Why vCloud Tech?Operating 24/7, As Monnit Offers Remote Monitoring Solutions for Virtually Any Application

With Monnit Remote Monitoring Systems for Manufacturing and Production, you can monitor the real-time performance of a machine without having the user physically present at the equipment’s site. It gives you a clear view of what’s happening all over your business. It helps you transform sensor data collected from condition monitoring into advanced analytics to improve your company’s efficiency and production and manufacturing processes.

Remote monitoring assists tech personnel in many ways since manufacturing and industrial units are not restricted to single-located facilities; they typically include more than one facility. Monnit Remote Monitoring Systems for Manufacturing and Production will observe Real-time and up-to-date data from machine and equipment health or condition monitoring sensors, allowing for predictive maintenance best practices and reducing the time between breakdowns of production lines and machines.


Monnit Temperature Monitoring Solutions can assist you in managing the wide range of temperature and humidity of environments, inventory equipment, processes, and even products in production, in transit, or on the shelf.


Monnit Facility Monitoring Systems will notify you when there are motion hours, water leak, change in humidity, or even stuck gates and doors, malfunctioning equipment in the production process, other unexpected production equipment failure, or other unusual.


A line of over 80 IoT sensors will let users know when motors are vibrating irregularly, temperatures are not in the correct range, machine power drops, equipment fails, or you’re Manufacturing Remote Surveillance, or measuring PH levels, aquatics like over water or under watering prevention, flood prevention, mold prevention, and climate conditions.

  • Variety Of Sensors: 80 different sensors are used to manage the manufacturing and Production Monitoring System.


  • Remote Monitoring: Remote monitoring with wireless sensors and Monnit’s online service. Real-time alerts are sent via email, text message, or voice when conditions suggest assets are in danger, such as machines, perishable items, or other resources.


  • Exceptional Wireless Range: The optimized RF communications platform gives a superior wireless range for large coverage areas.


  • Global RF Frequencies: Wireless devices operate on the frequency of 900 MHz.


  • Low Power, Long Life: Exceptional power management. 10+ years of power from two AA batteries or an Industrial lithium battery (5 plus years when powered by a coin-cell battery).


  • Portability: If equipment is removed or added to an area of work, sensors could be added to another asset or saved for use in the future


  • Monnit Secure Encryption with Encrypt-RF: Integrated security at the bank level (256-bit exchange and AES-128 CTR for all messages).
  • Superior Wireless Range: 1,000 feet or more of non-line-of-sight degrees from 12 to 14 walls.


  • Easy to Use: The intuitive interface simplifies the management of the system.


  • Low Cost: Affordable wireless sensors. Free sensors monitoring online and notification.


  • Easy Installation: Installation takes only a few minutes. The wireless sensors from Monnit are ready to be taken straight out of their box. No experience in technology is needed to put up sensor networks (simply put sensors in the desired locations and then turn them on).


  • Onboard Data Memory: You can store up to 512 readings per sensor. Storage capacity is sufficient for days, weeks, or even months of time-stamped data logs.


  • Future-Proof Investment: “Over the air” (OTA) update allows for products to be remotely updated.


  • 100% Comprehensive Solution: No other hardware, software, or subscriptions are required, and no monthly costs.

It’s IoT data that drives the most exciting, innovative business solutions. Monnit is dedicated to being the world’s leader in generating data from factors that improve your business’s performance. You are in charge of your data when you use Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions. You can receive your Monnit Sensors in your hands immediately.


You will be notified when the items you monitor conflict with your set parameters. In addition, you can monitor information remotely and collect data from Monnit Solutions through easy-to-use dashboards in your Monnit Software. It will provide the information you require to address your business problems.


Your company’s success depends on making the right choices at the correct times. But you need data to do it right. Actionable data to achieve actionable results.


Through Remote Monitoring Solutions – quickly, efficiently, and reliably. Monnit Solutions with Sensors, Gateways, and Software for almost any application – provide the information you require to manage your business effectively. The days of guessing business games are over with Monnit.


  • 80+ Sensors: Monitor essential conditions.


  • Wireless Gateways: Transfer data from the software.


  • Software Choices: Remote access to dashboards alerts.

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