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Secure your Cloud Backup in a Cost-Effective Solution

vCloud Tech provides SaaS and backup protection services that utilize encrypted cloud-based technologies to ensure your data is easily available and secure. We provide cost-effective solutions to the ones that your SaaS providers are giving. Also, in the case of hardware failure, your data can be effortlessly accessible through our services. Our SaaS data backup and recovery solutions also create a highly optimized virtual user interface so you will be able to access and manage your required data with ease.

Why vCloud Tech?

vCloud Tech has the technical expertise by the virtue of its partnerships with the industry leading vendors that enable our customers to make the right and prudent choice in seeking our SaaS data backup protection solutions. Our backup protection solutions upload all your organizational data to the secure cloud-based data center so, in case of any disaster which would cut you off from your offices, you can access your data easily and quickly from any location available. Our backup services are designed to automatically upload your SaaS solution’s data to the data centers and all they require is an internet connection on any device.

Areas of Focus:

  • Fast and flexible disaster recovery to avoid downtime
  • Cost effectiveness of the cloud backup.
  • Customization of the solutions.
  • Convenient on premises and off premises data accessibility.
  • Enhancing the virtualization.


  • Our services are designed to access the quality of your internet and no matter what your organization’s internet speed is, your data will be safe and secure in our industry-leading IT partners’ data centers.
  • We from our partners provide office 365 SaaS, sharepoint backup solutions and salesforce backup solutions designed to back your AWS, Microsoft Azure, Dynamic 365, Salesforce, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, G Suite, Office 365, many other SaaS providers data.
  • With free IT consultation, we provide a free licensing and SAM service to all our customers so you get the right backup protection solutions for your organization.

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Feature Products

AvePoint provides SaaS backup and security solutions for Salesforce and Dynamic 365. Their backup and recovery plan makes sure there is no data loss by proving data upload automation and ad hoc options. They also have data restore options to a specif point-in-time so you can roll back unintended changes or deletions.

Veeam offers SaaS backup and security solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud & IBM Cloud. Their solutions utilize automated efficiency to secure your data in their state of the art cloud storage services with fast and flexible recovery options. They utilize VMware Engine to accelerate your business.

Acronis offers secure and efficient SaaS and Cloud backup for Office 365, Microfist Azure, AWS, and G Suite. Acronis’ solution is designed to backup your critical data and offers next-gen cybersecurity embedded in this solution. They also offer advanced search with backup solutions so you will be able to find your organizational data with ease.

Utilize Microsoft Office apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and
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Your all purpose suite for cloud computing,
productivity and collaboration tools powered
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Automated instance scanning IT ServiceManagement
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