Why vCloud Tech?Leasing And Financing Flexible And Models To Simplify Innovation

Leasing and Finance Services are Designed to Support Both IT Budgets and Innovation Goals.

At vCloud Tech, a dedicated team of funding professionals has access to a one-stop procurement and payment solution at your disposal. Whether you’re looking to finance hardware, software, or service contract, vCloud Tech offers fast time, efficient processes, and payment options to meet your business goals. In addition, vCloud Tech’s vast vendor ecosystem and partner network mean that you can choose a brand that works on your balance sheet or switch to an OpEx finance model without being tied to a vendor finance solution. We provide flexible leasing and finance Services that improve capital management and simplify financial forecasting.

Support Innovation and Transformation Initiatives at Manageable Costs

Consistency is required wherever you send your equipment. Meeting the same high standards provides service standards. Our best Leasing Services are based on years of experience and a huge number of devices in the hands of highly helpful professionals and are consistently applied by all teams in all facilities.

Flexibility to Meet Leasing and Financing Needs

We know that each organization has different financial priorities. Leasing may be the answer, or the asset may need to be capitalized. You may also prefer a hybrid approach, depending on the type of asset and the part of the business involved. We offer options to help your financial Services professional decide what is best for you.

  • Structured payment: We know that every business is different and you need to manage your money differently. We can adjust payment plans to suit your finances and regular payment schedules to minimize the administrative burden on your finance team.
  • Improved capital management: vCloud Tech can provide funds to release working capital for other investments. Tailored to business needs, whether through a lease that moves asset costs from CapEx to OpEx or by providing equity financing that constitutes payments over the life of the asset, rather than as a one-time prepaid cost. There are options.
  • Simplified forecast: No matter how you choose to fund your wealth, our payment plans allow you to predict costs over the life of your contract. It’s important to note that there is only one contract that covers both funding and hardware at one price, all financial management by vCloud Tech. Since only one provider pays, the burden on the finance team is also reduced.
  • Flexible financing: Whether it’s capital finance or lease finance, we offer a variety of options. vCloud Tech’s services range from 100% financing to flexible leasing structures and hybrid financing options that meet the needs of today’s complex hybrid world. We are manufacturer-independent, so we can find the best solution for our customers.

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