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Create New Economic Opportunities with an Improved IoT Infrastructure

vCloud Tech’s IoT Smart City Solutions give governments a large potential multiplier effect which translated to a massive expansion in the gross domestic product (GDP) growth when smarter cities innovate. Aging siloed and duplicated IT resources make it nearly impossible to effectively manage, access, secure, and govern large amounts of information. Smart City IoT investments play an ever more essential role in enhancing cities’ regional and global competitiveness to attract new residents and businesses. We offer open data platforms from industry-leading Smart City Solution Providers with access to your city information so businesses are better able to make informed decisions through data analytics from integrated smart city technologies.

Utilize Efficient Distribution of Resources  and Utilities with IoT Smart City Solutions

Aging roads, buildings, and bridges often require a large amount of investment to maintain and repair over their service lives. Smart City IoT Infrastructure solutions provide governments a highly effective predictive analytics to identify the areas that need to be fixed and offer solutions before the infrastructure fails. With some cities having a limited supply of natural resources available to meet human demand, smart city IoT technologies are offering cities the tools required to effectively conserve and reduce the inadvertent waste of resources like water and electricity. Our solutions are embedded with smart sensors that allow cities to quickly identify leaks in pipes and fix damaged segments in a shortened time frame. With smart electric grids, public governments can also communicate between electricity providers and consumers to help them better identify times of peak usage and outages.

Increase Workforce Engagement by Supporting the Evolution of Cities with an IoT Infrastructure

With vCloud’s smart city IoT Infrastructure technologies, governments can help relieve the burden of manual tasks that many city employees face every day. Our smart city IoT solutions are designed to enhance opportunities for the workforce and make them significantly effective. With the deployment of advanced smart city systems, governments can utilize autonomous agent capabilities, automation bots, mobile-based devices, and sensors that grant city management to guide their efforts towards more critical tasks and strategic initiatives that reduce the time spent on the daily manual operations.


Feature Products

IntelliSite License Plate Recognition (LPR) Development Kit allows US federal, state, and local government agencies to collect and analyze license plates wherever and wherever they are required. Their solution is securely connected to the Department of Justice (DOJ) US database of registered vehicles and allows it to determine if the vehicle plate has been modified or the vehicle is stolen. Depending on how many LPR system is deployed throughout the city, the government can run analytic stats to track certain vehicles locations any time.

Hitachi Social Intelligence Analyzer Smart City system is a unique open-source intelligence solution that collects real-time social media posts from all major platforms, accumulating publicly available social data to deliver situational awareness.  The solution is designed to crawl social media platforms to target a combination of phrases, keywords, context, and locations to generate results on discussions of interest for the user. The system’s employment is  web-based  and  offers a  secure server for logging in with no need to install software on client log-in devices.

Cisco’s Connected Roadways IoT solution offers cities and transportation agencies with the ability to insightful advantages to simplify maintenance and operations without replacing existing legacy infrastructures. The solution is based on proven architecture and provides a converged, secure, and standards-based infrastructure that can simultaneously replace proprietary, redundant, and single-application solutions with inadequate or no interconnectivity. Cisco’s Smart City tool operators so governments can optimize both capital and operating expenditures for their system infrastructure.

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