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    Why vCloud Tech?Running A Business Is A Full-Time Job, Not Managing IT Assets And Software

    Key Challenges in IT Asset Management

    • Suffering from change and complexity
    • Too many management tools reduce transparency
    • License complexity has become overwhelming
    • Poor supply cycle management creates a risk

    vCloud Tech Help Organizations Manage IT Resources, Improve Governance, and Reduce Costs

     At vCloud Tech, we believe that technology should enable business, not responsibility. That’s why we not only sell our products but also provide IT solutions that take full advantage of the latest technology. Combined with unmatched expertise, it helps you manage, reduce, and meet regulatory requirements for the total cost of ownership. vCloud Tech is cost-effective to help eliminate unnecessary costs and improve utilization and governance to tackle the complex task of finding, tracking, and managing hardware and software across IT assets. We provide a wide range of IT asset management services.

    Solution Throughout the Life Cycle

    Apply a proactive approach to managing hardware and software assets and applying governance to the IT procurement process. At the same time, IT departments need to enable line-of-business (LOBs) to streamline and automate their IT Asset and approval.

    • Capture insights: Compile and integrate data from multiple sources to ensure you make the right decisions and gain the insights you need to mitigate risk.
    • Expand your licensing knowledge: Work with experienced licensing solution partners (LSPs) to enhance your IT team’s existing skills and knowledge of IT asset management best practices.
    • Simplify the hardware life cycle: Consider applying industry best practices for provisioning and disposal throughout the device life cycle.
    • Improve purchase visibility and automation: Use tools to provide full visibility across the IT asset management process, in corporate governance, and apply standards across device fleets.

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