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Utilize IT Asset Management Solutions with Enhanced Accountability

vCloud Tech offers IT asset lifecycle management service from our industry-leading IT solution partners that are built to provide businesses a unified IT asset management services throughout your organization.

Why vCloud Tech?

The IT asset management system software solutions we provide enable your organization’s teams to track the activities of their operators and also monitor how incidents or asset inventory management requests are addressed in your system. Our asset inventory management solutions create a high level of visibility and empower your operational teams to have better control over your assets. With the IT asset management services, we offer increased asset visibility.

Areas of Focus:

  • Enhancing accountability.
  • Increasing IT efficiency.
  • Reduction of procurements costs with asset inventory management.
  • Enhancing the overall IT asset management process.


  • The IT asset management solutions vCloud Tech provides significantly reduces your organization’s procurement cost by offering greater visibility.
  • IT asset management solutions we offer also increases the consolidation between all your operational divisions which leads to a better exchange of information across all your business units.
  • The IT asset inventory management services are designed to standardize your procurement operations and efficiency make sure your organization’s IT asset management process runs with minimal interruption which helps in improving your work.
  • The IT asset management solutions we provide are designed to manage the lifecycle of your organization’s software and hardware assets.
  • The ITAM solutions we offer unifies technology-related purchasing, sourcing, and acquisition activities which lets your organization’s asset managers execute their IT asset management plans in a more organized approach.
  • Our IT asset management services allow your organization’s asset and procurement managers to extract the full value from their existing assets, plan well in advance for future asset requirements, and eliminate any unwarranted expenses.

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Feature Products

delivers organizations with tools to automate their workloads with end-to-end lifecycle for hardware assets, software licenses, and cloud on one unified platform. The solution allows you to optimize software, hardware, and cloud costs while reducing cybersecurity risk. Automate your organization’s workflow action from a native configuration management database, the central system of record for IT.

Alloy Software IT Asset Management (ITAM) platform gives organizations complete visibility and control of their hardware and software assets. The solution helps them manage and track assets throughout their lifecycle more efficiently with IT systems and tools that work as per your requirement. Alloy Software ITAM solution tracks all history details of your assets throughout their lifecycles with no limitations.

SolarWinds Service Desk offers a fully integrated and optimized IT asset management software that utilizes powerful capabilities and tools in a unified, web-based platform. SolarWinds Service Desk IT asset management solutions track your organization’s software and hardware assets and an inventory that includes laptops, mobile devices, computers, servers, networking equipment, and virtually any other technology asset

Ivanti IT Asset Manager software tracks your IT software and hardware assets to make them work harder and faster for your organization. The ITAM solution’s configurable design helps organizations follow and define their IT workflows and also implement out-of-the-box processes. Ivanti solution helps organizations for managing server, client, virtual machines, software, hardware, cloud-based assets, and gives them complete visibility of their IT asset position.

Ready To Embrace Us As Your IT Asset Management Solutions Partner

vCloud Tech’s years of experience in delivering an IT-first approach make us an ideal partner for IT Asset Management Solutions provider. As more and more businesses are choosing an online management system for running their day-to-day operations for managing their hardware and software assets, expect us to be at the cutting edge of an IT Asset Management (ITAM) strategy to give you the best solutions and consultation out there. Learn more about our IT Asset Management (ITAM) and all the other solutions we provide by contacting our team of experts.

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