Why vCloud Tech?Protect Your Devices Connected To The Internet And Operating Technology

Every industrial Internet of Things (IoT) device requires a firewall. Barracuda Secure Connector provides granular security for every device, with no-touch deployment and cost-effective scale. Guard the industrial controls systems and operational technology using Barracuda robust firewall models that provide complete protection and connection to control systems for industrial use, allowing you to connect the functional networks to IT networks.

Barracuda Cloud Generation Firewalls are constructed from the beginning to offer comprehensive, next-generation security while being easy to set up and maintain and are highly flexible. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall appliances easily detect, report, and enforce industrial protocols and sub-protocols (SCADA). It provides complete access to your data, powerful logging, and a quick, simple firewall replacement if needed without a lengthy licensing process and activation.

  • Machine Access Security Broker: Secure Access Controller The secure access controller acts as the security and connectivity center for the data stream. The Secure Access Controller provides full modern firewall functions and can be used on Hyper-V, VMware Hyper-V, XenServer, or KVM environments, as well as directly within Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services such as Google Cloud Platform.


  • Easy To Setup And Maintain: It is a Barracuda Secure Connector device specifically designed for use as an on-premises connection device that guarantees the highest performance and security of VPN connections to safeguard the data flow and ensure data continuity.


  • Grows With Your Needs: Integration with The Barracuda Firewall Control Center architecture allows your system to adapt to your changing needs without financial or technical trapdoors. Template-based configuration allows for easy installation of new devices and ensures conformance.
  • Unique Digital Identity: If you have to manage hundreds or thousands of devices, it is essential to identify each one. Installing Barracuda Secure Connector devices along with Barracuda CloudGen Firewall allows you to specify a unique digital ID to each device connected, using digital certificates through VPN.


  • Access Protection And Control That Can Be Scaled: Up to 2500 Secure Connector devices can be securely connected to the Barracuda connectivity hub that includes all the latest IoT Security functions, including IPS, anti-malware, and Advanced Threat Protection.


  • Edge Computing Support: Each Secure Connector appliance includes a customized Linux container image, so you can install your programs to monitor your devices. The distribution and maintenance of these programs are managed centrally through the Barracuda Firewall Control Center.


  • Predictive Maintenance: Barracuda Secure Connector appliances let third-party maintenance firms establish a secure connection to Barracuda CloudGen Firewall to run applications to control access, security scanning, and policy enforcement.
  • Secure Industrial Control Systems:

The digitalization of manufacturing processes demands continuous and continuous connections with partners, customers, and suppliers at a growing size. The increase in connectivity exposes previously isolated systems, which include enormous Industrial IoT Control Systems, to threats inherent to the internet. The problem is finding the best method to safely join OT (Operational Technology) with IT (Information Technology) and to control this process regarding the scale of operations and the sharing of responsibility. Barracuda tackles this problem by offering centralized, comprehensive management using fully-featured, customized, durable appliances designed for harsh conditions and compatible with specific industry SCADA protocols.


  • Industrial Micro-Segmentation:

The industrial assets in your production area are just as much of an attack target as your IT infrastructure. You can prevent attacks from spreading quickly across your infrastructure with micro-segmentation.



  • Remote Control With Controlled Connectivity:

In the factory, you must offer accessible, on-demand access to your devices using a secure VPN and maintain absolute control over this access. The Advanced Remote Access feature of Barracuda CloudGen Firewall makes it very easy to provide safe, short-term VPN access to the most sensitive manufacturing asset components to third-party maintenance service providers. For instance, you can set permissions that allow certain employees of the operations department to access a defined remote VPN connection using a smartphone or tablet.

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