Why vCloud Tech?Automate and enhance your IT services in precisely the way you'd prefer.

Alloy creates intelligent, robust, and innovative IT Asset Management software that propels businesses to new heights by giving power to IT teams to achieve excellent outcomes. Alloy can enhance the efficiency of your ITSM processes, streamline routine tasks and assist in solving problems more quickly than ever.

The task-oriented workflows have been designed to eliminate mistakes and improve the productivity and efficiency of your entire team. Improve your IT processes with automated workflows, increase the support staff and boost the value of your organization. Combining the best of Service Desk and Asset Management with our top-of-the-line ITSM workstation ITSM services will succeed.

Mobile App

Keep track of your work orders while travelling with an all-in-one mobile app.

  • Mobile workflow from anywhere
  • All the tasks and requirements you and your team have in your hands.
  • Contact your colleagues and customers, make meeting requests, contact colleagues and escalate tickets using your tablet or mobile phone.
  • Quickly submit approval requests to resolve an incident or the procedure to fulfil service requests.
  • Get immediate action and have the authority to communicate new issues and assign tasks to field employees.

Service Catalog

Save time, cut costs and guarantee consistency through automation and expanding the process of asking for and supplying IT resources and services.

  • Increase the efficiency of the Service Desk team with an efficient Service Catalog
  • Routine requests for tasks like resetting passwords, access to network shares, and account modifications are distinct from incident tickets to increase the efficiency of teams within IT.
  • Automate routine service requests such as hiring employees for software, hardware, or software requirements or the transfer of equipment.
  • Reduce the time and energy allocated for your IT department to focus on more strategic tasks and move routine services, such as resets for passwords, to self-service.

Self-Service Portal

Allow employees to access 24/7 access to your Self-Service Portal, where they can quickly access the information they require and get the help they need.

  • Save time and money through a¬†life cycle asset management¬†modern and efficient self-service portal.
  • Provide your customers and employees with the ability to report problems yourself.
  • Make self-service as easy as possible using our simple-to-use processes and forms.
  • Effectively tackle different types of issues with a flexible self-service workflow.
  • Show your users the complete listing of IT assets they have and let them promptly report any problems without worrying about the IP address or name of the device.
  • Help users to save themselves from having to tackle the same issues that were solved previously and become repeated.
  • Gather feedback for improvement of your services by automating surveying your customers’ satisfaction with one click.
  • Enhance efficiency:¬†Your existing processes are quickly joined into our¬†asset management solutions¬†to guarantee smooth and simple modification.
  • Enhancement support:¬†Multichannel support offers customers the tools they require to work on their preferred platforms.
  • Get to the top:¬†Drive your IT performance with a solid foundation of ITIL-based practices that give you the most value for your money.

Incident Management

Accelerate software assets Management restoration speed and reduce interruptions using automated scheduling and intelligent automation.

  • Incorporate incident management into email assistance
  • Keep your focus on your customers, and don’t worry about messages you haven’t seen in your mailer.
  • Automatically transform emails sent out by your customers and notifications from your hardware and software monitors into incidents.
  • Automate your email support processes which could otherwise consume most of the IT department’s work. Control email responses, update incidents, modify them and report problems when dealing with issues.
  • Inform the requester automatically of each step toward successfully resolving the incident.
  • Find out customer feedback and assess the level of satisfaction they have with your service with one-click surveys that are automated.

Problem Management

Determine the cause of the issue to avoid any further delays in the future.

  • Be proactive and effective when solving problems.
  • Find the root cause of the issue and reduce the number of incidents.
  • Analyze the incidents and determine the reasons to avoid service disruptions.
  • Save time, effort, and energy by taking notes and cross-referencing issues directly from an incident with only one click.
  • Facilitate the resolution of problems by linking incidents to the cause.
  • All pertinent details about the issue, incident, and CMDB details are available in one place to give a detailed view.
  • Automatically notify Your Service Desk engineers about the problems identified to avoid duplicate troubleshooting efforts.

Change Management

Control IT changes management at your workplace, identify their impact on your business and plan to make sure they cause minimal downtime for your service.

  • Better to be prepared by having an accurate plan of all possible events and changes
  • It will help if you visualize your new plans by placing them on a calendar of changes to view a complete timetable of scheduled events across your organization and stop conflict from happening.
  • Choose the best time for your changes using the list of scheduled outages and other business activities in one location.
  • Your internal customers and employees should receive an early warning of the scheduled downtime schedule and any future modifications regarding your program.
  • Plan your schedule for the coming day, week or month by knowing the burden incurred during the time you choose.

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Alloy intelligence. Powerful analytics that continuously synchronizes data from retailers, e-commerce partners, and internal systems help you identify and respond to shifting consumer sentiment.

Alloy SmartHome is an intelligent home automation system that allows homeowners to manage their connected smart devices from one app. Control your locks, thermostats and lights, monitor your home for leaks, temperature and humidity alerts, and more, all from one easy-to-use interface.

The Alloy Data Platform is built for consumer goods supply chain data. Break down the silos that separate data, systems, and teams with an integrated architecture that integrates, harmonizes, and enriches data from partners and internal systems.

Software that aids in managing all of the IT assets in your business is known as an IT asset management (ITAM) tool. Software, hardware, networks, and other forms of business technology are examples of these assets.

CMDB tracks IT assets from a service and operational perspective, while ITAM focuses on IT assets from a financial and cost perspective.

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