Why vCloud Tech?Private Access Management (PAM) Solution That Is Available On-Premise And, In The Cloud

Secret Server is Delinea’s industry-leading Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution. It allows the security and IT operations team to protect and manage every type of privilege and protect administrators, service applications, roots, and accounts from cyber-attacks. Secret Server lets you set up a password vault and manage application and service accounts. In remote Servers, you can create a password vault, assign granular permissions, and control access privileges. Secret Server is a fully-equipped PAM solution that is available on-premise and cloud.

Secret Server Free is a seamless tool for managing passwords that lets you quickly begin working your accounts with privileged privileges. The installation process takes less than 15 minutes before you’re running the perfect option for teams of IT who do not have the funds to fund an extensive deployment.

  • Incorporates ten users with 250 passwords for account privileges.


  • Active Directory Integration.


  • Military-grade encryption.


  • The perpetual license that isn’t due to expire.


  • RDP/PuTTY Support.


  • Mobile Apps.
  • Secures Passwords In A Centrally Located Vault: Secret Server Software is installed on one Server in your network. The application is scalable from hundreds to thousands of users.


  • Offers Easy Web-Based Access: Secret Server is an online application accessible on any device.


  • Supports Mobile Devices: Secret Server has native apps for iPhone and Android that can be downloaded and set up to allow Secret Server installation in a matter of minutes. Secret Server installation in minutes.


  • Integrates Into Active Directory: Access control based on role makes it simple to grant access to passwords whenever an administrator is new and requires access to the systems.


  • Allows For Extensive Access To Your Passwords: Secret Server provides a unique login for each user based on Active Directory credentials or RSA tokens (anything RADIUS-compatible).
  • Start Quickly:

Get up and running quickly with solutions for privileged accounts discovery, installation on a turnkey basis, and out-of-the-box auditing, reporting, and reporting tools.


  • Scale to Grow:

Manage multiple databases as well as hypervisors, software applications networks, devices for network connectivity, and Security Tools in distributed, large-scale environments.


  • Modify As You Wish:

Create endless customizations directly controlled by cloud PAM and on-premise. Use professionals or your expert.

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