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Protect your organization’s data from disasters, hardware issues, and DoS by having a backup for the entire system. We are partners with many industry-leading IT vendors who offer highly secure cloud management services. Our partners offer enterprise endpoint backup and recovery solutions to implement state of the art hybrid IT technologies. So, you and your employees can access all your backed-up data speedily. Take advantage of their cloud-based services so no matter where you are your organizational information can be accessed with ease.

Why vCloud Tech?

We and our IT partners understand that remote working has become in demand to survive in in the global market. Organizations these days have employees working from all parts of the world even some from their homes. Our enterprise endpoint backup solutions give your organization the ability to access or process all your organizational data from remote access. The computer cloud environment (CCE) is also embedded with superior cybersecurity tools so no malware or ransomware can corrupt your data.

Challenges to be Resolved:

  • End to end data protection in the remote working situations.
  • Backup and recovery of the intercepted and corrupt data by any external actors.
  • Increase in risks due to malware and ransomware during any of the data transfers.
  • Data inaccessibility.
  • Breach of confidentiality.


  • Our Enterprise Endpoint Backup & Recovery solutions are designed with a fully interactive user interface so your employees will be able to access their required information with ease.
  • Our enterprise backup solution gives you the option to customize access based on individuals and teams so your employees will be able to find only the information relevant to them and no data will be disclosed due to malfeasance.
  • We provide endpoint backup solutions with access management so none of your sensitive data goes into the wrong hands.
  • In the enterprise endpoint backup solutions, we provide are designed with a user-friendly interface so your employees can view and edit their data right from where they want it to be.


  • End to end protection.
  • Protection of business-critical data.
  • Preservation of confidentiality.
  • User-friendliness.
  • Data accessibility in remote work situations.
  • Highly customized access.
  • Ease and convenience in the deployment of services.
  • Cost efficiency.

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Feature Products

AvePoint Backup and Restore solution gives you flexible backup and recovery. Their enterprise backup solution is configurable with VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V with seamless integration with their DocAve Backup and Restore for SharePoint. Their backup and recovery plans ensure SharePoint server virtual environments are all securely protected.

Commvault provides next-generation endpoint data backup and recovery solutions with their industry-leading ransomware and malware cybersecurity protection. Their enterprise backup solution allows schedule backup options that does not interrupt your system’s performance.

Acronis cyber backup and restore solution is designed to store your Windows PC in their data centers and protect them with cyber-attacks. Acronis’ solution is designed to protect your organizational data from not just cyber-attacks but from hardware and software related failure like system breaking updates.

Utilize Microsoft Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and
advanced security.
Your all purpose suite for cloud computing,
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by Google.
Automated instance scanning IT ServiceManagement
system for medical organization’s instance
health system.
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