Why vCloud Tech?Automate the entire license lifecycle for software, hardware assets, and cloud on the same platform.

ServiceNow IT Asset Management has a finite time to use, and organizations can make the most of their potential using ITAM and proactive administration. The lifecycle phases typically comprise planning, procurement, deployment maintenance, retirement, and disposal. IT assets classify under physical, hardware, software, mobile, and cloud categories. ITAM ensures successful deployment and continuous support for IT assets. ITSM is a solution that provides ongoing support for IT assets.

¬†IT Service Management (ITSM) system Certainly allows you to scale workflows for managing and delivering IT solutions to customers using one cloud-based platform. So, The effectiveness of IT asset management relies upon your capability to monitor relevant metrics. To achieve this, you need to determine the most critical KPIs to prioritize. Monitoring the appropriate metrics can ensure improved asset performance, lower costs for repairs and maintenance, and optimal use and efficiency. The ITSM solution will help you boost the productivity of your employees as well as help them resolve issues quickly and increase users’ satisfaction. Additionally, with the help of the AI built into the platform, that allows you to speed up technological changes, review the recommended actions for requests or tickets, and enable automated self-service using chatbots for the enterprise.

ServiceNow IT Asset Management Features

  • Hardware¬†Asset Management:¬†Reduce costs and the risk for consumables and hardware.
  • Software Asset Management:¬†Modernize software asset tracking to decrease expenditure, reduce risk and make changes across IT.
  • Cloud Intelligence:¬†Get a better understanding of your cloud-based infrastructure to control IT spending, resources, and risk.
  • IT Asset Offboarding¬†Automate the offboarding of assets by using digital workflows to control the entire process.
  • SaaS Licensing Management¬†Control SaaS costs and usage by gaining relevant insights and actionable data.

Powerful Benefits are included in IT Asset Management so that you may streamline your organization.

  • Automate and modernize IT¬†ITAM: Run ITAM in which you plan and manage and service IT on one platform with an identical data model and one structure. Automate workflows for assets at every phase of the lifecycle of an investment.
  • Reduce IT costs:¬†Minimize waste throughout the assets’ lifecycle by optimizing licenses for software, tracking hardware assets, and managing cloud resources.
  • Get access to: Make smarter decisions using real-time analysis across the entire IT value chain. Gain new insight into the service’s performance with the help of the latest data, trends, and predictions. You can predict trends based on recent versions and conditions through Performance Analytics and determine areas that automate to increase efficiency.
  • Reduce risk from technology:¬†Connect information and people to process workflows. Rapidly assess and reduce technological hazards, including shadow IT vulnerability, licensing compliance weaknesses, or assets loss.
  • Enhance productivity in IT: Accelerate resolution with built-in machine learning. Chatbots offer immediate solutions to the most common queries. If you are using ITSM Virtual Agent in action, it is possible to provide support to employees that are available 24/7. So, Service desk agents can use machine learning automation to fix issues and suggest resolutions for agents based on similar incidents previously solve.

Supports IT as well as business processes and allows teams to collaborate

Asset management aids ITSM in ITSM ITIL processes such as incidents, change, and problem management. Indeed, With the appropriate information accessible, teams can work faster and anticipate effects before they happen. Furthermore, this helps HR (onboarding and offboarding) and finance to track assets and security for vulnerability mitigation and operations management by aiding in the discovery and mapping of the most critical assets and their dependencies.





One reliable source

Asset management helps to create an order. Assets are often monitored in a variety of locations by different people. No single person owns assets. There isn’t one tool that can centralize the information on purchases. Indeed, ITAM provides data consolidation by supplying systems that can do the job without the necessity of constantly tracking artifacts, observing the use of assets, and interpreting dependencies.


Improves productivity but does not lose the quality of service

Asset management systems can be handy as teams adopt DevOps and SRE principles. The increasing reliance on platform and infrastructure services. So, Good asset management can be used to monitor consumption.

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Indeed, It Automates the end-to-end lifecycle of software licenses, hardware assets, and the cloud in one platform.

Indeed, ServiceNow Asset Management automates the lifecycle of IT assets. Track financial, contract and inventory details throughout the lifecycle of hardware, devices and non-IT assets. Asset requests are processed using workflows to obtain approvals and chargebacks and provide services.

So, IT Asset Management (also known as ITAM) ensures that an organization’s assets are recorded, deployed, maintained, updated and, if necessary, destroyed. Simply put, it’s about ensuring that valuable tangible and intangible assets are tracked and used within an organization.

Asset tracking refers to tracking physical assets by scanning barcodes attached to support or using GPS, BLE, LoRa, or RFID tags that transmit location.

CMDB tracks IT assets from a service and operational perspective, while ITAM focuses on IT assets from a financial and cost perspective.

Assets include infrastructure hardware, software, networks, cloud devices, and even non-IT assets such as buildings. 


IT Asset Management (ITAM) combines financial, inventory, and contracting functions to optimize and support lifecycle management and strategic decision-making within the IT environment. A set of business practices. ITAM is often a subset of the IT Service Management (ITSM) process.

To transfer data from one place or format to another, it employs ETL. MDM solutions address issues with business operations brought on by erroneous or lacking data. MDM used by the business to create a single view of its clients or merchandise. Yes, both are data-related tools and technology.

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