Why vCloud Tech?With more team members working remotely, ensure that the data they store is safe and recoverable.

The Commvault Endpoint Protection solution improves the efficiency of the end user by offering unbeatable access to content that is protected for people to browse, sync, and share without compromising security. Data stores within the Content Store, a virtual repository of all Commvault software-managed information that improves efficiency and increases the value of protected content via access and security, governance, and analytics. 

Data Loss Prevention ensures that critical data for business is safe and secure in the case of an unplanned accident. As the world’s workforce is becoming more mobile as well, there’s an increase in the chance of information leakage due to stolen or lost laptops. IT executives want to keep the confidential data of their companies safe and secure. They want to ensure that corporate data is secure and safe from unauthorized users, reducing compliance and litigation risk while protecting intellectual property. They also wish to lower the hardware and resources cost to make users more productive.

Endpoint backup: Security of databases Endpoints cloud backup, virtual machines, on-prem environments

  • To ensure more efficient data transmission, data that has been duplicated is utilized.
  • Auto-discovery protects the new data sets.
  • Configurable encryption in transit and at rest; custom retention to ensure the purpose of compliance and recovery.

Recovery: Recovering virtual computers, databases, endpoints, and files

  • Recovery of the entire system in the form of instance, application, or system and Granular single-file recovery
  • In-place to the exact location or out-of-place
  • Up-to-date data at point-in-time

Migration: Moving workloads across cloud providers or on-premises systems to the cloud

No custom scripts are required since the process is entirely automated

  • No downtime on production systems
  • Data portability between cloud services
  • Avoid vendor lock-in

Snapshot integration with hardware: Utilize hardware snapshots to quickly retrieve entire volumes of data.

  • Service for every major hardware manufacturer of snapshots.
  • Automatic storage and¬†Commvault backup¬†of the snapshots
  • Customized snapshot retention

Integration with a cloud: Use the cloud to expand production, making them portable, more accessible, and affordable.

  • Recovery, backup, and data migration within, to, and from the cloud are all supported
  • One platform to manage both cloud and on-premises data.
  • Support for all the major cloud vendors
  • The supervision of compliance is in place

Options for flexible storage: Maintain backups of protected information in one or more locations, such as:

  • Network-attached storage (NAS)
  • All the significant suppliers support cloud storage
  • Disk library, individual disks, or RAID array
  • Deduplication to make it more efficient and cost-effective data storage
  • Secure and protect critical corporate information:¬†on desktops and laptops by using an automated backup service that does not interfere with users’ productivity.
  • Reduce the risk of data Leakage:¬†by incorporating security settings like the most recent encryption for folders and files and policy-based data wiping from laptops stolen or lost.
  • Get control and visibility over endpoint data backup:¬†to ensure compliance and avoid litigation using integrated full-text searches and reports based on an aggregated pool of data from your devices.
  • Create a company-approved:¬†secure, safe file-sharing service that’s simple for end-users to access and provides the required control and visibility into company data-sharing practices.
  • Access mobile devices for backup and secure sharing:¬†data using secure access to content securely via mobile devices and the most popular internet browsers today.
  • Streamline delivery. Reduce Operating Overhead:¬†with a fully managed¬†Endpoint Backup¬†Cloud Service that helps you get up and running in no time with a minimal upfront investment and no internal application management resources.


The laptop’s previous locations since the last server can be tracked and recorded with Commvault software. A stolen or lost device could be tracked using that information.

  • Geospatial properties:¬†The location is determined by an IP address of the destination of the latest connection.
  • The Map interface, powered by Map box Streets, visually illustrates the place and the device’s status. Information about the street cities, states, and countries is displayed.

Routine Wipe

Commvault software offers remote wipe capabilities by administrator-defined policies to stop a data breach from stolen or lost laptops.

Wiping capability via remote:

  • Endpoints solution¬†can be reported as stolen or lost through the web portal, or the administrator can carry out the remote wipe through the administrator panel. Users can erase only protected content or all of the hard disks. Content is erased, and blocks are wiped out.

Encryption Of Data

The administrator or the end user can secure folders and files using Commvault software to block unauthorized access in case of a breach or loss. However, the encrypted content of the stolen or lost endpoint is not accessible without the unique pass-key that the user has created.

  • Aspects of encryption for data:¬†User-managed encryption via the Windows Explorer plug-in is available with a pass-key only required if the laptop is reported as lost or unable to join the servers. Administrator-managed policies determine what documents are locked (encrypted), how data can be unlocked, and encryption behaviour.

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An endpoint protection platform (EPP) provides the investigation and remediation necessary to prevent file-based malware attacks, detect malicious activity, and respond to dynamic security incidents and alerts. Certainly, A solution used to provide functionality.

Endpoint backup refers to saving and copying data from network endpoints such as laptops, desktops, and servers. So, Many businesses use cloud-based endpoint backup solutions for both critical and non-critical data. 

Commvault Complete Data Protection provides backup, archive, replication, disaster recovery, and built-in ransomware protection for all your workloads across on-premises, public cloud, and hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Endpoints indicate where APIs can access resources and help ensure the proper functioning of integrated software. Certainly, API performance depends on successfully communicating with the API endpoints. A software program typically has multiple API endpoints.

Encryption is the Commvault default. So, Data is encrypted at rest and in transit, so even if the backup data is stolen, it will be unusable to an attacker without the decryption key.

As soon as a user plugs his USB device into a computer with the Endpoint Protector client installed, an encryption application called EasyLock is automatically pushed to the device, allowing the user to You will be asked to define a password for the application.