Why vCloud Tech?Protection Provides the Essential Services Needed to Safeguard Your Web-Based Apps, Including Web Application Security, IP Reputation & Anti-Botnet, And Antivirus

Fortinet Web Application Firewall protects your critical web applications for business from attacks targeting well-known and unknown vulnerabilities. The attack area of your web application changes rapidly and constantly changes when you introduce new features, update your existing ones, or release new APIs for web applications. It is essential to have an option that you can keep up. FortiWeb is the perfect solution for web APIs; applications are the tools of choice when building critical business applications. These applications need to be able to meet the requirements of the business. FortiWeb provides the speed control, flexibility, and security features required to secure the latest web applications.

FortiWeb WAFs offer advanced security capabilities to defend your APIs and web-based applications from known and zero-day threats. FortiWeb protects against the OWASP Top 10 and many more using a multi-layered, advanced method. FortiWeb ML customizes the protection of each application, ensuring robust security without manual adjustments that are time-consuming and costly by other products. Using ML, FortiWeb identifies anomalous behavior and distinguishes between benign and malicious anomalies. The software also comes with solid bot protection that allows soft bots to be connected (e.g., search engines) but blocks malicious bot activity. FortiWeb provides options for deployment that secure business applications, regardless of which location the application is located. There are a variety of hardware devices as well as virtual machines and containers which can be installed in data centers, in cloud environments, or even in clouds using the cloud-native SaaS option, FortiWeb Cloud WAF as A Service.

Deployment Options:

  • Reverse Proxy.
  • Inline Transparent.
  • True Transparent Proxy.
  • Offline Sniffing.


Web Security:

  • AI-based Machine Learning.
  • Automated Profiling (Allowlist).
  • Signatures of applications and Web servers.
  • IP address reputation.
  • IP address geolocation.
  • HTTP RFC conformance.
  • Native support for HTTP/2.
  • WebSocket security and signature enforcement.
  • “Man in the browser” (MitB) security.


Application Delivery:

  • Layer 7 server load balancing.
  • URL Rewriting.
  • Content Routing.
  • HTTPS/SSL Offloading.
  • HTTP Compression.


Application Attack Protection:

  • OWASP Top 10.
  • Cross-Site Scripting.
  • SQL Injection.
  • Cross-Site Request Forgery.
  • Session Hijacking.
  • Built-in Vulnerability Scanner.



  • Passive and active authentication.
  • Site Publishing and SSO.
  • RSA Access to 2-factor authentication.
  • Proven Web Application and API Protection: FortiWeb protects against all OWASP Top 10 threat vectors, DDOS attacks, BOT malicious attacks, and more to protect mission-critical web applications and APIs.


  • ML-Based Attack Detection: In addition to regular updates to the signature and other defenses, FortiWeb employs ML to defend against zero-day attacks and reduce false positives.


  • Security Fabric Integration: Integration with FortiGate firewalls and Forti Sandbox protect against advanced persistent security threats.


  • Advanced Visual Analytics: FortiWeb is a visual reporting tool that analyzes attack types, sources, and other aspects that provide insight not offered by other WAF solutions.


  • False Positive Mitigation Tools: Advanced tools reduce the day-to-day administration of policies and exception lists to ensure that only unwanted traffic is blocked.


  • Hardware-Based Acceleration: FortiWeb delivers industry-leading protected WAF throughputs and blazing fast, secure traffic encryption/decryption.
  • Application Protection:

Stop known and unknown threats to your application without blocking legitimate users and the burden of managing what traditional app learning requires. Using an advanced multi-layered, correlated, and multi-layered approach, FortiWeb offers complete security for your web-based application from the OWASP Top 10 and other dangers. FortiWeb’s initial layer of defense employs conventional WAF detectors, e.g., signatures for an attack, IP address reputation, and protocol validation to block and identify malware, powered by the intelligence of Fortinet’s world-class security research from FortiGuard Labs. FortiWeb’s machine-learning detection engine will then analyze any traffic that can pass through this layer using a continuously updated algorithm of your app. It identifies suspicious abnormalities and then blocks these well.


  • API Protection:

Protect the APIs that support mobile applications and enable B2B communication. Fueling digital transformation, APIs have become increasingly popular, providing the backbone for mobile applications, automated business-to-business operations, and ease of management across applications. However, due to their increasing popularity, they also add a new risk of attack by creating additional applications that businesses must protect. Fortinet’s FortiWeb internet Web-Based Application firewall offers the necessary tools to combat the threats to APIs.FortiWeb utilizes machine learning algorithms that automatically detect APIs by constantly monitoring the application’s traffic.


  • Bot Mitigation:

Block malicious bot activities by blocking bots that serve legitimate business requirements like search engines or performance and health monitoring tools. FortiWeb guards against automated bots, crawlers, web scrapers, data-harvesting credentials, and other malicious attacks. It Protects your website assets, apps, mobile APIs, sensitive data, and users. Combining machine learning and policies such as threshold-based detection, Bot deception, Biometrics based detection, and superior bot detection, FortiWeb can block malicious bot attacks while reducing the amount of friction experienced by legitimate users. FortiWeb can distinguish between humans, automated requests, and repeat offenders using advanced tracking methods. Observe behavior over time, distinguish humans from bots, and ensure CAPTCHA obstacles when needed. In conjunction with FortiView FortiWeb’s visual analysis dashboard, organizations can quickly detect attacks and differentiate between legitimate users and good bots.

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