Devops On-Premises To Public Clouds

New Modes of Working are Supported By Modern Infrastructure

Organizations have had opportunities to rethink their budgets and assess how their Hyperconverged infrastructure supports their needs as a result of changing demands and new work environments. vCloud Tech Core HCI Infrastructure solutions professionals help you grow your business by inspecting, monitoring, securing, and updating your data center environment to achieve your ideal infrastructure while staying under budget. Your organization will be more prepared for changing business demands, changing labor needs, and future expansion if you have an efficient and effective infrastructure. You may alter your organization for a prosperous tomorrow with help from vCloud Tech in using the correct technology.

IT Businesses Looking For Ways To Simplify Their Systems To Suit On-Prem Data Center Workloads, Making it Easier To Consume, Use, and Manage That Data

It doesn’t have to be a difficult or expensive development to renew your IT infrastructure. Our architects can help you to discover the proper technologies to satisfy your requirements without breaking the budget using vCloud Tech’s Core Hyperconverged Infrastructure solutions. A hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), which combines storage, computation, and networking into a single system, is one such approach. HCI lowers touchpoints by replacing separate, dedicated hardware with software-defined solutions. You no longer have to manage separate compute, storage, and networking stacks because everything is given as part of a single solution stack. And as the amount of data grows, those types of workloads will only rise in number and size.

How Does Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Work?

 Four tightly integrated software components form a Hyper-converged platform.

  • Storage virtualization
  • Computing virtualization
  • Network virtualization
  • Advanced management features including automation

Virtualization software abstracts and aggregates the underlying resources and dynamically allocates them to applications running in VMs or containers. The configuration is based on application-aware policies, eliminating the need for complex configurations such as LUNs and volumes.

Our Expertise Supports Your Solution

Your firm expands and develops more successfully with a modernized and optimized IT infrastructure. vCloud Tech offers the experience and expertise to support IT environments of all sizes and complexities, thanks to an industry-leading partner network and hundreds of in-house professionals. We make IT technology adoption easier for you so you can focus on your business. We will help you select, deploy, and manage the correct technologies that meet your budget, whether you’re looking for new solutions or need to replace outdated equipment. We support you to navigate solutions from suppliers to satisfy your organization’s IT needs thanks to our ever-growing portfolio of technology partners.

We offer a range of technical and business partners and bring their products to markets.

VMware logo

VMware Cloud Foundation

VMware Cloud Foundation makes it simple to create and manage a hybrid cloud. VMware Cloud Foundation offers integrated cloud infrastructure (Compute Storage, Networking, and Security) as well as Cloud Management services. This platform automates the creation and management of a complete Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC), based on a standard hyper-converged architecture. It can be used On-premises with a wide range of supported hardware, or as a public cloud service. VMware Cloud Foundation is the industry's most advanced hybrid cloud platform.

DataCore HCI Solutions

DataCore Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Solutions, a combination of Server and Storage, is an Intelligent Software Platform that creates flexible building blocks to replace legacy infrastructure which consists of separate storage networks, servers, and storage arrays. It combines commodity server hardware with locally attached storage devices (spinning disc or flash) and is powered via a distributed software layer. This eliminates common problems associated with legacy infrastructure. It combines locally attached storage devices (spinning disc or flash) with commodity datacenter server hardware.

Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Red Hat Hyperconverged Infrastructure is primarily built on our main OpenStack and Virtualization Systems. It provides co-located, scalable, and software-described Computing and Storage. This Computerization is done through the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, which uses industry-standard hardware and an agentless IT Automation platform that allows for easy deployment and central management of remote clusters. Virtualize Business Applications easily, optimize resource utilization through Infrastructure consolidation, and achieve operational efficiencies.

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