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Utilize Predictive Maintenance with Real-Time Data Utilizing IoT in Manufacturing

vCloud Tech’s Internet of Things (IoT) industrial technology solutions are designed to help construction companies with tools that prevent asset failure by analyzing production data, identify patterns, and predict issues even before they happen.

Why vCloud Tech?

IoT technology solutions from our industry-leading partners help organizations by implementing predictive maintenance analytics in real-time by including targeted tools for a single machine part and factory-wide deployments for increasing overall equipment effectiveness throughout the product production line. As manufacturing equipment can suffer damage over time, so having industrial IoT applications with IoT sensors can actively monitor the vibrations, temperature, and other factors that could be causing challenging operating conditions will help facility management.

Areas of Focus:

  • Anticipating the failures in the production and manufacturing.
  • Increasing operational efficiency.
  • Extending automation and minimizing errors.
  • Enhancing safety with greater operational insights.
  • Reducing the costs and budgets.


  • Our industrial technology solutions for manufacturing provide organizations the ability to automate their workloads so they can optimize their operating efficiency.
  • The IoT technology solutions we provide manufacturers with software that utilizes robotics and automated machinery that can make your work more efficiently and accurately, boosting organizational productivity and helping manufacturers streamline their tasks.
  • Industrial technology solutions also empower organizations to digitize nearly every part of their operations by reducing manual activities and entries, allowing them to reduce the biggest risk associated with manual labor and human error.
  • Industrial IoT applications combined with big data analysis allows organizations to improve the overall worker safety and security in the factory.
  • IoT technology solutions we provide utilize robotics and automated machinery that can make your work more efficiently and accurately, boosting organizational productivity and helping manufacturers streamline their tasks.
  • Effective monitoring with our IoT industrial automation ensures better safety, reduces incidents, and addresses them to ensure proper health and safety in the environment.

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Feature Products

TechData’s Manufacturing Equipment Health Monitoring IIoT solution is built for industrial and manufacturing operations seeking to enhance their Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). TechData’s solution controls data from available industrial sensors and predicts operational equipment failures. Their Edge servers collect data and process events locally, providing a single view of all the monitored equipment, as well as providing alerts.

TechData’s Predictive Maintenance and Optimization IIoT solution provide data analytics, visualization, and reporting capabilities to manufacturers and other organizations of connected assets to provide insight into the condition of their assets. The solution allows maintenance personnel in asset-intensive industries to create customized predictive analysis models that offer advanced warnings for improving asset availability, utilization, and performance.

Molex Asset Tracking IIoT Solutions provide RFID and BLE tagging, real-time asset tracking architecture and software, and professional services such as ongoing assistance and installation to help organizations fulfill these mission-critical requirements. The solutions offer cost-effective monitoring of valuable assets and inventory is essential in any manufacturing or warehouse environment. Their solutions help with growing customer demand with superior services and availability.

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