Why vCloud Tech? Use the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to use your data prudently

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Industrial IoT (IoT) Devices Collect and Analyze Data from Connected Assets, Locations, And People to Act on Insights at The Industrial Edge.

Get the data and use IoT wisely. Incorporate computing into your data stream to reduce decision time and eliminate the cost and risk of sending data to the cloud. Find relationships in your data, identify causes and consequences, and improve efficiency and predictability. Get the most out of your data with vCloud Tech’s Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Use the data to generate faster, anticipate failures, reduce unexpected downtime, and drive automation.

Industrial IoT Threats and Countermeasures

Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) systems improve service delivery and productivity in a variety of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare. However, IoT devices are exposed to cyber threats, just like those connected to the Internet. These include attacks on industrial control systems (ICS) such as distributed control systems (DCS), programmable logic controllers (PLC), monitoring control and data acquisition systems (SCADA), and human-machine interfaces (HMI). The risk of deploying increasingly powerful and complex IP-based devices, including the use of advanced microprocessors, is increasing.

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Why vCloud Tech?

  • Industrial IoT protection: The IoT infrastructure should be protected by a comprehensive set of security IoT solutions that do not compromise operations, service reliability, or profitability. Practical, simple yet secure solutions that are easy and widely adopted by IoT device manufacturers and their customers are more effective than less important ‚Äúsuper solutions‚ÄĚ. Furthermore, Your security solution should include the following features:
  • Firmware integrity and secure boot: Secure Boot uses cryptographic code signing technology that ensures that the device runs only code generated by the device OEM or another trusted party. Secure Boot technology allows hackers to replace the firmware with a malicious instruction set to prevent attacks.
  • Mutual authentication: Every time a smart actuator at the manufacturing site connects to the network, it must be authenticated before sending or receiving data. So, this ensures that the data is not from a rogue source, but from a legitimate device.

vCloud Tech Security Solution for Industrial IoT

  • Industrial and IoT security solutions combine with big data analysis allow organizations to improve the overall security of their systems.
  • vCloud Tech offers cybersecurity solutions that automatically monitor your organization‚Äôs entire network to find the insecurities in their system and provide insights to improve them with just one click.
  • Our effective cybersecurity monitoring also utilizes machine learning techniques to automate the responses from the insights your IT teams provide to the solution.
  • Industrial & IoT security solutions ensure better safety, diminishes cyberattacks, and address them to ensure no future attack of a comparable type occurs again.
  • We offer Industrial & IoT computing security solutions that help organizations and other industries with the security they are looking for whether they are turning up or down capacity.
  • Our solutions are built to give your organization the flexibility to avoid network issues and crashes during high usage periods by scaling up your organization‚Äôs cloud-based IoT systems and can scale back down reducing your IT costs.
  • The solutions are highly optimized to secure all your IoT systems from a cloud-based user interface so your IT teams can observe and manage all your security-related concerns.

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FEATUREd PRODUCTSWe make it easy to fix things

Barracuda Logo

Barracuda Secure Connector

Barracuda Secure Connector provides industries with cybersecurity to protect their digital assets on their production floor that are just as much a target as your IT environment. They offer tools that prevent cyberattacks from spreading swiftly throughout your infrastructure with micro-segmentation. Barracuda cybersecurity solution is for every industrial IoT device that needs a firewall and helps you handle the management, deployment, and cost of firewalls in a unified solution. Barracuda IIoT is embedded with its Secure Connector system that provides greater cybersecurity to every device with zero-touch deployment and simpler cost-effective scalability.

Extreme Networks Logo

Extreme Defender for IoT

Extreme Defender for IoT secures your organization’s critical IoT devices by applying and enforcing device profiles that control your IoT device network access. It isolates your organization’s IoT devices into secure zones at every possible scale and works with their Fabric Connect solution to create secure zones that deploys instantly and effortlessly at any network edge. The IoT Security Solution works over third-party networks by isolating groups of devices in the IPsec tunnels. Extreme Defender for IoT Solution offers a simple user interface to enable your non-technical staff to securely onboard, track, monitor, and move their devices without any issues.


Check Point Quantum IoT Protect

Check Point Quantum IoT Protect is design to secure your networks and devices that use the Internet of Things (IoT) devices across healthcare, enterprises, and industrial applications to deliver productivity advantages and also protect your systems from new cyber threats. Their solution utilizes IP cameras, smart elevators, to medical devices, and industrial controllers to secure your systems. Quantum IoT Protect by checkpoint secures your organization against IoT network threats and on-device cyber attacks. Check Point’s IoT Protect thwarts IoT cyberattacks by modifying safeguards to any IoT or OT device across your smart-office, smart-building, healthcare, and industrial environments.


Data on the overall state of an industrial system, including endpoint devices and connectivity traffic, is captured by security monitoring. The data is then evaluated to see if there are any security flaws or potential system dangers.

IoT security technologies defend against threats and breaches, identify and monitor hazards, and assist in the remediation of flaws.

Intelligent sensors and network capabilities were built into the company’s industrial gear from the start, allowing users to optimize and closely monitor processes.

The following are some of the major concerns linked with industrial IoT:

  • Device snatching
  • Data snooping
  • DoS (distributed denial of service) attacks
  • Breach of data
  • Theft of electronic devices.

IoT security is a technology area dedicated to securing the internet of things connected devices and networks (IoT).

We Develop Industrial IoT Solutions:

  • Keeping track of how much equipment is being used
  • Maintenance that is planned ahead of time
  • Quality assurance in the manufacturing process
  • Keeping track of inventory
  • Tracking and administration of industrial assets in real-time
  • Employee supervision
  • Expensive initial investment. The high cost of adoption is one of the most evident industrial IoT challenges

  • Data Storage and Management in a Secure Environment. IoT devices generate a massive amount of data

  • Disruptions in Internet Service.

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