Why vCloud Tech?Devoted solutions are accessible to safeguard your corporation, regardless of your resources and security needs.

Trend Micro Advance¬†Cloud Web Security¬†provides forward-looking threat protection on web threats, URL filtering, and application control. The full suite offers comprehensive endpoint security and centralized management, with additional security features for cloud-based applications such as email, web, and collaboration. It provides the most secure defenses at every level, including advanced detection tools that help you stay ahead of the latest threats. IT administrators and business managers can’t afford to ignore constant news reports about security breaches, cybercrime, and attacks on businesses, governments, and other organizations with high-value data. However, IT security can be a separate part of a company’s plan.

Trend Micro is the expert in threat prevention with products and services you and your business can trust to protect you and your business. Protect against evolving online threats and give IT continuous visibility and control over employee internet usage. As one of the essential components of a complete user protection solution, Interscan web security solutions help protect every user’s web activity from anywhere, whether an application or a device. It also offers an innovative hybrid security solution that unifies management of on-premises and cloud deployment options, allowing user flexibility and easy integration into its IT-centric strategy.

  • Authentication (on-premises AD, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, ADFS)
  • SSL inspection/HTTPS decryption
  • Real-time reporting, logging, and audit logs
  • Role-based access control
  • Syslog to export logs
  • URL filtering and application control
  • Anti-Malware and¬†Web protection Service
  • Cloud sandbox for unknown malware after PML
  • Cloud Service Filter prevents personal accounts from accessing sanctioned apps

Key Benefits Of TrendMicro Web Security :

Web Security protects against the ever-changing Internet threat landscape. Provides control and transparency to control how employees use their web and cloud-based apps. As a middleman, you can stop threats before they impact your network or end users. Key benefits of Interscan Web Security include: 

  • Protects from traditional malware to zero-day threats to advanced malware
  • Protection against attackers trying to steal specific information from your organization. Trend Micro uses the world’s largest URL reputation database to track website trustworthiness and block access to malicious websites.
  • Complete control over the types of content and applications users can access
  • Intuitively manage all your users everywhere, in real-time, from one console. Monitor website usage when this happens so you can fix it right away¬†
  • ¬†Customizable reports let you focus on information relevant to your business.

Best-in-class protection – any device, anywhere

Tracking the changing threat landscape and more sophisticated attacks is complex. Protecting critical corporate data from accidental or intentional disclosure by employees is also an issue. Web Protection provides comprehensive protection against all types of cyber-attacks with security features such as anti-malware, advanced threat protection, URL filtering, and real-time internet reputation. Interscan Web Security also features the most advanced threat protection, including zero-day exploit detection, C&C callback detection, and deep discovery integration options that provide on-site sandbox analysis and adaptive blocklist blocking. In addition, it offers real-time protection based on intelligence gathered by the Smart Protection Network. This global threat detection infrastructure quickly and accurately detects and recognizes all new threats.

Easy-to-use protection against data loss:

Additionally,¬†Web Security¬†provides easy-to-use protection against data loss. It is a fully integrated, template-based product that does not require additional servers or management consoles. The great thing about this product is that Users can use it with a mobile VPN. It allows you to implement web security policies and protect mobile devices. And it’s more than a simple single-point solution. Interscan Web Security Services is one component of a comprehensive, multi-layered user protection solution designed to provide a complete security solution against multiple threat sources.¬†

Flexibility to meet requirements

Whatever your security and resource needs, we have a customized solution to protect you and your business. Trend Micro Security for Web offers the latest in web threat protection, URL filtering, and application control. It also has enterprise-class features such as: for example:

  • Analyzing Files in the Unknown Files Sandbox
  • Cloud app access and visibility control
  • Data loss prevention

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Trend Micro Web Security Advanced provides predictive protection against web threats, URL filtering and application control, and enterprise-class features such as Sandbox analysis of unknown files. Visibility and access control for cloud apps. Data loss prevention.

Fortunately, yes. Trend Micro offers reliable antivirus protection for Windows and Mac devices.

What is Trend Micro House Call? It’s a free scanner that detects and removes viruses, worms, malware, spyware, and other malicious threats that can harm your computer or laptop.

Trend Micro Antivirus offers better value on the low end if you want malware mitigation for Windows devices, and it costs about $50 less than comparable McAfee plans. However, if you need coverage, McAfee is the better choice.

The bottom line, Certainly Trend Micro turned out to be an excellent antivirus product. Both vendors offer virus and malware protection, but independent lab testing has shown Trend Micro’s detection rate to be 100% in most recent tests.¬†

The Trend Micro Toolbar uses a rating system to tell you if the website you’re looking for is safe or unsafe. After installing Trend Micro Security on your Windows computer, add Trend Micro to your Google Chrome toolbar, available at the Google Chrome Web Store, to provide additional security to keep you safe online.