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Simplify Operational Deployment with HCI Integrated Solutions

vCloud Tech acknowledges that modern businesses tend to have growing reliance on data storage, sharing, and processing capabilities in their day-to-day operations. Many of our customers have emphasized on having a single solution that can take care of all their operational capabilities as having multiple solutions to run different operations separately can be complex to operate and difficult to scale.

Why vCloud Tech? 

We with our partners have come up with state-of-the art software-defined Hyper Converged infrastructure technology services having a single hardware infrastructure along with a simplified user interface. These services help your IT teams with managing your organizational data assets easily without having any complications.

Challenges encountered while using Traditional IT Infrastructure:

  • Time consumption in upgrading software and hardware.
  • Need to balance independent systems.
  • High cost of organization software and hardware.
  • Environmental concerns and network critical issues.
  • Workloads.

Solutions we provide:

  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure Solution provides a unified environment that makes upgrading of your software and hardware much speedier and simpler.
  • Infrastructure technology services eliminate the need to balance independent systems.
  • By anticipating your needs, Infrastructure technology services reduce the cost of your organizational software and hardware.
  • Highly Optimized Managed Infrastructure Services are built to assess the environmental concerns which include self-healing capabilities that are capable of automatically identifying and resolving network critical issues.
  • Our infrastructure solution services also allow your organizations to automate the workloads and offer virtualization tools so you can examine your operations in real-time.

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Red Hat understands that businesses in industries like banking, energy, telecommunications, retail, and the public sector are increasingly depending on critical applications that must be deployed with budgetary constraints, limited space, and a scarcity of skilled IT staff. RedHat Hyperconverged Infrastructure is specifically designed by taking all this into account, their solution is based on their industry-leading OpenStack and virtualization platforms that provide software-defined, scalable, co-located, compute, and storage. Their solution utilizes the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform on cost-effective, industry-standard hardware.

Cloud Foundation is VMware’s hybrid cloud platform for managing VMs and orchestrating containers, built on full-stack software-defined hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) technology. Cloud Foundation works in a single user interface architecture that is easy to deploy. VMware HCI enables consistent and secure infrastructure with secure operations across your private and public cloud. Cloud Foundation helps your organization increase its IT agility and flexibility with the hybrid cloud that works with all aspects of your organization. 

HCI-Flex appliance by Datacore combines the flexibility of software-defined storage with the simplicity and rapid deployment of hyperconverged infrastructure. HCI-Flex is available in a variety of configuration models to fit your organization’s requirements. Datacore HCI-Flex maximizes your organization’s IT performance, ensures security with military-grade cybersecurity encryption, and reduces infrastructure footprint. Datacore makes it simple to deploy the HCI-Flex appliance within an hour with simple, intuitive implementation. It offers unified optimization, performance, failover, replication, and recovery options.

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