Why vCloud Tech?Streamlined, lightweight Microsoft Azure-hosted SaaS backup, recovery, and migration service powered by Commvault Metallic

Commvault’s award-winning metallic SaaS backup delivers enterprise-class performance for ultimate cloud scalability, security, and productivity. Commvault Metallic products are enterprise-class, integrating Commvault’s proven technology with the flexibility of SaaS delivery. Select the method you want to use for your deployment: Azure infrastructure and Azure storage or a combination of cloud and on-premises storage. Metallic SaaS makes it easy to provide quality data protection at an affordable price. That means easy deployment, automatic upgrades, no hardware costs, and an affordable subscription model.

Metallic forms the Commvault Intelligent Data Services platform, enabling organizations to efficiently reduce and simplify their enterprise data load. We offer customized backup storage options. Metallic with Microsoft 365 and Endpoint includes unlimited Azure storage. With Metallic VM and Kubernetes Backup, Metallic Backup, and Metallic File and Object Backup, you can use our storage or create storage in the cloud or on-premises to keep an offline copy for quick recovery. I can do it. It’s a SaaS-based service that’s easy to use and even easier to set up. Our trust in the Azure Marketplace and our partnership with Commvault Backup as an ISV eliminates the need to overcome many hurdles to obtain a solution.

  • Metallic VM and Kubernetes backup:

     DMaaS supports hybrid cloud environments protecting Hyper-V VMware Azure VMC, VMC, AVS, and Kubernetes workloads. 
  • Unique storage flexibility 

    supports full VM backups or ample storage and database systems running in virtual environments. 
  • Metallic File and Object Backup: 

    Cost-effective SaaS backup and fast recovery of unstructured data that protects Windows, Linux, Azure Blobs, and Azure Files. Flexible storage options for cloud environments using physical systems or environments using virtual machines. 
  • Database metallic backup:

     Protect your most important Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL databases, and Active Directory on-premises or in the cloud. Unique storage options for physical systems, clouds, and virtual or physical machine environments. 
  • Metallic Backup for Microsoft 365:

     Protect what matters most across the Microsoft 365 suite from corruption or deletion.
  •  Metallic Endpoint Backup:

     Endpoint security has never been more accessible and controllable with automated backups and granular, flexible recovery options. 
  • Metallic Recovery Reserve Cloud Storage:

     Metallic and Commvault customers receive fully managed cloud storage with a single interface to support various applications. 
  • Metallic Backup with Microsoft Dynamics 365: 

    Fast and comprehensive backup of CRM data in production and sandbox environments.
  • Easy to join:

     No additional provider management is required, and fully connected to Commvault Backup & Recovery or Hyperscale X.
  • Safe and easy protection: 

    Safe and reliable for daily backups, standard retention, and even ad-hoc restores, with built-in ransomware protection.
  • Easy to set up: 

    It takes minutes to set up and provides a simple and fast way to modernize your IT operations without needing training or hiring new engineers.
  • Easy to manage: 

    Complete access to all Commvault features from a single interface dramatically simplifies administration and cost control (no hidden fees).

Digital transformation brings new challenges. Metallic is committed to data security and protection in modern environments, including SaaS backups solutions, on-premises, and cloud-native workloads.

  • No job is left behind: 
    An intuitive user interface that covers all products and the most comprehensive range available protects you. Preconfigured with best practices to protect your data from damage, our unique storage flexibility enables lightning-fast recovery. Manage your data at the edge. 
  • A valid SaaS option:

     Cloud-native data management with all the benefits of SaaS Hassle-free deployment, no hefty upfront costs, no need to manage Commvault backup systems to the cloud, pay-as-you-go model that scales needed. The company is expanding.

  • Trusted, secure, and compliant:                             

  Backed by multiple layers of  protection, it’s hardened to keep your data safe, stay compliant, and recover quickly from today’s threats. Built on industry-leading Commvault technology for unbeatable security.

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Metallic is built on proven Commvault IP to provide robust protection in a simple cloud-native solution. With hassle-free deployment, built-in upgrades, and no infrastructure or hardware to manage, Metallic keeps your data compliant and resilient, delivering unmatched ease of use and performance.

Commvault Backup & Recovery provides enterprise-grade protection and recovery for virtual machines, vaults, databases, applications (including cloud), endpoints, and files. Commvault allows you to efficiently and securely manage secure data and workloads both on-premises and in the public cloud.

With enhanced security and enhanced remote working, cloud storage service leverages Microsoft technology to provide virtual airflow of data to protect against ransomware and reduce risk. In addition, it provides gaps and immutable copies.

Software as a Service (SaaS) backup software is a technology for storing and protecting data created by SaaS products. A SaaS product is software that is licensed and delivered in the cloud rather than being installed on-premises. That saves businesses money on backup and storage costs.

Protect your data and recover the finer details. Ensure business continuity and readiness. Avoid legal and regulatory compliance costs.

  • Manage all your enterprise data and applications with the most comprehensive cloud-native data management platform available Application resilience. 
  • Data compliance and governance. 

A full backup is often considered the safest and most reliable way to copy data. Other benefits include: Recovery and restore times are reduced because the complete data is always available. In addition, all data is backed up at once, making version control more accessible.