Why vCloud Tech?Align Your Asset Management Application with Assistance with Processes and Services Crucial In IT

SolarWinds Service Desk’s fully integrated IT Asset Management program provides the most powerful features and tools within one web-based application. Keep track of your organization’s software and hardware inventory, including computers, servers, mobile phones, laptops, network equipment, and almost any other technological asset. Asset management is the process of cataloging, tracking, and managing an organization’s technology assets. IT Asset Management is a way to monitor and analyze financial and contractual components against actual inventory to ensure service performance and gain a deeper understanding of how IT assets benefit users and the business. As a critical component to the success of an enterprise, assets could include physical, tangible assets like servers and hardware, as well as intangible assets such as purchases, programs, and contracts.

IT asset management provides you with the tools to document and manage the life-cycle of every IT asset, from the time it first comes into use until the retirement of the asset and all the changes in between. In the absence of IT Asset Management, capturing the recorded history of an asset could be a tedious task of filling out spreadsheets every time an event occurs or when a new user takes over the support. It could be daunting and time-consuming when analyzing incidents or conducting root-cause analysis. Asset management software lets you easily coordinate the inventory of your software and hardware assets, owners and assignments, and location data in one location.

  • Acquiring suitable IT equipment while keeping the costs minimal and the benefits high.


  • Optimizing the use of every IT asset.


  • IT assets are disposed of when maintenance costs exceed their value.


  • Information is necessary to comply with regulatory requirements, license renewals, and renewal of contracts.


  • Make a complete and reliable inventory of the assets and to whom they’re currently issued.


  • Assist your assets by coordinating support tickets. They provide regular and up-to-date information regarding the technical support required for your investments.


  • Check out the overall costs associated with the management of devices and make better decisions about your company’s equipment.


  • Be sure to assign the appropriate devices to the right users and regularly refresh your older devices to ensure that your employees have access to the tools required to complete their job.
  • Control compliance with assets.


  • Increase the visibility of your assets.


  • Enhance accountability.


  • Reduce the number of unnecessary purchases.


  • Redeploy IT assets quicker.


  • Manage contract service levels.


  • Automate contract renewal.


  • Improve budgeting.


  • Payless due to inexperience with the warranty status.


  • Better control and measure IT expenses.


  • Control every purchase from acquisition to retirement.


The IT Asset Management Software is greatly benefited by being as efficient as it can be. Tag and track hundreds of hardware properties such as software titles, the history of your location, and the user on the devices of your Windows, iOS, and Chrome OS devices. Make time-saving decisions and keep all your records up-to-date in one place by combining vendor information, warranties, lease conditions, and contracts. Reduce the time spent on break fixes and modifications in service desk tickets by collecting and automatically recording the history of each asset’s incidents.


Unified ITAM Software and Service Desk:

IT professionals can gain an understanding of their self-service preferences and the amount being used to purchase assets. The best Asset Management Software will be integrated with the software for your service desk. Companies that use tools for managing assets that are not linked to their ITSM tool render it challenging to implement proper Asset Lifecycle Control. It’s crucial to ensure that your service desk software integrates with your asset management system and solves potential problems.


Agentless Asset Management Solutions:

One of the most effective ways to keep track of all your software, hardware, or infrastructure-related systems is to employ the discovery tool as a component in your overall asset management system. Discover tools within IT enable complete tracking of assets after they’ve been discovered. One of the more sought-after methods of collecting information about assets includes using agents but not using them or other search tools. One of the most significant advantages for agents is their ability to monitor laptops and different mobile gadgets. Agent-based asset management software requires minimal infrastructure to set up as agents are installed directly on the device and are monitored anywhere as long as they access the web. Though robust but not all devices permit the installation of agents. Agentless software can provide advantages over devices such as switches and routers. If you’re trying to keep track of these items, you’ll need to take the more manual way in your IT strategy for managing assets.

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