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    Why vCloud Tech? Prioritize Privileged Access Management

    It Is Important to Prioritize Cyber Defense Mechanism

    • Privileged Access Management (PAM) plays a key role in achieving zero trust and defense-in-depth strategies that go beyond mere compliance requirements.
    • Minimal control is better than nothing, but there are still risks of various attacks.
    • Expanding PAM control is the best defense against advanced cyber-attacks.

    Privileged access that bypasses standard control and performs operations beyond standard access put the target system (or systems such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)) at greater risk. This makes privileged access management (PAM) a high-priority cyber defense feature, but effective PAM requires a comprehensive technology strategy. Key success factors include transparency and management of privileged accounts across all assets.

    Prioritize Privileged Access Management

    Privilege management extends permissions to known trusted applications that require permissions, controls application usage, and uses existing PAM Security tools to create logs and reports on privileged activity. vCloud Tech provides users with sufficient endpoint privileges to get the job done. Define policies and privilege distribution to optimize and determine the level of access available across your enterprise and prevent unprivileged malware attacks.

    Technical security and risk management professionals should do the following:

    1. Build a PAM tool that control the coverage matrix that is consistent with your organization’s cybersecurity framework. Use it to develop a risk-based approach for planning, implementing, or improving PAM control and scope
    2. Implement core PAM functionality by providing a solution that covers the intended use case while promoting a zero-privilege operating model. This includes governance, detection, protection, monitoring, auditing, and promotion and delegation of JIT privileges. 
    3. Implement additional PAM functionality by extending the provided solution or integrating it with other security management tools. These include:
    • Remote help
    • Task automation (especially DevOps pipeline and Infrastructure as code [IaC] use cases)
    • Change management
    • Vulnerability assessment and remediation
    • Secret management
    • Secret transmission
    • Cloud infrastructure permission management
    1. Integrate your PAM solution with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) tools.

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