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Safeguard your Microsoft 365 Data Online with Office 365 Disaster Recovery

Microsoft Office 365 has become an essential part of today’s business. Most of the world’s organizations rely on Office apps like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint for their daily routine work which has essentialized and increased its utility in the realm of office management and data management.

Why vCloud Tech?

vCloud Tech with the help of its IT industry-leading partners provides next-gen Office 365 disaster recovery tools that not only keep your data backed up on the cloud but also protect it from malware, ransomware, and hackers. With online backup to the cloud, you will have a safe and secure backup to all your official documentation and your even your email server.

Challenges to be Resolved:

  • Unlimited data storage backup for the preservation of data.
  • Preventing the unforeseen and accidental loss of data.
  • Expediting the retrievability of data.
  • Data accessibility.
  • Protection of data from ransomware and maleficence.


  • vCloud Tech’s Office 365 Disaster Recovery solutions automate your Daily Backups and avoid cases of accidental Deletion with the best office 365 backup solutions.
  • Office 365 Disaster Recovery solutions not only store your organizational data to the cloud as per your requirements but allow businesses to automate the upload of data as soon it is saved on your PCs.
  • Our Office 365 Disaster Recovery solutions also create backups for documents that have been deleted from the cloud if there is an issue with maleficence in your organization.
  • Office 365 Disaster Recovery service utilizes cloud-based cybersecurity technologies to ensure your data is easily available to the employee or teams with the right to access it.
  • Office 365 Backup and Recovery solutions will also protect your crucial financial and legal information from unwarranted access.


  • Cutting the IT expenditure and saving the costs.
  • Ease and convenience in data accessibility.
  • Satisfaction at the client’s end.
  • Unrelenting support and consultation services.
  • A highly optimized virtual environment for data storage.
  • Expediting the remote work.
  • Expediting the deployment and license renewal services.
  • Extended protection, storage, and recovery of data.

Connect with one of our consultants today to learn more about our featured office 365 backup and recovery solutions designed with machine learning and automation technologies.


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AvePoint provides around the clock protection of your Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint systems and data. Their Office 365 Backup and Recovery solution provides a comprehensive data back solution on the cloud and ensures your lost data is swiftly available anytime you require.

Veeam’s Office 365, Outlook server, and SharePoint backup and security solution gives you the option to securely back up your organizational data to any location you require, including on-premises, a hyper-scale cloud, or a service provider of your choosing.

Commvault provides a comprehensive Office 365 Backup and Recovery solution that delivers the best in recovery, archiving, search, and discovery options from a user-friendly console where you can access all your office and email data with ease.

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