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With vCloud Tech’s Data Storage Solutions, You Gain Insights into Your Data Assets, Manage Data Growth, and Improve Utilization

A good data storage solution helps you effectively manage your data growth while at the same time strengthening your protection so that you can recover your data in the event of a loss. vCloud Tech‚Äôs highly helpful team of data storage experts helps IT teams address data Storage Virtualization challenges and prepare for scalable growth as an organization’s IT needs to evolve. vCloud Tech‚Äôs Data Storage Experts can advise on a variety of storage solutions, including storage area networks (SANs), network-attached storage (NAS), backup software, converged, hyper-converged, all-flash, and hybrid cloud storage.

Optimize your Data Storage

vCloud Tech’s data center experts help you to find the right solutions and services to help you stay acquiescent and support your business operations. With an industry-leading partner network and an on-site technology center dedicated to testing new solutions, tremendously helpful professionals can help you evaluate, monitor storage, protect, and update your data center environment, ideally infrastructure within your budget.

Navigate your Data Storage Challenges with Confidence

Effective data storage solutions relate not only to your data center strategy, but also to access to the right technology. vCloud Tech’s data storage experts help you to determine your storage needs and implement scalable solutions for the future. With vCloud Tech, you not only gain industry-leading technical expertise but also access a growing selection of the best and most robust technology partners available.

Why Consider Storage Virtualization?

This technology has been used for many years to solve many of the growth challenges and manage large amounts of storage. Virtualized storage has become even more important these days as the amount of data stored continues to grow exponentially each year. Storage virtualization can easily  address the  top seven challenges:

  • Data migration between arrays
  • Scalability
  • Redundancy
  • performance
  • High cost
  • management

While the benefits of storage virtualization are important, there are many technical hurdles to overcome. One of the biggest hurdles is a storage environment with disparate hardware and software components, often from many different vendors.

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VMware vSAN

VMware’s vSAN is an enterprise-class storage virtualization solution that can be combined with their solution vSphere and allows your organization to manage, compute, and store with a single platform. vSAN helps you reduce the operational cost and data storage complexity of traditional storage and takes your organization by the easiest path to a hyper-converged infrastructure and hybrid cloud. vSAN lets you evolve your organization’s processes to an integrated hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). With vSAN, you can improve your business’ IT agility, by speeding operations and reducing costs.

DataCore Logo

Datacore vFilO

DataCore’s vFilO is a software-defined storage virtualization solution that let your organization pool all your files and object data into a centrally managed global namespace from which you will be able to access the information with unprecedented visibility and the ability to control across on-premises and cloud-based storage. This can help optimize storage resources and balance workloads. vFilO allows you to decouple your storage hardware from a software layer and gives you the essential flexibility to leverage how or where you want to store your business-critical data. 

SolarWinds logo

Solarwinds Storage Resource Monitor

SolarWinds’ Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) is their software-defined storage virtualization solution that is designed with an easy-to-navigate user interface and customizable web console. SRM allows your organization to manage and view your entire storage infrastructure in a single interface. SRM offers additional tools like storage performance monitoring and hotspot detection that allow your business to stay informed about potential operational issues as they arise.  Storage Resource Monitor lets your IT teams quickly identify which devices or resources are the root cause of the issues


Storage virtualization is the aggregation of physical storage from multiple storage devices into a single storage device or pool of available storage capacity managed from a central console.

Storage virtualization groups multiple physical drives and allocates virtual memory or logical blocks of memory from that group of physical movements for use by a server. The simplest examples of storage virtualization objects are LUNs (Logical Unit Numbers), Logical Volumes (LVs), and RAID Groups.

They categorized into three types

  • Host-based virtualization.
  • Storage device-based storage virtualization
  • Network-based storage virtualization

Storage virtualization helps storage administrators back up, archive, and restore data more efficiently and in less time by hiding the complexity of a SAN (storage area network). A software hybrid appliance allows storage administrators to implement virtualization.

Most virtual machines are configured to store data, including the operating system and applications, in particular, files called virtual hard disks. A virtual hard disk contains a file system and presents itself to the guest operating system like a regular physical hard disk.

Server-level or host-level storage virtualization technology is implemented as a logical storage volume manager in the software layer between the operating system and the application or file system.

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