Why vCloud Tech?Resolve Risks Quickly and Efficiently So You Can Efficiently Repair the Security of Your Pipeline

The Nexus Auditor ensures that your software is safe and that no license violations happen during the build, test, or release cycle. By using component intelligence, you can explore any aspect of your software and establish policies to ensure that your team is in conformance.

Nexus Auditor will generate a complete BOM (Bill of Materials) of your software, which includes any COTS (Commercial off the Shelf) products you employ within your pipelines. Nexus Auditor monitors your production applications for the latest vulnerabilities to be disclosed. You’ll be notified via email or an alert whenever an issue is discovered, and you’ll be able to immediately make the necessary changes to prevent any threat from attackers outside.

  • Examine and document the inner workings of your program as an extensive BOM.


  • Quality concerns and license risk.


  • Inform you about any unwelcome components within the application lifecycle (ALC) stages.


  • Waive violations under context analysis or manual exceptions.


  • Nexus Auditor also provides reporting and analytical functions that allow it easy to communicate any of the latest risks when you know they exist.
  • Generate a Software Bill of Materials: Nexus Auditor automatically generates a software bill of material to determine open-source components used in the third-party or old applications. Get the complete listing of the open-source features included in your application to find parts that violate your open-source policy.


  • Triage License and Security: Before you sign up for the application of a third party, you should first check it out using Nexus Auditor to see the existence of any restricted licenses or security weaknesses. With Auditor, you’ll be able to assess your inherent risk by analyzing the open-source guidelines and providing remediation advice to address all hazards.


  • Multiple Network Interface Cards: It is possible to assign two network interface cards to a server. Clients can use one card to connect to the cache server and the other for the cache servers in the cluster to communicate with each other. It increases the capacity of your data bandwidth dramatically.
  • Continuously Monitor Apps for New Vulnerabilities:

An Open-Source Nexus Auditor component may be secure currently; however, this doesn’t mean it’ll remain that way for the rest of the time. Nexus Auditor continuously monitors your production applications to identify newly disclosed vulnerabilities. You’ll receive an email or alert when a new vulnerability is found, so you can immediately take action to eliminate any threat from outside attackers. Another reason to use Nexus Auditor is to understand the open-source components employed in outsourcing and third-party development. Nexus Auditor notifies you if these applications could pose an issue concerning the security or could pose a legal risk.


  • Nexus Auditor is Superb for Monolithic, Legacy Applications:

The most benefiting users of Nexus Auditor are those who manage monolithic software applications that have very little or no developments being made on them. It is little or no growth carried out. Nexus Auditor works best when the application you have been using for years is essential to your organization and is required to conform to various industry standards. The most well-known standards I have encountered are ISO and SOC2 conformance. To be precise, you need an analysis of the compositions in the software. It lets you identify a previous application’s third-party, open-source components. With the bill of materials for software, you are aware of what’s in the program. It is essential to analyze and be mindful of the risk of obsolete open-source components.

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