Why vCloud Tech?Meet even the most demanding SLAs with complete protection for SharePoint in any location, whether on the premises

AvePoint Cloud Backup¬†is the cloud-to-cloud industry’s most comprehensive backup solution for Microsoft 365. With unlimited, automated backups and secure storage on AvePoint’s Azure storage or your cloud, you decide what amount to restore and when to do it. Reliable and on-demand item-level restore gives you access to your meaningful conversations, emails, file recordings, projects, groups, tasks Planner, Yammer communities, and other sites at any time. Connect your users to lost content by automating restores using AVA – AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant.¬†

Cloud Backup with Microsoft Office 365 and Dynamics 365 provides unbeatable protection for all your tenants’ customers. With unlimited automated backups, rapid recovery of content, and secure storage within AvePoint’s Azure cloud and private cloud. All you have to determine is the amount to save and when to do it. The ability to restore items on demand and in granular detail lets you access your client’s critical business messages, files, emails, projects, and tasks. Additionally, with the aid of AVA – AvePoint’s Virtual Assistant, you can find and retrieve the content of your customers that was lost at any location and at any time–with the help of restore at the item level.

  • Platform protection:
     Ensure platform-level components applications, databases, web front-ends, and VMs are protected in your backup plan
  • Intuitive or Full:
     Full backups contain all data, whereas the incremental and differential options can capture modifications made since the last backup.
  • Restoration in general:
     From farms and servers to individual documents, SharePoint restore everything and preserve metadata, versions, and permissions
  • Wizard for restoring the farm:
     Reduce the complexity of a complete farm recovery with simple clone and rebuild wizards
  • Recover instantly:
     End users, Help Desks, or IT Admins can restore any content at any point and from any location (even sharing files)
  • Backups when you need:
     Schedule SharePoint backups to run automatically daily or every hour when office hours are not in effect.
  • SLA conformity:
     Automate SharePoint backup with retention rules that keep or erase records by your specific SLAs
  • Storage in Your terms:

     Choose to securely keep all of your Office 365 backup data in our flexible Azure Storage, your private cloud, or the data center of the vendor you prefer.
  • Out-of-Place Restore:

     Content shifts around. Restore conversations, websites, and content within minutes to their original location or any alternative site you prefer.
  • Simple Searching:

    ¬†Filter content based on properties–including content type, owner, date created, file size, parent list name, parent folder name, email subject, date sent, and more.
  • Offline Restore:

    ¬†We’ve got you covered when you’re looking to gain access to your data instantly or keep offline copies. You can restore contents directly to your system for storage or export your email conversations as PST.
  • Limit data loss:

     Set up regular backups of your platform or granular files every time you need or create a warm emergency backup for failover
  • Recover faster:

     Restore and access here, there, and everywhere. Legate restores operations to a Help Desk or centrally managed.
  • Security and Control:

     Backup SharePoint data is encrypted by default. You can relax with central controls set up that manage and control your operation.

Multiple sync methods

Utilize SQL Mirroring and Always on Availability Group, Log Shipping, Snap Mirror, or DocAve Platform Backup Log Shipping to synchronize databases.

Custom configuration

Control throttles settings, access controls, cache settings for failover content, and more from an integrated management console.

High Availability

Maintain business continuity and ensure continuous fault tolerance by using a single switch for disaster SharePoint recovery failovers with SharePoint Server 2019, SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2019, SharePoint Server 2016, SharePoint Server 2013, and SharePoint Server 2010.

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AvePoint Cloud Backup is the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-to-cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. You can choose how much to restore with unlimited automated backups and secure storage on AvePoint’s Azure storage or your own cloud. And when.

Skip tedious manual operations, increase data protection automation, and reduce recovery time with a dedicated cloud tool for Office 365 SharePoint Online backups. As a result, you can save a lot. You can also get all-in-one data backup software to help in case of disaster or data corruption.

Cloud-to-cloud storage is a feature that fully protects Office 365 data outside the Microsoft public cloud. Cloud-to-cloud is considered a more advanced backup method for Office 365. That allows you to separate operational and backup data and store them in different cloud environments. 

No, Microsoft does not back up SharePoint data. However, their terms of service clearly state that they are not responsible for data loss due to negligence or malicious activity and recommend backing up Microsoft 365 data, including SharePoint files, with third-party apps. 

SharePoint Online keeps backups of all content for 14 days after actual deletion (after data is removed from the second-tier Recycle Bin). 

The short answer is no. These products are not the same. OneDrive is a simple online folder system used to store files. SharePoint has this capability as well, but the platform has many more. For example, SharePoint has collaboration features, a customer management system, and various dashboards.