Why vCloud Tech?Reduce Operational Costs By Using IoT In Manufacturing To Control Operations Remotely

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Increase Industrial Agility

As the speed of the on-demand supply chain continues to accelerate, the need for agile manufacturing increases. The smooth operation and transparency of the infrastructure are paramount to the success of the manufacturer. Unexpected equipment failures, maintenance costs, and lack of data integration with heterogeneous systems affect operational efficiency. Industrial IoT solutions such as centralized monitoring, predictive maintenance, and connected logistics can help address these challenges. Industrial IoT solutions combine the power of data with process automation to help drive manufacturing to the next Industrial Revolution.

Misperception is Driving Digital Transformation in Industries

Intensifying competition in the industry is putting pressure on companies to reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and increase profitability. Digitally armed organizations are disrupting their business models with new value propositions. This turmoil is a challenge for manufacturers, but it is also an opportunity to digitize in itself.

Internet of Things and Communication Technology Concept. Smart information and digital lifestyle.

Industries Solutions:

  • Our industrial technology solutions for manufacturing provide organizations the ability to automate their workloads so they can optimize their operating efficiency.
  • The IoT technology solutions we provide manufacturers with software that utilizes robotics and automated machinery that can make your work more efficiently and accurately, boosting organizational productivity and helping manufacturers streamline their tasks.
  • Industrial technology solutions also empower organizations to digitize nearly every part of their operations by reducing manual activities and entries, allowing them to reduce the biggest risk associated with manual labor and human error.
  • Industrial IoT applications combined with big data analysis allows organizations to improve the overall worker safety and security in the factory.
  • IoT technology solutions we provide utilize robotics and automated machinery that can make your work more efficient and accurate, boosting organizational productivity and helping manufacturers streamline their tasks.
  • Effective monitoring with our IoT industrial automation ensures better safety, reduces incidents, and addresses them to ensure proper health and safety in the environment.

Why vCloud Tech?

Industrial IoT technology solutions from our industry-leading partners help organizations by implementing predictive maintenance analytics in real-time by including targeted tools for a single machine part and factory-wide deployments for increasing overall equipment effectiveness throughout the product production line. As manufacturing equipment can suffer damage over time, having industrial IoT applications with IoT sensors that can actively monitor the vibrations, temperature, and other factors that could be causing challenging operating conditions will help facility management.

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Molex Asset Tracking Solutions

Molex Asset Tracking IIoT Solutions provide RFID and BLE tagging, real-time asset tracking architecture and software, and professional services such as ongoing assistance and installation to help organizations fulfill these mission-critical requirements. The solutions offer cost-effective monitoring of valuable assets and inventory is essential in any manufacturing or warehouse environment. Their solutions help with growing customer demand with superior services and availability.

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Tech Data IoT Industrial

Tech Data can boost your productivity in your business through the use of intelligent machines that transfer and store data and detect fluctuations in flow, temperature, or volume automate processes to improve effectiveness, safety, and accuracy and transfer data to the proper hands for analysis and decision-making to ensure that the data is safe, accurate, and secure. Tech Data connects the world by leveraging technological innovation.

Monnit Remote Monitoring Systems for Manufacturing and Production

As a manufacturing or production manager, you take ultimate responsibility for so many processes and regulations. With limited hours in the day, how do you find time to oversee it all? Remote machine condition monitoring, manufacturing facility monitoring, and production line monitoring can improve your visibility into what’s happening virtually everywhere in your operations. Get real-time alerts for situations that require your attention.


The term “industrial” refers to everything that has to do with a large-scale business or manufacturing. A printing press is an example of industrial machinery. Possesses a well-developed manufacturing sector.

The term “industrial development” refers to any development that involves manufacturing or industrial processes, such as electric power generation, food and food by-product processing, paper production, agri-chemical production, chemical processes, storage facilities, and metallurgical processes, among others.

There are four different kinds of industries. Primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary are the four levels.

A firm is a business entity within an industry, while an industry refers to a type of business within an economy.

  • Within a given industry, there may be a large number of companies
  • An industry is not a separate entity, but a firm is a specific form of business.
  • Activity in the economy. The industry is a type of business. Industrial production is carried out by selling
  • Production. The industry is defined by its ability to produce
  • Utility. Form utility is created by the industry
  • A broad range of applications. The scope of the industry is vast
  • A part of a business. The industry is a part of the business world.

Agriculture, transportation, and communication all benefit from the rapid development of capital goods sectors.

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