Why vCloud Tech?Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian Is A Comprehensive Software Platform To Secure Public Cloud Services And Compliance Orchestration

Barracuda Cloud Security Guard keeps an eye on your compliance and security, allowing your developers to concentrate on what they are best at, building unique applications for business. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is an agent-less SaaS service that enables you to keep your applications secure while developing applications within and shifting workloads to public cloud infrastructures. It offers complete transparency of your security risk for your public cloud deployment. It guarantees the continuous compliance and improvement of security measures to assess and minimize the risk of your business more effectively. It continuously examines your infrastructure to find configuration issues, implements best security practices, and automatically corrects violations before they become risks.

Barracuda Safety Guardian discovers and examines the entire cloud deployment and displays it visually even if the deployment is spread across multiple cloud infrastructures. The system will then evaluate your system for any policy violations. The evaluation process continues running in the background. At the same time, Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian watches over your environment, resolving the deterioration of your configuration and any policy deviations. Repairing policy violations and vulnerabilities is a mouse click away. Barracuda Cloud Security Guard will detect and deploy Barracuda CloudGen Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) and Barracuda CloudGen Guardian Firewalls to protect your applications and cloud infrastructure.

  • Full Stack Visibility For IT: Cloud Security Guardian affords real-time visibility into public cloud danger and compliance with regulations and standards.IT profits visibility into the controls deployed to safeguard those environments in which the gaps are, and wealthy metrics and reporting.


  • CIS-Licensed Protection Posture Solution: Cloud Security Guardian is licensed using CIS Benchmarks, the gold standard for high-quality practices in cloud infrastructures.


  • Multi-Cloud Visibility: Cloud Security Guardian maps and evaluates your security posture throughout more than one cloud instance, even from exclusive cloud vendors, to present you with a complete view of your protection.


  • Graphical Map Of All Cloud Resources: Cloud Security Guardian draws and continuously updates a map of your entire infrastructure of resources and how they are connected. Simple drill-downs provide more information and help identify the root cause of security breaches.
  • Guardrails For Developers: Cloud Security Guardian speeds up your public-cloud migration by handing over visibility, non-stop compliance, and automated remediation. We could your DevOps groups construct applications faster, leverage cloud-local services, and shift greater workloads to the cloud, all while ensuring protection.


  • Built-In Best Practices: Cloud Security Guardian has already converted CIS benchmark best practices into pre-defined rules. A PCI DSS rule set is also included. Add and adjust controls with simple JSON editing. Eliminate potential threats from cloud storage, an optional feature of Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian, Barracuda’s Cloud Storage Shield automatically scans the content of your AWS S3 buckets or Azure blog storage to identify and isolate potential threats.


  • Manage Configuration Drift: Ensuring that you have the correct rights and privileges for cloud services across multiple environments can be difficult as your developers work fast. If a resource is altered and violates the rules, Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian will notify you, take action and provide activity reports for the user. It will also quarantine the user or the application to stop any further changes that impact your security.
  • Get Visibility Into The Security Of Your Cloud:

Cloud computing means that your network’s configuration can change in a flash. One of the benefits but it’s also a challenge to manage visibility and control. Combine the challenges of having multiple cloud environments. It can be complicated to see your infrastructure, drill down to the smallest detail, gather information about resource levels, and know the interrelationships between the resources and how they impact security and compliance. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian Network makes it simple to see your cloud assets and their connections from networks, applications, and access perspectives. In a matter of seconds, you can gain important information.


  • Automate The Compliance With Policy And Regulatory Requirements:

Your developers are fast to introduce new applications and services online. Suppose the process is delayed due to long, inefficient, and error-prone manual compliance procedures – ensuring that they align with PCI DSS, CIS, NIST, and HIPAA. Then you’re missing out on many advantages of rapid DevOps. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian can be installed in minutes and continually examines the entire cloud infrastructure for infractions. Using pre-defined or customized profiles can automate the remediation process and keep you in compliance, so your developers can concentrate on creating fast.


  • Remove Threats That Are Not Being Detected From Cloud Storage:

Latent malware and threats may remain undetected within your cloud storage for long durations and have disastrous consequences when they’re eventually activated. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian can utilize advanced Threat Protection to check all the data in your AWS S3 buckets. Using various layers of analysis, including advanced sandboxing, Advanced Threat Protection identifies and eliminates any threats that may be previously undiscovered. It is also possible to enable Advanced Threat Protection on your Barracuda CloudGen WAFs or CloudGen Firewalls to safeguard your company by blocking and detecting inbound threats.


  • The Barracuda Distinction Is That It’s A Complete-Stack Security Solution:

Nowadays, hackers move quickly by automating the exploitation of unconfigured resources. To protect the security of your networks, you need to be equally fast. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian Security Application policies automatically correct your data and management planes through the instrumentation and configuration of native controls. Additionally, it can instantly configure the deployment of Barracuda CloudGen WAFs and CloudGen Firewalls according to the requirements to ensure complete, seamless security across the whole cloud platform.

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