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PROTECT YOUR DATA IN THE CLOUD WITH CONFIDENCE Utilizing cloud security management Solutions

Secure your Data against Cloud DDoS Attacks with Cloud-Based Security Services

vCloud Tech provides cloud security management solutions designed to keep your data secure in the data center, cloud, and containers without slowing down your network’s performance. Our cloud-based security services are built with state of the art DDoS protection as DDoS attack is can overwhelm your website and network servers so it can no longer respond to legitimate user and employee requests. DDoS attacks tend to make website useless for hours, or even days. vCloud understands that this can cause a loss of revenue, customer trust, and brand authority so we make sure our solutions can predict DDoS threats even before they enter your systems.

Utilize Flexible and Remotely Available Cloud Security Management Tools

We provide cloud security management solutions that help organizations with the security they need whether they are turning up or down capacity. Our cloud based security services are built to give your organization the flexibility to avoid server crashes during high traffic periods by scaling up your organization’s cloud-based systems and can scale back down reducing your IT costs. The cloud-based cybersecurity solutions we provide can be accessed by you or your IT teams from anywhere around the globe. The cloud security management solutions come with a highly optimized dashboard so your IT teams can observe and manage all your security-related concerns.

Automate your Cloud Security with Proactive Response

vCloud Tech provides cloud security management solutions with cyber threat intelligence that can access cyber threats before they even occur. Our cloud based security services from our industry-leading cybersecurity partners are designed with machine learning technologies to examine threats and deal with them without human intervention. Automate your cloud network security by choosing from our highly proactive cyber threat response solutions.


Feature Products

CloudGuard Cloud Network Security by CheckPoint is a part of their  CloudGuard Cloud-Native Security platform which is built to provide advanced cyber threat prevention and automated cloud network security through a virtual security gateway. CloudGuard Cloud Network Security is designed with a unified security management system and can be optimized with all your organization’s multi-cloud and on-premises hybrid cloud systems. CloudGuard Network Security also offers consistent policy management and enforcement of advanced security protections that can be automatically deployed and dynamically coordinated into your organization’s data center environments.

Fortinet’s FortiGate Intrusion Prevention cloud security solution is designed to understand that organizations are embracing multiple public cloud platforms which are resulting in increased complexity of management which impacts their system security and increases cyber threat risk. Their intrusion prevention cloud security solution is embedded with built-in security tools that come with a variety of cloud platforms that are unique to each, combination the challenge of constantly managing risk across all clouds in a multi-cloud world. Fortinet’s cloud security solution helps organizations eliminates the challenges that render security operations time-consuming and ineffective.

Trend Micro Workload Security helps organizations accelerate and maintain their compliance for their hybrid and multi-cloud environments for Microsoft Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud systems as they have many compliance certifications. Workload Cloud Security addresses multiple requirements by streamlining audit evidence gathering for a single product and enabling continuous compliance for GDPR, PCI DSS. NIST 800-53, FedRamp, and HIPAA/HITECH. Their SaaS-based cloud security service secures your organization’s sensitive enterprise data without the need to set up and maintain your security infrastructure. Secure your cloud-based servers across the data center with a unified security product.

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