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Utilize Compliance Management Software to Reduce Legal Hurdles with Efficient Operations and Processes

vCloud Tech offers compliance management solutions and regulatory tools that are designed to take care of your organizational legal, financial, corporate, environmental, government, and other legal compliances in a sophisticated user-friendly software framework.

Why vCloud Tech?

Our compliance management solutions from our industry-leading providers are designed to assess all your organization’s legal and compliance requirements and give you resolve and give suggestions to fix them with ease. Our products provide you with advanced documentation audits, evaluation tools, checklists, and suggestions for improvement in your documents based on the regulatory regions where your work is.

Areas of Focus:

  • To reduce legal hurdles with efficient operations.
  • Enhancing the data management capabilities.
  • Reduction of the legal costs.
  • Increasing agility with actionable legal insights.
  • Preservation of confidentiality.


  • vCloud provides compliance management solutions that maintain legal compliance with the regulations and keeping data security standards.
  • Our compliance management tools keep track of what confidential data any organization holds about its customers and developing the capabilities to access and modify that information in an efficient way.
  • Compliance management solutions help your organization assess its legal requirements and redesign its data management processes in a way that supports not only privacy but improves your IT operational efficiency and reduces your legal costs.
  • Compliance management solutions help your organization streamline your legal operations and give your teams more time to focus on their core business tasks.
  • Regulatory compliance management software also utilizes machine learning to detect violations in any of our processes and alert your teams in real-time.
  • compliance management tools utilize automation and generate legal reports and bills for the required authorities.

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Feature Products

Altova Country by Country (CbC) Reporting Compliance Management Tools helps organizations in filing easily generatable CbC XML reports for their legal compliance. Altova offers an easy-to-use interface to manage all your information and create XML reports. Automatically generates legitimate XML CbC reports with ease utilizing compliance tools and manually make changes when needed. Altova CbCR provides Excel templates to manage all your legal data.

Idera’s SQL Compliance Tools Manager makes audits simpler by organizations with the ability to manage the architecture in their databases with security compliance initiatives. Their compliance management tools let you audit sensitive information to see who did what, when, where, and how. It offers options to monitor and alert suspicious activity to detect and track issues. You can assuage audits for FERPA, HIPAA, PCI, and SOX requirements

Sonatype’s Nexus Auditor allows you to automatically generate software bills of your materials and the ability to identify the components used within the third party or legacy applications. Nexus Auditor lets organizations continuously monitor their production applications to identify their recently disclosed legal vulnerabilities. Automatically receive an email as soon as the vulnerability is found and take action fixing it immediately.

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