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Protect Confidential Information and Avoid Identity Theft with Email Security Services

vCloud Tech offers next-gen email security solutions that are designed to provide your organization state of the art email cybersecurity protection. We understand that businesses have a lot at stake and need protection from a variety of email threats and are looking for email security services to send secure and encrypted emails.

Why vCloud Tech?

Our email security services are built with high-level encryption so your confidential information cannot be viewed by anyone other than the person it is intended to be viewed by. Our email security tools and solutions also offer protection from identity theft by utilizing layers of checks and authentications processes so no unknown party can be able to access any of your official accounts.


Areas of Focus:

  • Integration of the email service.
  • Incorporating the services.
  • System security against malicious emails.
  • Spam detection.


  • Our Email Security solutions are built to seamlessly incorporated with any email services and make sure there are no difficulties for your IT teams to integrate the service.
  • When you choose one of our industry-leading email security services, it is seamlessly incorporated itself into the existing email architecture.
  • The interaction process makes sure there is no loss or corrupted data during migration while your system remains secure and is not vulnerable to any cyberattack during the process.
  • Email security services utilize smart spam detection to filter out all those unnecessary advertisements and other promotional emails to a separate folder so you and your teams with find a clean email dashboard.
  • The email security solution also detects links and attachments that are designed to put adware, malware, or ransomware in your system.



  • All-encompassing email security.
  • Spam alerts for the spam that are rendered to be potentially malicious.
  • Integrating all the relevant services together in a unified infrastructure.
  • Awareness about the email malware and adware.
  • User-friendliness.
  • Unrelenting support from our partners.

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Feature Products

Trend Micro Office 365 & G Suite Protection offers organizations with enhanced email security for Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, and other cloud email services by utilizing sandbox malware analysis for BEC, ransomware, and other advanced cyber threats. Their solution scans all the files shared from your partners, remote workers, and mobile devices to ensure cyber threats don’t migrate through cloud file-sharing services. Trend Micro Email Security solution provides smart spam and cybersecurity threat protection for Office 365 and G Suite against BEC, phishing, ransomware, internal email, and file-sharing risks.

Barracuda Anti-Phishing and Email Protection solution is designed to automatically detect and prevent spear-phishing attacks on your systems. The Barracuda email security solution utilizes the Sentinel AI engine that learns each organization’s unique email communication patterns and leverages these patterns to identify irregularities in your system and isolate spear-phishing attacks in real-time. The Barracuda Anti-Phishing and Email Protection solution also provides all the data collected by their Sentinel AI engine in a CSV file for your IT teams to analyze and make changes accordingly.

Checkpoint’s Email and Productivity Suite Security solution blocks sophisticated phishing attacks before they break your organization’s systems. Their CloudGuard SaaS tool which is a part of the suite detects and blocks the highly advanced phishing attacks across your inbound and internal communications in real-time. Checkpoint’s Email and Productivity Suite leverages Check Point SandBlast Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction technologies to deliver clean files to users within 1.5 seconds. Their suite is known throughout the industry having the best catch rate, recognized by the NSS Labs to have ‘most effective in breach prevention’.

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