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    Why vCloud Tech?Protect Your Important Data and Applications That Focus on Business Outcomes

    Maintain Data Sovereignty

    Many companies are subject to legal and corporate governance requirements and cannot transfer control to a third party. These organizations want centralized control and complete control over their data, regardless of their physical location. VCloud Tech Cloud Connect for the Enterprise is the cost of maintaining full control and data sovereignty over your entire enterprise backup infrastructure, regardless of whether your enterprise customers choose to host remote offices or workstations. Provides a responsive and flexible cloud approach-backing up head office data Place a central or store on top of a public cloud. In addition, with end-to-end encryption at source, in-flight, and rest, customers know that their data is secure and under control.

    Enterprise Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

    With vCloud Tech Cloud Connect for the Enterprise, your organization can act as a disaster recovery (DR) service provider, providing offsite backup and replication services to your internal customers. This eliminates the complexity of not having to maintain a VPN connection and improves security by encapsulating all backup and management traffic on a single port. Create the ability to send Cloud backups and replicas from multiple locations to your primary data center and archive those backups directly to the public cloud, while creating the best organizational backup and recovery strategy for your needs. Provides flexibility and control in choosing.

    Backup to the primary data center or private cloud

    Companies with multiple locations and distributed employees need a way to centrally manage and store the data that resides in each office or workspace. With vCloud Tech Cloud Connect for the Enterprise, you have centralized management of distributed enterprise remote office/branch office (ROBO) environments and mobile user backup and replication services with a single IT feature, giving you complete control over your organization’s data. I can do it. vCloud Tech Cloud Connect for the Enterprise offers efficient ways to:

    • Copy backups or replica virtual, physical, and cloud servers from multiple locations in your primary data center
    • Securely and seamlessly back up mobile user-owned workstations to your primary data center or public cloud
    • Archive backups of VMs, servers, and workstations directly to the public cloud

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