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Enhance your Healthcare Operations with Remote Access to Patients Utilizing Healthcare IT Solutions

vCloud Tech’s Healthcare IT Solutions are designed to help medical facilities with purpose-built tools that are designed to transforming hospitals and other medical facilities into user-centric, coordinated, and more efficient organizations. Health IoT enables organizations to have better control over the user data and help them make operations more timely, specific, and improve decision-making processes.

Why vCloud Tech?

vCloud understands that all medical organizations must have an efficient, reliable video conferencing platform in place especially in this digital age. Our Healthcare IT Solutions offer highly adaptable and reliable video tools that can be configured with ease and can be utilized by healthcare organizations to communicate with their patients and remote medical staff. Our Internet of Things (IoT) products and solutions are designed to improve the traditional Healthcare Industry through remote access systems, intelligently connected-devices, and things that are used by billions of people from all walks of life.

Areas of Focus:

  • Remote access to patients.
  • Reduction of the operational costs.
  • Increasing healthcare efficiency with smart healthcare solutions.
  • Increasing connectivity between the medical staff across the globe.


  • Smart healthcare solutions bring video conferencing tools to schedule sessions to answer patient queues, monitor medical cart, chat, role-based permissions, payment, view eDocuments, and provide 24×7 support all built around our state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Healthcare IT solutions come with advanced tools that are capable of connecting medical stuff across the globe through a unified platform to monitor and assist with healthcare emergencies.
  • Healthcare IoT solutions utilize the power of the cloud to enable your stuff to be virtually present even for critical surgeries utilizing any internet-connected device they have.
  • Smart healthcare solutions make sure that there is no lag in communication to avoid medical mishaps.

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Feature Products

WiCis Health 3.0 provides a remote health and wellness monitoring solution that will transform your healthcare system through the power of mobile cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Their solution lets you control the medical records by sensors, medical devices, implant devices, wearables, and allows you to examine patients’ well being in real-time between the home, hospital, and beyond.

TechData’s Multi Clinic Consolidation solution allows medical organizations to collaborate across medical clinics, hospitals, and even physicians when there is a critical mission. Techdata’s solution gives hospitals the ability to interconnect all of their branches as well as their IT systems so that they can easily exchange information and communicate with ease to ensure a seamless patient experience.

Monnit’s Medical Labs Refrigeration Monitoring IoT solution is a compliance requirements tool that requires the use of refrigeration to keep vaccines, specimens, and other sensitive materials in a user-friendly temperature. Our solution provides real-time temperature updates as there are laws in place requiring temperature monitoring in medical facilities so that there is a data backlog for future reference.

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