Why vCloud Tech?Storage Resource Management Reports on Storage Health, Performance, and Capacity from Multiple Vendors

Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) from SolarWinds is a robust, user-friendly solution for SAN performance monitoring. SolarWinds SRM provides a comprehensive view of your organization’s data storage health since it is designed to enable end-to-end, unified storage monitoring. SRM helps you make educated decisions, fix issues, and enhance storage infrastructure performance by simplifying monitoring across diverse corporate SAN storage providers’ polls and retrieving data from your storage device using a primary poller. Secondary pollers gather data from various locations with extra polesitter user-friendly dashboards.

Under Hardware Health, SRM also assists users in monitoring their hardware. SRM is designed as a SAN performance monitoring tool to access growth trends and predicted views, making the storage capacity planning process more manageable. You’ll know when it’s time to upgrade your storage capacity, and you’ll be able to plan resource expansion and relocation more effectively, thanks to these essential insights and up-to-date statistics. SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor is meant to make SAN monitoring and reporting easy. You can reduce unplanned downtime with a quick setup, straightforward UI, and detailed reports. SRM is designed to give performance information for your SAN across storage providers such as IBM, Nimble, Dell, Hitachi, and HPE storage arrays, making SAN system monitoring simple. SRM SAN tools allow you to cross-stack IT systems and data, view your whole SAN infrastructure, and receive alerts when a critical threshold is exceeded, better understanding performance issues and determining the root cause more rapidly.

  • Multi-Vendor Storage Device Support.


  • Storage Performance Monitoring and Hotspot Detection. 


  • Automatic Storage Capacity Planning.


  • Better Visibility into your Storage Infrastructure and Beyond.


  • Cross-Stack Correlation of IT Data.


  • Integration with SolarWinds® Virtualization Manager (VMAN) and Server & Application Monitor (SAM).
  • SRM was Developed for Unified Storage Monitoring: This tool for monitoring storage arrays from EMC, NetApp, Dell, and Huawei.


  • Save Resources: SRM’s automated warehouse capacity planning saves time and money.


  • Faster Time to Resolution: Deep visibility into storage arrays, RAID groups, and LUNs make it easier to identify and address storage issues quickly.


  • Informed Decision Making: SRM provides hundreds of out-of-the-box reports to help you avoid making assumptions.


  • End-to-end IT Monitoring: SRM provides a comprehensive view of overall IT health. The AppStack dashboard gives you instant visibility into your infrastructure, from applications to storage.


  • Cross-Stack IT Systems: It correlates network data to help identify and troubleshoot problems.
  • SAN Storage Capacity Planning should be Automated:

The automatic storage capacity planning you want is provided by SolarWinds Storage Resource Monitor (SRM). SolarWinds SRM simplifies the SAN storage capacity planning process across your virtual and physical infrastructure by tracking usage over time and identifying capacity issues within an array. It gives you a deeper understanding of your storage needs, effectively plan when to add or re-allocate capacity, and feel confident making new storage purchases. Centralized access to growth trends, key storage metrics, and a forecast for total reached. These significant insights into storage management across the corporation make forecasting for storage capacity planning and business continuity decisions much more accessible.


  • Get a Complete Picture of SAN Performance:

You can gain visual overviews of your storage performance with SRM as your SAN monitoring tool, allowing you to monitor multiple arrays with a single dashboard more easily, drill deeper into storage performance problems, view space consumption on storage arrays, RAID groups, and LUNs, and discover optimization opportunities.


  • With AppStack, you can see Deeper into the SAN Infrastructure Layers:

When integrated with SolarWinds Server & Application Monitor, Virtualization Manager, and Web Performance Monitor, this powerful view gives you rapid access to solution layers and can show you VMs and apps dependent on any storage element.


  • Perform the Following Operations with the Remote Server Hard Drive Health Analyzer:

The SAM server health monitoring tools are intended to help you manage server health services, examine information about stopped or operating services more conveniently, and start, stop, or restart services. SAM may also remotely reboot servers with a single click and monitor Windows event logs in real time. Monitoring the health of your server’s hard drive with SAM can help you troubleshoot and resolve faults more quickly.


  • With a SAN Monitoring Tool, you can Swiftly get to the Bottom of Storage Issues:

SRM’s integrated, thorough dashboards are designed to let you travel seamlessly between levels of storage and quickly pinpoint the source of storage performance issues. You can immediately access critical SAN performance and health information thanks to a comprehensive SRM storage monitoring dashboard. Metrics like latency, throughput, IOPS, and IO size are all easily accessible. You can also focus on the appropriate time, which will help you find and troubleshoot performance issues in your storage infrastructure faster.

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