Why vCloud Tech? Security Program Strategies And Operations Address Cyber Threats And Regulatory Compliance Challenges

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vCloud Tech Helps you Evaluate Your Security Program and Develop a Viable Action Plan

vCloud Tech security program’s strategic and operational solutions provide insights into where you are, where you need them, and the steps you can take to get there. We have the people, processes, and technology to address and sustain evolving threats. Meet Compliance Software regulatory requirements. Long-term by assessing the current state of your security program in the light of industry practices and cybersecurity frameworks and creating a working roadmap to a state optimized for strategic business goals. We will work together to ensure security.

A Strong Security Plan Helps Mitigate and Avoid the Risk

From HIPAA to PCI to GDPR, compliance regulations are constantly changing. This puts the enterprise at risk of overlooking important regulatory requirements and taking greater responsibility. A comprehensive and integrated approach to compliance, including vendor management, reduces the potential for fines, security breaches, and operational adverse effects. Proven security program strategies can also help protect the confidentiality and accessibility of information. Our experts work with you to meet industry standards, meet your commitment to shareholders, partners and customers and reduce reputation and business loss by avoiding or minimizing the damage of catastrophic security incidents. Develop a security program strategy that will help you.

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Compliance is Essential to Business Success

vCloud Tech understands the importance of managing risk to achieve a compliant and secure IT environment. That’s why we provide tools and services to help you improve compliance risk and protect your data and networks.

  • Network and asset management: Management is a key factor in optimizing networks, improving application performance, and improving reliability.
  • Safety: Ratings, endpoint protection, encryption, and web security help keep your business and customer data secure and compliant.
  • Recovery from disaster: Take advantage of strategies ranging from backup to server virtualization to software-defined data centers.
  • Consulting and managed services: We provide IT consulting on cloud and other application evaluation and transformation, as well as end-to-end support.

We Get Compliance

Modern organizations need to address enterprise-wide compliance in a measured and well-planned way. As a compliance partner, we help you design end-to-end compliance strategies and implement everything you need to stay compliant with ever-changing regulations.

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We offer a range of technical and business partners and bring their products to markets.


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Altova CbC Reporting Solution

Altova Country by Country (CbC) Reporting Solution help organizations in filing easily generatable CbC XML reports for their legal compliance. Altova offers an easy-to-use interface to manage all your information and create XML reports. Automatically generates legitimate XML CbC reports with ease utilizing compliance tools and manually making changes when needed. Altova CbCR provides Excel templates to manage all your legal data. Altova Cloud is a cloud-based service that gives customers the option of US or EU-based datacenters to meet the different laws among jurisdictions.


Idera SQL Compliance Manager

Idera’s SQL Compliance Manager makes audits simpler for organizations with the ability to manage the architecture in their databases with security compliance initiatives. Customers also gain significant value by checking the activities within their systems and ensuring that the actions align with their change management process. Customers can use SQL Compliance Manager to review the information in forensic detail to create an overview of user activities for a specific time. It is instrumental in determining the information users have accessed in response to a breach in data or angry employee behavior.

Sonatype logo

Sonatype Nexus Auditor

Sonatype’s Nexus Auditor allows you to automatically generate software bills of your materials and the ability to identify the components used within the third party or legacy applications. Nexus Auditor lets organizations continuously monitor their production applications to identify their recently disclosed legal vulnerabilities. Automatically receive an email as soon as the vulnerability is found and take action to fix it immediately. Nexus Auditor monitors your production applications for the latest vulnerabilities to be disclosed. You’ll be notified via email or an alert whenever an issue is discovered, and you’ll be able to immediately make the necessary changes to prevent any threat from attackers outside.


Compliance controls and auditing operations are still necessary to meet regulatory requirements.

Compliance monitoring ensures that your company follows all of the relevant rules, regulations, policies, laws, and standards that govern it.

Compliance tools are software products that automate or simplify processes and procedures that firms must implement to meet industry, legal, security, and regulatory requirements.

The software tools that an organization uses to monitor its internal systems and controls to comply with mandated standards and laws are referred to as compliance software.

Compliance automation, often known as automated compliance, is a type of software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and technology to make compliance tasks easier.

The primary goal of monitoring is to ensure that the Firm complies with the FCA Rules, to report on the Firm’s overall level of compliance, and to make recommendations for procedure changes.

The Compliance Monitoring Strategy (CMS) lays out how states should assess a facility’s compliance status and how often they should do so. The DAQ uploads data related to compliance efforts to the EPA every month.

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