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Allow IT Developers to Work Confidence to make Quicker Deployments utilizing Web Security Services

vCloud Tech Web Security Services allow your organization’s IT teams to work with greater responsiveness and a more agile way to push new updates and products out much quicker.

Why vCloud Tech?

Our web security solutions offer a comprehensive approach to protect your web applications which include DDoS protection, protocol validation, IP reputation, application attack signatures, bot mitigation, and more to defend your application against a wide range of cyber threats.

Areas of focus:

  • Defense against advanced cyberthreats.
  • Mitigating the web application vulnerabilities.
  • Protection of mobile applications.
  • Availability of API.
  • Protection against malicious bots.


  • Web Security Services and Web Application Firewall solutions protect your websites and applications from advanced cyberthreats.
  • Our Web Security Services from our industry-leading technology partners get rid of your web application vulnerabilities and stop data breaches.
  • Protect your mobile applications and APIs data from cyber-attacks with our solutions.
  • Our cloud web security solutions ensure and maintain the security and availability of API as we believe it is increasingly critical for businesses.
  • Solutions that are capable of blocking malicious bots as more than half of web traffic is generated by automated bots.


  • Unbreachable cybersecurity and extended protection.
  • Familiarity and awareness with the rules and regulations.
  • Ease and convenience in the deployment of services and renewal of licenses.
  • Satisfaction at the client’s end.
  • Unrelenting technical support and consultation.

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Feature Products

Trend Micro Web Security solution is capable of  On-premises proxy, cloud proxy, or both protection for your website and web application. Trend Micro Web Security solution is powered by their  Advanced XGen system which provides your organization with forward-looking cyber threat protection on URL filtering, web threats, and application control. Trend Micro solution also offers enterprise-grade features which include their data loss prevention system, cloud app visibility, cloud access control, and a sandbox analysis tool for unknown files. Trend Micro solution offers authentication with other on-premises systems including AD, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, and ADFS. The soliton is also designed to provide your organization with real-time reporting, logging, and audit logs.

Fortinet Fortiweb Web Application Firewall solution protects your business-critical web applications and websites from cyberattacks that target your organization’s data from known and unknown vulnerabilities. The solution is designed to stop cyberattacks and secure all your web applications. As web apps evolve rapidly, changing every time you deploy new features and update existing ones, Fortiweb’s solution helps maintain the security and keep your data secure. Fortinet Fortiweb Web Application Firewall solution takes a complete approach to protect web applications form DDoS protection, application attack signatures, bot mitigation, IP reputation, protocol validation, and more to defend your web applications against a wide range of cyber threats.

Barracuda Web Application Firewall solution guards your websites, APIs, web applications, and mobile apps and secures your organization against a variety of cyberattacks including the zero-day threats, data leakage, Open Web Application Security Project Top 10, and application-layer denial of service (DoS) attacks. Barracuda Web Application combines both positive signature-based policies with a vigorous anomaly detection system that can defeat today’s most sophisticated cyberattacks targeting your web applications. Barracuda Web Application Firewall also offers its Barracuda Active DDoS Prevention system as an add-on that filters out volumetric DDoS attacks before they ever reach your organization’s network that can harm your web apps.

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