tech Endpoint Backup Solution is easy to run in the background without impacting the performance of your local computer. It’s a small amount of calculation work, and there is no slowdown or interruption. Also, due to key features such as client-side deduplication and automatic backup schedules, backups are performed only when needed and only data that has changed since the last scan is used. This saves network bandwidth and allows backups to be performed even on slow cellular networks. vCloud Tech Complete Backup & Recovery for Endpoints provides endpoint protection software to protect almost anything in your laptop, desktop, and IT environment. They all have the same consistent policies and controls. In each case, it reduces data risk, increases data usage visibility, and provides fast self-service access to data recovery when needed.

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Trend Micro Apex One Endpoint Protection

Trend Micro Apex One is an anti-malware that is centrally managed to safeguard the endpoints from various Internet threats. Trend Micro Apex One comprises the Security Agent, which is installed on the device, also manages all Security Agents. Apex One is based on its XGen security strategies, an intergenerational blend of security features that intelligently implement the correct technology appropriately. offers an industry-leading range of capabilities with one user agent. It offers a powerful EDR with automatic detection and response tools, facilitating deployment and removing silos.

Commvault Endpoint Protection

Commvault Endpoint Security provides backup replicating, disaster recovery, and ransomware protection for all workstations in the cloud and on-premises. The Commvault Endpoint Protection solution improves the efficiency of the end user by offering unbeatable access to content that is protected for people to browse, sync, and share without compromising security. Data is stored within the Content Store, a virtual repository of all Commvault software-managed information that improves efficiency and increases the value of protected content via access and security, governance, and analytics.

Acronis Cyber Protect

Protect your data from threats through Acronis Cyber Protect since it comes with an integrated backup and antimalware solution to ensure your computer’s absolute security. Acronis Cyber Protect incorporates backup, recovery, and the latest generation of AI-based antimalware security management in a single solution. The automation and integration provide complete cyber protection while improving productivity and reducing TCO. Acronis Cyber Protect can safeguard your data from threats of all kinds and is the Cyber Security system that seamlessly integrates cybersecurity and data protection.


The productivity of your local and remote workforce is impacted by data loss and ransomware attacks, and securing geographically scattered endpoint devices necessitates a reliable endpoint backup solution.

The practice of producing and preserving copies of data that can be used to protect businesses against data loss is referred to as backup and recovery. Operational recovery is a term used to describe this process.

The typical endpoint security/malicious software detection strategy, especially in corporate situations, is far from adequate.

The process of making an extra copy (or numerous copies) of data is known as a backup. You back up your data to keep it safe. Disaster recovery, on the other hand, is the strategy and procedures for promptly restoring access to applications, data, and IT resources following a failure.

  • Select Monitoring from the Configuration Manager console
  • Expand Security in the Monitoring workspace, then click Endpoint Protection Status
  • Select the collection for which you wish to see status information from the Collection list.

Endpoint security software searches for suspicious or harmful indicators in files, processes, and system activity.

Endpoint protection platforms provide more than simply antivirus. Antivirus software covers a single endpoint and only detects and blocks harmful files, whereas endpoint security solutions cover your entire network and guard against various sorts of security assaults.

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