Why vCloud Tech?Create an unlimited number of tasks and projects, collaborate online, and get access to advanced features, such as task dependencies.

Bitrix24 is the world’s most popular free¬†project management software. More than 10 million organizations utilize Bitrix24. All the standard tools used to manage projects include task templates, Gantt charts, Kanban time tracking and user roles for workgroups, and so on. Additionally, calendars and documents, knowledge bases, storage for files, and other working spaces are essential for getting work done. They all have adjustable access rights. Bitrix24 provides areas for the group, private and corporate use. It’s also simple to add extranet users who cannot access the site but can join tasks, documents, calendar events, and tasks. They can also participate in collaboration with intranet users.

We discussed the management of¬†tasks and projects. Users can create tasks using traditional tools and assign them as a component of the overall project. As part of the task’s creation, you could utilize templates, pick a deadline and the roles and responsibilities of individuals, and attach images and files in the descriptions. Checklists and subtasks, tasks that depend on time tracking, holiday/weekend exclusions, etc. Each task and project are made available in Gantt charts, lists, and Kanban boards.

  • Unlimited users are free
  • Free 5GB of online storage
  • Unlimited projects for free
  • Unlimited subtasks for free
  • Task dependencies
  • Multiple Gantt charts as well as Kanban boards.
  • Cloud & On-Premise
  • Mobile and desktop apps for free
  • API and open-source code

Bitrix24 Project Management Key Benefits

  • One online platform for team collaboration:¬†With 35+ tools available,¬†Bitrix24 project management software¬†provides everything you need for effective team collaboration.
  • Time clock online:¬†Your employees can begin, stop or pause their workday, and you track their working hours.
  • Ideal for remote teams:¬†Chats, videoconferencing, and other communication tools allow remote teams to work together in the Bitrix24 open-source software for project management.
  • Sub-tasks and checklists:¬†A simple and effective method to break the task down into more straightforward tasks, which makes it easy to accomplish.
  • Automating tasks:¬†Reduce time, effort, and stress by automating repetitive tasks. This is one of the best free tools to manage your projects.
  • Templates for projects and tasks¬†Work with the same projects and tasks often. Keep them as templates.
  • Access 24/7 on every device. Access your files for project work on all devices and any operating system, desktop or mobile.
  • Secure storage for project information:¬†Manage access permissions to ensure that nobody other than your team members can access your data.
  • Editing in collaboration with real-time:¬†Create, co-edit and share text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other documents in real-time.
  • Classic scrum

Full-featured scrum, with teams with sprints, backlog Scrumban, epics DODs, story points, scrum of scrums, scrum speed, and more.

  • Integrated communications

A scrum tool is already integrated into online meetings, chats, calendars, calls, and time trackers. Everything you require to collaborate and communicate is available.

  • Task reminders, notifications, and task reminders.

Keep track of your tasks, and do not forget a critical update.


  • Autofocus mode

Our system automatically eliminates the most relevant jobs based on the most recent activity.


  • Quick search & task filters

Whatever several ongoing projects or tasks you’re working on will always find what you’re seeking.

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Bitrix24 is the world’s #1 free project management collaboration software. Over 10,000,000 organizations are already using it. It has all the traditional project management tools: tasks, templates, Gantt charts, Kanban, time tracking, workgroup user roles, and more.

This Bitrix24 review returned a 3.63 out of 5 rating as an expert review due to positive recent customer reviews. Despite the steep learning curve and excellent user interface, most recommend this platform for its sales funnel automation, project management, and collaboration features.

Go to Tasks & Projects > Tasks section and select Gantt view. Available in the Main Task Pane and Workgroup Tasks. The Gantt chart provides a mechanism for visually editing the task list using the taskbar. Each task has its start date, end date, and due date.

Bitrix24 is also the only free CRM system with a call center built in, so you can make and receive calls to and from your CRM as soon as you sign up. So if you are looking for an effective CRM system, Bitrix24 is the right choice.

It provides tools that make time and task management more efficient. Another feature distinguishing Bitrix24 from other software is its efficient project management tools.