Why vCloud Tech?Smart City Solutions Help You Reduce Your Environmental Footprint By Making Data-Driven Decisions

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Improved IoT Infrastructure Opens Up New Economic Opportunities

vCloud Tech’s IoT Smart City Solutions provides governments with a high potential multiplier impact, resulting in a massive increase in GDP development as smarter cities innovate. Large volumes of data are practically impossible to manage, access, secure, and govern due to aging compartmentalized and duplicated IT resources. Investments in smart city IoT are becoming increasingly important in strengthening cities’ regional and global competitiveness and attracting new people and businesses. We provide access to your city information through open data platforms from industry-leading Smart City Solution Providers, allowing businesses to make more informed decisions using data analytics from integrated smart city technology.

Solutions for Smart Cities Using IoT to Distribute Resources and Utilities More Efficiently

Throughout their service life, aging roads, buildings, and bridges generally necessitate a significant expenditure on maintenance and repair. Governments use Smart City technologies to detect areas that need to be rectified and give solutions before the infrastructure collapses. With a limited supply of natural resources available to meet human demand in some areas, smart city IoT technologies are providing cities with the tools they need to successfully save and reduce resource waste such as water and power. Our solutions include smart sensors that enable cities to promptly detect leaks in pipes and repair damaged portions in less time. The Governments can use smart electric networks to connect with power providers and consumers to assist them in better identifying peak demand and disruptions.

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Smart City Solution

  • Public security and surveillance: Due to the inability to integrate data in the public sector, state, local, and educational institutions cannot obtain the analysis needed to impact situational awareness, response time, and safety.
  • Connected transit: Improving the safety and efficiency of citizens traveling through Smart Cities in the growth of smart city initiatives. However, installing self-driving cars on the road or providing WiFi by public transport is not enough. Analytics and IoT enable automated vehicle maintenance and vehicle route optimization.
  • Educational services: The characteristics of this generation have led federal, state, and local governments, especially educational institutions, to ponder interactive and integrated digital solutions for on-site or remote real-time collaboration.


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Epic io

FEATUREd PRODUCTSWe make it easy to fix things

EPIC iO Solutions for Smart Transit

Get a better understanding of the benefits that combining fast wireless connectivity and AIoT solutions can bring to your needs for intelligent transportation. EPIC iO offers the quickest and the most secure wireless connectivity to support cutting-edge technologies that increase your revenue stream and business. As an integral part of the city’s innovative infrastructure, every need for infrastructure autonomous driving, the management of fleets and parking management, rail monitoring, and technological law enforcement fall within the realm of the intelligent transport system.

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Hitachi Vantara Smart City Spaces

Cities are complex systems composed of governments, people, businesses, and organizations. That require holistic but sustainable solutions to meet their various requirements. Through collaboration with technology partners such as Hitachi, the government and different industries. Like manufacturing, retail, transportation, and aviation are working to implement IoT-enabled innovative environments to improve safety, health, and efficiency and enhance the customer experience. The challenges to making safer and more sustainable cities are constantly evolving, and no two circumstances are the same.

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Cisco IoT Solutions for Connected Roadways and Intersections

The Cisco is a world market leader in networking and offers various solutions to tackle connected roads and solutions for intersections. Cisco IoT Solutions for Connected Roadways and Intersections. It Offers cities and transportation agencies the ability to insightful advantages to simplify maintenance and operations without replacing existing legacy infrastructures. The solution is based on proven architecture and provides a converged, secure, and standards-based infrastructure that can simultaneously replace proprietary, redundant, and single-application solutions with inadequate or no interconnectivity. Cisco’s Smart City tool operators so governments can optimize both capital and operating expenditures for their system infrastructure.


Smart cities collect and analyze data using IoT devices such as connected sensors, lighting, and meters. These data are then used by cities to improve infrastructure, public utilities, and services, among other things.

  • Traffic Control. It is critical to control traffic in cities; otherwise, there will be massive traffic jams in popular areas and empty streets elsewhere
  • Pollution of the air
  • Medical treatment
  • Using public transportation
  • Water Management is a topic that a lot of people are interested in.

A smart city can be empowered to improve people’s quality of life while also improving the environment to ensure long-term sustainability. Using IoT and connected technology to build a smart city improves the quality, performance, and interactivity of urban services while also optimizing resources and lowering costs.

The Smart parking, for example, can assist drivers in finding a parking spot while simultaneously allowing for digital payment. Smart traffic management, for example, can monitor traffic flows and optimize traffic lights to alleviate congestion, and ride-sharing services can be handled by smart city infrastructure as well.

A smart city is a framework for developing, deploying, and promoting sustainable development strategies to solve growing urbanization concerns. It is mostly made up of information and communication technologies (ICT).

  • Improved traffic management with the help of modern technology, IoT smart cities can effortlessly reroute congested traffic
  • Connecting to the Internet
  • Infrastructure management
  • Better Air Quality
  • Improved communication
  • Parking Saves Time.

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