Why vCloud Tech?Telehealth and Telemedicine Solution for monitoring patient remotely, A Vision to Unbreak Healthcare

The WICIS Health 3.0 offers a remote healthcare system known as Telemedicine. It’s a platform that allows you to access remote healthcare services. Establishes a link between the doctor and patient. This platform is part of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT). It allows multiple medical sensors to be connected to a server via cloud-based workflows. This includes video-conferencing and live vital signs. The mobile-first HIPAA-compliant Telehealth and Telemedicine Monitoring solution delivers the intelligence of the medical experience directly to a patient that can be located anywhere and in real-time. The system gathers data from multiple sensors and sends them to the doctor to see their patients remotely to prescribe medications or to follow up on a previous appointment. In addition, patients can monitor vital signs from their homes, which alerts a doctor if they require medical attention.

WiCis Health 3.0

The new generation of telehealth solutions redefines remote healthcare using AI and IoT. It’s a secure video conference service and an electronic medical record with advanced features. Accessible, easy-to-use clinical technology and comprehensive telemedicine functionality Transforming from paper-based documents to digital document management can be a lifesaver for any organization. Making the switch doesn’t have to be complicated.

 When hospitals all over the country operate at a high capacity, it is crucial to keep space available for people in urgent need of healthcare services. So, healthcare IoT solutions enhance the ability of medical providers to care for an increased volume of patients without being there in person.

Features of WiCis Health 3.0

  • You can create custom forms and workflows to record your health data with¬†medical IoT¬†and attach documents, schedules, billing, etc.
  • Secure peer-to-peer video conferencing.
  • Real-time vital signs for objective diagnostics.
  • White label.
  • Conformance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) includes security provisions such as data encryption to protect patients and other sensitive data.
  • 100% Cloud-Based. For maximum security, it runs on AWS and Azure.
  • Multilingual.
  • Analytics and Big Data.
  • Device drivers for the best-of-wearables
  • WI-FI, 3G,4G, and 5G compatible.
  • Works on any device: Tablet, Smartphone, or PC.
  • Pharmacy orders can be sent electronically.
  • Patients can sign documents electronically to reduce paper waste and improve process efficiency.
  • Upload educational videos to patients for viewing before the telemedicine session.
  • You can upload photos and send internally secured messages and emails.
  • Use powerful automation tools to automate tedious tasks in healthcare.
  • Reduced readmissions and recurring hospital stays that are expensive.
  • Real-time biometrics enables patients to communicate with their doctor about their vital signs (heart rate, pulse, EKG) as if they were in the hospital.
  • Doctors can follow up with patients anytime and anywhere with live HD video conference capabilities.
  • The WiCis CareFlows offers features and solutions for worker safety, search and rescue teams, rehab facilities, chronic ailments, PTSD, and psychiatric evaluations.
  • A HIPAA-compliant encrypted database is used to store and manage all sensitive data securely.

The WiCis Health tech tests all FDA-approved wearables and approves only those that consistently provide medical-quality data.


No Bluetooth pairing is required. No apps are needed. Use 4G medical devices to connect and send data to the server automatically.


While reviewing Live vital signs and charts, caregivers can interview patients. It’s the same as a hospital encounter.


Your Careflows can store data. Automated charting is no longer necessary.
Any internet-connected device can connect you with your patients.


There are no plugins or installations required. WiCis Health 3.0 works automatically from a URL in Chrome or Safari.


You can choose from peer-to-peer high-quality HD video and audio to get the best possible experience.


Enhance your waiting area with nudges to ping patients with SMS or email to let you know when you’re available.

  • EHR

WiCis Health 3.0 is fully capable of connecting to an EHR. You can connect it to your existing EHR with our JSON/REST toolkit.


Automated notifications make it simple for patients to keep in touch with you and your organization by scheduling.

WiCis Health 3.0 is a strong solution that doesn’t compromise. No special hardware, remote pods and no expensive monitors. Your smartphone or tablet can be your primary healthcare device (Windows, Android, iOS).

The Three Components

  • The WiCis remote healthcare solution is made up of three components. CareForms with CareFlows and Video, as well as Vital Signs.
  • Data Analytics dashboards are fully customizable to allow you to follow, with a finger on the pulse, any step in your CareFlows, from doctor visits to the time spent with each patient.
  • WiCis health gives secured healthcare IoT solutions that streams data to and from the platform. It collects, monitors, and shares vital data from wearables around the globe in less than a second.

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WiCis CareFlows

For hospitals, surgery centers, and private offices, WiCis CareFlows is a telehealth platform that offers a variety of features, such as personalized forms, video conferencing, chat, real-time vital sign streaming, and EHR integration. In addition, WiCis CareFlows securely manages all sensitive patient data in an encrypted database and is entirely cloud-based and HIPAA compliant.

Users can develop and publish medical workflows using the CareFlow builder and control the various workflow permissions. In addition, users can include attachments (such as doctor’s notes, ECGs, and test reports) and rich text widgets (such as movies) in their CareFlow.

No, there isn’t an API for WiCis CareFlows.

WiCis CareFlows

WiCis CareFlows provide the following forms of assistance:
Chat, Phone Support, and Live Rep 24/7.

These are the typical clients of WiCis CareFlows:
Large companies, mid-sized businesses, public agencies, and small businesses

The WiCis Health 3.0 Platform is the first mobile-first HIPAA-compliant Telehealth and Telemedicine Monitoring solution, delivering the intelligence of the medical experience directly to a patient who can locate anywhere and in real-time. It uses cloud-based workflows, video conferencing, and live vital signs.