Why vCloud Tech?Digital Transformation In Healthcare

Misperception Puts Pressure on Healthcare Providers: Only the Strongest Thrive

IoT in Healthcare providers is facing unprecedented turmoil. 63% of healthcare providers faced serious turmoil due to internal organizational changes, cost pressures, regulation and compliance, financing, or changing consumer demand. With all the changes in the healthcare industry, only the right organizations are thriving, leaving vulnerable ones behind.

Healthcare Uses Digital Technology to Support Innovative Industry Models

vCloud Tech and Technology Executive Survey found that the use of Digital Transformation in healthcare organizations is just beginning its journey to becoming configurable companies. Healthcare CIOs can use this study to identify key actions to accelerate and improve the configurability of their organization. The analysis is ideal for helping solve challenges such as protecting Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) data, managing unstructured data in cloud workloads, and analyzing the information gathered from medical IoT devices. Data is at the core of many possibilities, from improving patient involvement to connecting patient data to new precision medical platforms. This enables more coordinated patient-centric care throughout the healthcare facility.

Healthcare Solutions

  • Smart healthcare solutions bring video conferencing tools to schedule sessions to answer patient queues, monitor medical cart, chat, role-based permissions, payment, view documents, and provide 24×7 support all built around our state-of-the-art solutions.
  • Healthcare IT Solutions come with advanced tools that are capable of connecting medical staff across the globe through a unified platform to monitor and assist with healthcare emergencies.
  • IoT in Healthcare solutions utilize the power of the cloud to enable your staff to be virtually present even for critical surgeries utilizing any internet-connected device they have.
  • Smart healthcare solutions make sure that there is no lag in communication to avoid medical mishaps.

Why vCloud Tech?

vCloud understands that all medical organizations must have an efficient, reliable video conferencing platform in place, especially in this digital age. Our Healthcare Technologies Solutions offer highly adaptable and reliable video tools that can be configured with ease and can be utilized by healthcare organizations to communicate with their patients and remote medical staff. Our Internet of Things (IoT) products and solutions are designed to improve the traditional Healthcare Industry through remote healthcare access systems, intelligently connected devices, and things that are used by billions of people from all walks of life.


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FEATUREd PRODUCTSWe make it easy to fix things

WICIS Health 3.0

WiCis Health 3.0 provides a remote health & wellness monitoring solution that will transform your healthcare system through the power of mobile cloud computing and the Internet of Things. Their solution lets you control the medical records by sensors, medical devices, implant devices, wearables, and allows you to examine patients’ well-being in real-time between the home, hospital, and beyond.

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Tech Data IoT Healthcare

patients can monitor their health, and well-being and be assessed live between the hospital, home, & other locations. Real-time monitoring can improve treatments & outcomes that improve patients’ health and reduce the readmission rate. Tech Data telemedicine technology integrates medical IoT to assist providers in working more efficiently. Keep patients connected by wearing devices and wearables and other tools to monitor patients remotely.

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Monnit IoT Remote Monitoring for Hospitals and Clinics

The medical field is a constantly changing tapestry. Monnit Internet of Things (IoT) solution allows you to improve the effectiveness if you’re a facility director, supervisor, manager, or director of a healthcare institution. With Monnit remote monitoring sensors for clinics and hospitals, you can see what’s happening all over your medical facilities. It assists you in transforming sensor data that is gathered from condition monitoring to advanced analytics and improves the effectiveness and care of health facilities.

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