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Ensures Security of the Data with Advance Authentication

vCloud Tech’s Security for Compliance Management Systems helps organizations create layers of security to make sure the data they hold of other parties is secure based on regulations all around the globe.

Why vCloud Tech?

Our solutions from our industry-leading cybersecurity partners are built to make sure no critical information never ends up in the wrong hands. Authentication is the key security feature of all our Compliance Management solutions and one of its major benefits and is It is extremely helpful for organizations with a complex multi-department system.

Areas of Focus:

  • Automation of the compliance security management.
  • Integration with enterprise systems to centralized management.
  • Extended protection of the business-critical information.
  • Expediting the work and enhancing productivity.


  • vCloud Tech’s Security for Compliance Management solutions allows IT developers and legal teams to utilize faster speeds and greater flexibility to protect and manage their legal information with the cloud.
  • The Security Management and Compliance solutions we offer seamlessly integrate your organization’s other systems with no additional charge.
  • The compliance management solutions we offer from our industry-leading partners automatically back up all your compliance data to a secure cloud-based location of your choosing and can be accessed all over the world and will be secure in case of any disaster.
  • Our solutions allow businesses to obtain a better understanding of their data footprint, which makes it easier to delete or hand over data to customers and it creates easier workflows for their employees.
  • Our solutions utilize advanced cloud-based technologies to manage your information and automate all your processes. By automating your security compliance, you and your teams will be able to focus on other business-critical tasks and let our solutions take care of the rest.

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Feature Products

Check Point’s R80.10 Unified Security Management solution establishes the standard for dependability and ease-of-use in compliance security management systems. From policies and operations to people and technology, Check Point’s Unified Security Solution is built to be future-proof and anticipates your organization’s security needs. The solution combines all aspects of your security environment with ease so your organization can deploy the strongest protections across your organization efficiently and effectively without hindering business innovation and operations. The solution protects against all Gen V attacks by utilizing the highest caliber prevention with unified security.

Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is an agentless software as a service security solution that makes it simple to keep your data secure while building applications in and moving workloads to a public cloud infrastructure. The solution offers end-to-end visibility of your security system in the public-cloud deployment and ensures constant compliance and automated remediation of security controls so that you can better understand and reduce your risk to your organization’s data. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian solution analyzes and discovers all your organization’s cloud deployment and lays it out in detail even if your deployment straddles multiple cloud infrastructures.

Fortinet FortiManager compliance security solution offers organizations a security system that helps them with digital transformation management and makes their networks and network security much less complex and more secure. FortiManager protects your data from malicious cyberattacks that can cause serious problems by utilizing cyber intelligence that secures all the vulnerabilities in your systems than attackers can use to enter. Fortinet’s FortiManager security system prioritizes automation-driven network operations that can help and also utilizes tools including Fortinet Security Fabric to supports your network operations for compliance, centralized management, and workflow automation to provide your organization better protection against breaches.

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