Why vCloud Tech?Leverage best-in-class corporate security compliance practices with Barracuda Cloud Security

Barracuda Cloud Security Guard¬†monitors compliance and security, so developers can focus on what they do best and build unique enterprise-class applications. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian is his agentless SaaS service that allows you to develop applications within public cloud infrastructure and offload workloads while keeping them secure. Gain complete visibility into security risks for public cloud deployments. That ensures continuous adherence and improvement of security measures so that the company’s troubles can be better assessed and minimized. Continuously probe your infrastructure to find configuration issues, implement security best practices, and automatically remediate violations before they become a risk.

The Barracuda Safety Guardian discovers, investigates, and visualizes your entire cloud deployment, even if your deployment spreads across multiple cloud infrastructures. The system then checks the system for policy violations. The evaluation process continues in the background. At the same time, the Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian monitors your environment to remediate configuration degradation and policy deviations that may occur over time. Fixing policy violations and vulnerabilities is just a click away. So Barracuda Cloud Security Guard certainly detects and implements the Barracuda CloudGen Web Application Firewall (WAF) and Barracuda CloudGen Guardian Firewall to protect your applications and cloud infrastructure.

  • Full-stack visibility for IT:
     Cloud Security Guardian provides real-time visibility into public cloud threats and compliance with regulations and standards.
  • CIS Licensed Safeguard Solution:¬†
    Cloud Guardian Security application is licensed using the CIS Benchmark, the gold standard for quality practices in cloud infrastructure.
  • Multi-cloud visibility:
     Cloud Security Guardian ranks and evaluates your security posture across multiple cloud instances, even from cloud-only providers, to give you a complete view of your protection.
  • A graphical map of all your cloud resources:¬†
    Cloud Security Guardian continuously draws and updates a map of your entire resource infrastructure and how they are connected. Simple drill-downs provide more information and help identify the root cause of security breaches.
  • Developer Guardrails:¬†Cloud Security Guardian accelerates your move to the public cloud by providing visibility, non-stop compliance, and automated remediation. That enables DevOps groups to build applications faster, leverage on-premises cloud services, and move larger workloads to the cloud.
  • ¬†Built-in best practices:¬†Cloud Security Guardian has already converted CIS benchmark best practices into predefined rules. A PCI DSS rule set also includes. Add and customize rules with simple JSON editing. Eliminate potential threats from cloud storage, an optional feature of the¬†Barracuda safety. Barracuda’s Cloud Storage Shield automatically scans the content of your AWS S3 buckets or Azure blog storage to identify and isolate potential threats.
  • ¬†Manage configuration drift: So, Developers work fast, and ensuring proper rights and permissions to cloud services across multiple environments can take time and effort. If a resource is modified and rules violated, the Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian will notify the user, take action and provide the user with an activity report. Also, the user or application quarantines to stop any security-impacting changes.


Gain insight into cloud security

Cloud computing means that network configurations can change at lightning speed. That is one of the benefits, but it’s also a challenge to manage transparency and control. Combine the challenges of multiple cloud environments. It can be complex to see your infrastructure, drill into details, gather information about resource tiers, and understand the interrelationships between resources and their impact on security and compliance. The Barracuda Cloud Security¬†Guardian Network¬†makes it easy to see your cloud assets and their connectivity from a network, application, and access perspective. Receive important information in seconds.

 Automate compliance with policy and regulatory requirements

Their developers will soon introduce new applications and services online. Time-consuming, inefficient, and error-prone manual compliance procedures to ensure compliance with PCI DSS, CIS, NIST, HIPAA, etc., can slow processes down. You need to take advantage of many benefits. Rapid DevOps: The Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian integrates into your installation in minutes and continuously scans your entire cloud infrastructure for breaches. Predefined or custom profiles automate remediation processes and ensure compliance so developers can focus on building fast.

Remove undetected threats from cloud storage

Potential malware and threats can go undetected in cloud storage for long periods, with devastating consequences when they are finally activated. Barracuda Cloud Security Guardian can leverage Advanced Threat Protection to inspect all data in your AWS S3 buckets. Advanced Threat Protection uses multiple layers of analysis, including advanced sandboxing, to identify and eliminate previously undetected threats. You can also enable Advanced Threat Protection on your Barracuda CloudGen WAF or CloudGen Guardian Firewall to protect your organization by blocking and detecting incoming threats.


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Phishing and zero-day attacks are avoided thanks to the Barracuda Cloud Protective Layer (CPL) function in the Barracuda Email Security Gateway, an additional layer of cloud-based security that eliminates threats before they reach your network. With active Advance Threat Protection (ATP) subscriptions, CPL is accessible.

For email protection, application and cloud security, network security, and data protection, Barracuda certainly offers straightforward, all-inclusive, and reasonably priced solutions.

The Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is a family of hardware, virtual and cloud-based appliances that protect and harden distributed network infrastructures.

Email encryption is one of several privacy tactics Barracuda uses. Outgoing emails are scanned and filtered to prevent the exposure of confidential information. 

So, You must go to the Barracuda removal page and submit a delisting request. Enter the server’s IP address, email address, phone number, and, optionally, a reason for removal. Note that requests without valid information will ignore.¬†

 The Barracuda Web Security Gateway is deployed inline or as a proxy and configured to forward all port 80 (and HTTPS (443) for versions 16.0 and later) traffic to your existing proxy server.