Why vCloud Tech?A Streamlined And Straightforward Microsoft Azure-Hosted Saas Backup, Recovery, And Migration Service

Commvault Metallic products are enterprise-class and integrate Commvault’s proven technology with flexibility in SaaS delivery. You choose the method you use to deploy: Azure infrastructure and Azure Storage or a combination of cloud and on-premise storage. Through Metallic SaaS, you get affordable and high-quality data protection without the hassle. It has simple deployments and automated upgrades, no cost for hardware, and an affordable subscription model.

Metallic makes up the Commvault Intelligent Data Services Platform, allowing organizations to reduce and simplify the enterprise’s data burden efficiently. We offer backup storage options that are designed around our customers. Metallic with Microsoft 365 and Endpoints include unlimited Azure Storage. With Metallic VM and Kubernetes backup, Metallic Backup, and Metallic File and Object Backup, you’ll be able to utilize our storage or create your storage in the cloud or on-prem to keep an offline copy for quick recovery. It is a SaaS-based service that is easy to obtain and can be even more straightforward to set up. Azure Marketplace in confidence, and our partnership with Commvault Backup in the capacity of an ISV means that you don’t need to make many hurdles to get the solution.

  • Metallic VM and Kubernetes Backup: DMaaS to support hybrid cloud environment, which protects Hyper-V VMware Azure VMC, VMC, AVS, and Kubernetes workloads. Unique storage flexibility supports complete VM backups or ample storage and database systems running in virtual environments.


  • Metallic File and Object Backup: The cost-effective backups and the speedy recovery of data that is not structured and protection for Windows, Linux, Azure Blob, and Azure Files. Flexible storage options for physical systems, cloud, or virtual machine environments.


  • Metallic Backup of Databases: Protects the most important Oracle, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL databases, and Active Directory, on-premises or in the cloud. Unique storage options for physical systems cloud, virtual or physical machine environments.


  • Metallic backup designed for Microsoft 365: Protect what is most important against corruption and deletion across the whole Microsoft 365 suite.


  • Metallic Endpoint backup: Endpoint security has never been easier or more manageable with automated backups and flexible restoration options that are granular.


  • Metallic Recovery Reserve Cloud Storage: Metallic & Commvault customers receive fully-managed cloud storage to support the most diverse applications through one interface.


  • Metallic Backup with Microsoft Dynamics 365: Comprehensively safeguard your CRM data quickly and accurately in production and sandbox environments.
  • Simple to Join: No need for additional vendor management. It is fully connected to Commvault Backup & Recovery or Hyperscale X.


  • Secure And Easy To Guard: Secure and reliable for everyday backups, standard retentions, and even ad-hoc recovery and comes with built-in ransomware protection.


  • Simple To Set Up: Up in a matter of minutes, it provides an easy and quick way to modernize your IT operations without needing to upskill or employ new engineers.


  • Simple To Manage: Complete access to all Commvault features through one interface for dramatically simplified management and cost control (no charges that are not disclosed).

With digital transformation comes new challenges. Metallic promises security and protection for data in modern environments, including SaaS backup or on-prem, as well as cloud-native workloads.


  • No Workload Left Behind:

You’re protected with a straightforward interface that covers all products and the most extensive coverage available. Best practices are pre-configured to ensure your data is protected from harm, and our unique storage flexibility allows for super-fast recovery. You can manage your data on the edges.


  • A Real SaaS Option.

Cloud-native data management to all the benefits of SaaS No-hassle deployment, no significant upfront costs and the absence of a Commvault Backup To Cloud system to manage, and a “pay for what you need” model that allows an easy scale as your business expands.


  • Trusted, Secure, And Compliant:

Secured by multi-layered protection, it is hardened to keep your data safe, compliant and quickly recovered from today’s threats. Based on the industry’s leading Commvault technologies for unbeatable security.

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