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Empower Your Organization by a Centrally Managed Store Hub with Storage Virtualization Solutions

vCloud Tech provides software-defined Storage Virtualization solutions from our industry-leading Hybrid IT partners so you can manage all your organization’s data in a single centralized pool to curb the inconveniences that usually slow down the pace of work.

Why vCloud Tech?

The data storage virtualization software vCloud Tech provides from its industry-leading partners offers to connect all your organization’s storage utilizing your network and can be accessed through a user-friendly interface. Help your employees find better resources to store their data by utilizing this solution and allow them to share your business-critical data on this platform.

Challenges confronted with having no storage virtualization:

  • Difficulty in preserving the business-critical data.
  • The problem of inaccessibility due to which the organizational workflow is slowed down.
  • Additional hardware storage devices are liable to high costs and expenditure.
  • Anticipated breach of confidentiality.
  • Data can’t be migrated and virtually integrated to be accessed off the premises.

Solutions we provide:

  • Storage Virtualization solutions let your organization and your employees take advantage of a pooled storage resource and preserve your business-critical data in a single software-defined platform.
  • Storage and Server Virtualization allows you to manage all your data in a virtualized environment where your employees can access their information from a user-friendly interface.
  • Storage Virtualization software helps you save money on purchasing additional hardware storage devices and manage your data accordingly.
  • Our cloud storage virtualization solutions also provide access management so that confidential data can only be accessed by the authorized people.
  • Storage virtualization software allows your business to store all your workloads to flash storage, storage-class memory (SCM), NVMe SSDs, containers, or hybrid multi-cloud which will allow your employees to access their data from anywhere around the globe.
  • Storage Virtualization Software can help you with giving access to employees who work off-premises

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Feature Products

VMware’s vSAN is an enterprise-class storage virtualization solution that can be combined with their solution vSphere and allows your organization to manage, compute, and storage with a single platform. vSAN helps you reduce the operational cost and data storage complexity of traditional storage and takes your organization by the easiest path to a hyper-converged infrastructure and hybrid cloud. vSAN lets you evolve your organization’s processes to an integrated hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI). With vSAN, you can improve your business’ IT agility, by speeding operations and reducing costs.

DataCore’s vFilO are software-defined storage virtualization solutions that let your organization pool all your files and object data into a centrally managed global namespace from where you will be able to access the information with unprecedented visibility and the ability to control across on-premises and cloud-based storage. vFilO allows you to decouple your storage hardware from a software layer and gives you the essential flexibility to leverage how or where you want to store your business-critical data.

SolarWinds’ Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) is their software-defined storage virtualization solution that is designed with an easy-to-navigate user interface and customizable web console. SRM allows your organization to manage and view your entire storage infrastructure in a single interface. SRM offers additional tools like storage performance monitoring and hotspot detection that allows your business to stay informed about potential operational issues as they arise. Storage Resource Monitor lets your IT teams to quickly identify which devices or resources are the root cause of the issues

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