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    Why vCloud Tech? Security Information And Event Management

    Gain Network Transparency and Control

    Stay one step ahead of attackers and protect your business with NGFW solutions from leading IT vendors such as Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, and Fortinet. The vCloud Tech security team works with public and private sector organizations of all sizes to integrate and optimize next-generation security protection. Our team will work with you to achieve:

    • Visibility and control over applications, users, and threats
    • Minimize risk and downtime
    • Secure network with state-of-the-art security features

    Get Real-Time Visibility Across Your Organization

    Automate security threat management with a scalable and reliable data platform to investigate, monitor, analyze, and respond to data.  vCloud Tech helps assess SIEM needs with the support of highly trained and professional security analysts.

    vCloud Tech Managed Security Services

     SIEM solutions can be invaluable to managing your security posture. vCloud Tech offers professional consulting services to assist you in selecting and implementing your SIEM solution. We also provide Managed SIEM services, helping you reduce the impact of costly security staff recruitment and training and to refocus your internal staff on more strategic core business functions. Our services are split into three tiers: Management, for straightforward device management and maintenance; Monitoring, for security alert monitoring and notification; and Insight, our top tier of services, for clients who require more advanced security analytics, response, and incident management with business insight. Managed SIEM is part of our Monitoring tier and includes:

    • Analytics focused on identifying suspicious and malicious behavior
    • Security alert monitoring and notification
    • Monthly technical security reporting
    • Summary report of all security-related incidents
    • Ongoing security policy tuning and recommendations to ensure effective security

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