Why vCloud Tech?By exploring Tech Data Digital Solution. Find out how to achieve business outcomes and Digitize & Connect the Entire Supply Chain

Tech Data can boost your productivity in your business through the use of intelligent machines that transfer and store data and detect fluctuations in flow, temperature, or volume automate processes to improve effectiveness, safety, and accuracy and transfer data to the proper hands for analysis and decision-making to ensure that the data is safe, accurate, and secure. These processes take place at a precise time and safely. Tech Data connects the world by leveraging technological innovation. Tech Data’s complete range of services, products, and solutions, highly skilled capabilities, and know-how in the latest technology enable channel partners to offer the solutions and products that the world requires to connect, expand and develop.

The demand for a more agile production process is growing because the speed of the supply chain driven by demand continues to accelerate. Analytics and IoT Industrial Solutions provide central monitoring and predictive maintenance, and connected logistics help combat and tackle many issues.


  • Tech Data IoT industrial protection and manage a variety of equipment, environments inventory, and even the products being manufactured, logistics and transportation the management in the monitoring and control of energy.


  • Tech Data IoT Industry Solutions for Manufacturing and Production, you can observe the real-time performance of a machine without the user being physically at the location of the equipment.


  • The Tech Data IoT industrial monitoring system is a viable method to cut down on carbon footprint and manage carbon dioxide emission and energy consumption.


  • Tech Data remote monitoring enables you to map the safest and most efficient routes when dealing with unpredictable weather patterns, increasing congestion, and a failing infrastructure that affects roads and conditions to ensure the security of your driver and cargo. Tech Data monitors industrial equipment remotely and helps you monitor from anywhere.
  • Control of operational processes with precision.


  • Highly secure implementations.


  • Rapid and flexible: There is virtually no lag in responding time.


  • Highly reliable under challenging conditions of temperature, pressure and humidity.


  • Sophisticated data analytics leads to efficient decision-making.


  • Seamless Connectivity & Data Acquisition.


  • Production Line / Factory Wide Performance Insights.


  • Intelligent Alerts and Notifications.


  • Intuitive Data Visualization & Reporting.


  • Condition Monitoring & Predictive Maintenance.


  • Machine Learning & Analytics.


  • Plant Performance Monitoring (Production, Power System, Utility (Vacuum, Compressed Air, Steam, Water, Fire System), Quality Work Processes, Warehouse & Inventory).


  • Machine Monitoring (Assembly Machines, Primary & Secondary Packaging Machines).


  • Monitor Machine Parameters – Production Count, Speed, MTBF, MTRR, Equipment Efficiency, Planned & Unplanned Downtime.


  • Process Monitoring (Process Performance, Sensors & Instruments).


  • Monitor Process Parameters – Current, Voltage, Temperature, Radiation, Power Factor, Weight, Pressure.
  • Asset utilization optimization.


  • Improved security of high-value assets.


  • Global connectivity.


  • Innovative AI built on Battery optimization.


  • Improve productivity and increase the amount of time you can work.


  • Improve process efficiencies.


  • Accelerate innovation.


  • Reduce asset downtime.


  • Improve efficiency in operations.


  • Develop end-to-end visibility of operations.


  • Improve product quality.


  • Reduce operating costs and also save time.


  • Optimize production scheduling.


  • Increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).


  • Improve connectivity between machines or devices.


  • Improved safety in the workplace.

Tech Data makes it easier to manage IoT for your client or your team. Suppose you’re just considering the possibility of adding IoT to your solution portfolio or have completely implemented IoT in your company. In that case, Tech Data can help improve your company’s performance and offer solutions for the growth of manufacturing equipment as well as the management and monitoring of energy consumption.


It designed end-to-end solutions that improve and connect the entire supply chain, increase organizations’ resilience, introduce new business models, and increase efficiency in operations. Whatever sector your customers are in, it has comprehensive and verified ways to get your IoT products.


With Tech Data, you will be able to benefit from their extensive range of solutions, technologies and tools that can help you achieve more strategically the ability to make decisions, technological advancements and disruptive changes to the industry to launch a successful business.


  • Hands-On Practice Building: Experts from the team can assist you in defining your business plan and supply you with industry-leading practices and premium resources. It will also help you develop a custom action plan to accelerate your business’s growth.


  • Digital Practice Builder: This online version of Practice Builder provides a robust collection of tools directly to your company. This Practice Builder Digital Enablement Path is designed to provide you with the tools you’ll need to get started or to accelerate your Data, and also discover the resources to assist you in growing and educating your teams within your organization and your customers.

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