Why vCloud Tech?Snare Enterprise Agents Are The Most Reliable Log Collectors In Any Reliable Log Management System

The Snare is the world standard for central log management. The Snare is the sole logging solution that integrates with all SIEM and Snare Security Log Agent Analytics platforms. It is trusted by private and public sector organizations worldwide to help meet the changing log management needs, including zero Trust.

Snare aids businesses around the globe enhance their log management, collection, and analysis using reliable tools that can save time and money and reduce risk. The new version of Snare Central will help security teams worldwide meet ever-changing requirements for log collection and management, improve network security, and defend against cyber-attacks by providing better information and reporting capabilities. Updates include high availability, 200+ new reports, additional log formats to help in the hunt for threats, and a Backup and Restore option to ensure no loss of log information.

The log collection process is the core of a solid SIEM solution. Snare Agents have become the standard for reliable, feature-rich, light log collectors. We’ve been the most popular solution for log collection for over a decade and are the most sought-after software for managing logs used by 3rd parties SIEMs in cases where their log collectors fail to suffice. When dealing with the MSSQL database, Snare offers a newly developed MSSQL Agent that tracks sensitive data access and all SQL user activities, masks sensitive data, and provides an essential separation of duties for DBA Administrators, security, and DBA groups with activities monitoring. We are the world standard for robust, feature-rich light log collectors. If businesses around the globe need the best option, they select Snare. The key features of snare agents are the following:


  • Lightweight under 5 percent of CPU and 20 megabytes in memory.


  • Compliance Collect the necessary information to meet the requirements of PCI DSS SOX GDPR HIPAA. NISPOM, PIPEDA and more.


  • Formats and Protocols A variety of forms and protocols meet your needs, no matter what environment.


  • Operating Systems We offer Windows, Linux, macOS, MSSQL, and Solaris Agents.
  • File Integrity Monitoring: Monitor changes to directories and files or keep track of your registries using RIM, Registry Integrity Monitor. FIM and FAM (File Activity Monitoring) are essential components of any central logging system.


  • Integration to any SIEM: The most popular among experts, MSSPs, and security specialists in the company, Snare works in conjunction with virtually every type of SIEM and Security Analytics software globally. You can also connect several SIEMs via Snare.


  • Remote Management: Agent Management Console enables bulk administrator management of agents. Administrators can not only remotely observe modifications to the Snare Log Agent configuration; however, with our distribution function that uses binary, administrators can also manage agents throughout the company from a central point.


  • File Activity Monitoring (FAM): Find out who’s doing with your documents and when. Who reads, opens the files, erases them, and is it their responsibility to do so? The most critical element in guidelines for compliance includes PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, ISO27001, NIST, and many more.


  • Registry Integrity Monitoring (RIM): Like FIM, analyzing the checksum and tracking the changes to permissions on the registry is crucial to identifying changes to essential elements of the Windows configuration and applications.


  • Database Activity Monitoring: Effectively keep track of MS SQL activity within a single database or in an instance that spans several databases.
  • Registry Activity Monitoring (RAM):

Most applications keep their settings in the registry of Windows platforms. The ability to spot unauthorized changes to an application due to altering registry keys is essential to determine whether the change led to unauthorized application activities.


  • Enterprise Grade:

Heartbeats, self-audits Audit policy, heartbeats data enrichment, masking of data, and controls for EPS. Windows Agents Veracode Verified. There is no Java or .NET required.


  • USB Drives:

Monitoring removable media and its computer usage is essential in identifying possible data loss and the potential source of malware and other harmful activities. It is necessary to track the action of the device and to determine if it was something similar to an external thumb drive or Ducky device; it can take data or write malware/exploit at 3,000 characters per second and use it to execute the code using the user who is logged in to the system.


  • Multi-Destination:

Unlimitable destinations for logs to be transmitted using various protocols, ports, and formats for each destination. Find the correct information for the right people at the appropriate time.

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