Why vCloud Tech?Unleash More Value from The Initiative and Enable Faster Changes Across Your Organization

The ITBM Solution Suite Has Two Potential Activities to Perform

  • Integrate a range of feature-rich IT management systems across these domains
  • Provides a comprehensive understanding of the business, information, and IT resources used to perform day-to-day operations.

 The resulting transparency enables enterprises to optimize and control these resources using predefined workflows according to modern agile and lean framework techniques.

Providing Corporate Agility for Better Business Outcomes

IT Business Management (ITBM) refers to the way you control and execute business information, IT systems, IT-supported processes, services, and resources within your business organization. Gain insights into portfolio investments and business strategies for better results. Track real-time progress to see exactly how your money is being spent and the value of the work done.

Comprehensive Information and Visibility

As companies become more dependent on technology, companies at all levels are exposed to new risks and responsibilities. Business operations and investment decisions require a thorough analysis of all domains and departments of the organization. This analysis requires the organization to consolidate all sources of information and process the data in real-time. 

An information repository that tracks all assets, services, and apps and is updated in real-time for end-to-end visibility into all your financial operations. This allows organizations to better manage and optimize their investments, especially in DevOps organizations that benefit from rapid provisioning of IT resources at various stages of the software development life cycle (SDLC).

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ServiceNow ITBM

ServiceNow ITBM solution delivers organizations to generate greater value from their investments and initiatives by enabling them to utilize tools that help them plan and change faster across their entire operations. ServiceNow Business Management solutions allow organizations to map, focus on, and track work aligned to their business objectives. Deliver greater organizational agility and efficiency with ServiceNow ITBM to profoundly improve business outcomes.

Alloy Software ITSM

Offers tools to streamline your organization’s IT processes with automated workflow. Allowy Software ITSM empowers your IT support team and drives value across your organization’s operations with the ideal blend of Service Desk and Asset Management solutions powered by our best-in-the-class ITSM workflow platform so your organization’s IT services will flourish.

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