Why vCloud Tech?Cloud Storage And Disaster Recovery (DR) Solutions Ensure That Your Organization's Data Is Secure And Always Available.

Cloud, Flash Array Backup, and Recovery Data Storage Strategies

Companies that rely on IT systems to store their most important and irreplaceable business records are at risk of catastrophic data loss. vCloud Tech helps you assess and optimize your data storage needs by offering public and hybrid cloud options and Disaster Recovery products. We also help you identify disaster recovery (DRaaS) solutions as the right service for your company. Whether you’re new to the cloud or an experienced expert, vCloud Tech’s team of cloud storage architects can help you build robust storage and DR strategy to protect your organization’s business continuity.

vCloud Tech Enables You to Securely Safeguard Your Data Utilizing the Cloud and Provides Recovery Options During Incidents or Disasters

Data loss and security breaches are becoming increasingly common events in today`s world. It is not a matter of if, but when a disaster of any kind will happen. Your organization`s information must be protected and readily available at all times for your business to survive even during an unforeseen incident. vCloud Tech takes a consultative approach toward identifying your current data environment and proposing the right processes and systems including various cloud options for safeguarding your data when a disaster occurs. Protecting your critical Data Backup is a top priority for any business. Furthermore Data loss and unavailability can bring the best businesses out of business, especially when volumes are growing, regulations are being revised, or disasters occur.

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Overcoming Disaster Recovery Challenges

Simplification, automatic, rapid disaster recovery solutions for enterprise data protection environments:

  • Reduce your disaster recovery costs
  • Recover your data wherever it resides
  • Avoid vendor lock-in and typical cost drivers

Elements for Post-Disaster Protection and Recovery Solution

To be ready for recovery, vCloud Tech recommends that your organization perform five steps:
  • Create a disaster recovery plan: An effective strategy is a foundation for a complete and quick recovery to normal operation.
  • Protection: Implement layers of infrastructure protection and control to enhance resorting and security through advanced tools, policies, and policies.
  • Environment monitoring: Intelligently manage data from a single interface to ensure data availability and business continuity across on-premises and cloud environments.
  • Data Recovery: Use a complete and secure copy of your data to perform quick recovery and quickly resume normal operations to mitigate the impact.
  • Test your plan: Perform regular tests to ensure that you meet the Service-Level Agreement (SLA) defined for your high-priority data and applications.

By combining these steps, you can maximize data availability and accelerate digital transformation while reducing risk and cost. So, Creating a disaster recovery plan requires time and expertise, but can be limited.

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Commvault Complete Data Protection

Commvault Complete Data Protection is a simple utilize yet compelling protection solution to ensure complete data availability and business continuity across all your data environments. It combines Commvault Backup & Recovery with Commvault disaster recovery; Commvault Complete Data Protection provides a unified backup replication and disaster recovery solution accessible from one extensible platform with a user interface. Additionally, Commvault Complete Data Protection guarantees the recovery of replicas, cost-optimized cloud-based data mobility, robust security and protection from ransomware, and the flexibility to reuse data with copy data management.

Acronis Cyber Cloud

Acronis Cyber Cloud is a platform that allows service providers to offer cybersecurity in a simple, effective, safe, and efficient manner. By utilizing a single platform, you and your clients gain an access point to cloud-based hybrid backup ransomware security, file sync and sharing. Blockchain-based notarization of files and e-signature solutions that are all controlled through a central console. Automation and integration provide unparalleled security, boosting productivity while reducing TCO. The solution comes with an agent with one interface for management and one license, eliminating the complexity and risk associated with other solutions that are not integrated.

vmware by broadcom

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery

VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery is an on-demand disaster recovery service that provides an easy-to-use Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution. Through encryption and cloud storage, backup solutions enable businesses to recover lost data and prevent it from happening. Indeed, Other options provided by this software include delta-based failback, one-way pilot lights, complete DR Reports, irreversible snapshots, and DR health screenings. Additionally, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery will safeguard virtual machines between a customer’s data center and an SDDC installed via VMware Cloud hosted on AWS. Additionally, VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery can also safeguard virtual machines between two SDDCs located in various AWS regions or zones of availability. Another option is to allow VMware Cloud Disaster Recovery to offer a fully managed and maintained Disaster Recovery solution.


The practice of producing and preserving copies of data that can be used to protect businesses against data loss is referred to as backup and recovery. Operational recovery is a term used to describe this process.

So, The goal of a backup and recovery plan is to safeguard the database from data loss and to rebuild the database when it has occurred. Additionally, The following are typical backup administration tasks: Responses to various types of failures should be planned and tested.

The purpose of a backup is to create a copy of something for safekeeping. That copy must be kept somewhere other than where the original files are kept. If the backup copies are kept on the same hardware as the originals, the backup copies may be lost along with the originals if the hardware is damaged.

Backup and Recovery

In data management, making backups of acquired data is vital. Human error, hardware failure, virus attacks, power outages, and natural disasters are all protected by backups. If these issues occur, backups can help save time and money.

Incremental backups take less time and resources to complete. In addition to having the fastest backup time, incremental backups also have the slowest data recovery time.

  • Recovery of bare metal. Backing up the entire system, including the operating system, software programs, and data, is called bare metal recovery
  • Online Disk Backup is a service that allows you to back up your data over the internet
  • Constant data security.

Experts propose three copies of your data for backup: two on-site (on different devices) and one off-site. The original data on your computer, a backup on an external hard drive, and another on a cloud backup service are the most common options for most people.

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