Why vCloud Tech?Secure Yourself From Cyber-Attacks Control Cloud App Use

It is a part of Trend Micro Intelligent Protection. The complete suite comes with extensive endpoint security and central management, with additional security features for cloud-based applications, including email, web, and collaboration. It offers the most secure defense across layers, including advanced detection tools that help keep abreast of the latest threats. IT administrators and managers in the business can’t afford to ignore the constant news stream of security breaches, cyber-crimes, attacks on companies or governments, and other organizations with high-value data. It’s becoming clear that it was never before that IT security has to be an integral part of any company’s plans to be successful or even be able to survive.

Trend Micro confidently strides towards its third decade of delivering Internet security for content and threats management solutions, and we are the experts in defending against threats with products and services you and your company can trust to safeguard you and your organization. It protects against evolving online threats while giving the IT department continuous insight and control over employees’ Internet usage. As one of the significant components of the complete User Protection Solution, Interscan Web Security Solutions helps safeguard all users’ web activity, whether it’s an application or device, from anywhere. It also provides a revolutionary hybrid security solution that integrates management of both on-premise and cloud deployment options, allowing user flexibility and easy integration into an IT-centric strategy.

  • Authentication (on-premises AD, Microsoft Azure AD, Okta, ADFS).


  • SSL inspection/HTTPS decryption.


  • Real-time reporting, logging, and audit logs.


  • Role-based access control.


  • Syslog to export logs.


  • URL filtering and application control.


  • Anti-Malware and Web Reputation Service.


  • Cloud sandbox for unknown malware after PML.


  • Cloud service filters block personal accounts from accessing sanctioned apps.

Interscan Web Security defends against the ever-changing threat landscape on the web. It gives control and visibility to help to control how your employees utilize the internet and cloud-based apps. Since it’s an intermediary, it can stop threats before they affect your network or end-users.

The main advantages of Interscan Web Security are:


  • Protection against anything from malware that is traditional to zero-day threats and advanced malware.


  • Guarding against an attacker trying to take certain information from an organization.


  • With one of the largest databases on URL reputation worldwide, Trend Micro tracks the authenticity of websites and blocks access to harmful websites.


  • Controlling completely the kinds of content and applications that users can access.


  • It intuitively manages all users in all locations in real time, all from one console.


  • Monitoring the use of websites when it occurs, which allows for immediate remediation.


  • Reporting that can be customized so you can concentrate on relevant information for your company.
  • Superior Protection Any Device, Anywhere:

Staying on top of the changing threat landscape and the more sophisticated attacks are complex. Protecting your company’s vital data from accidentally or purposefully being divulged by employees is also a problem. Interscan Web Protection provides comprehensive protection against all types of cyber-attacks with security features that include anti-malware, advanced threat prevention, URL filtering, and real-time internet reputation. Interscan Web Security is also equipped with the most advanced security for threats, including zero-day exploit detection, C&C callback detection, and the option of Deep Discovery integration that allows on-premise sandbox analysis and an adaptive blocking of blocklists. It provides real-time protection built on the information collected from the Smart Protection Network, an infrastructure for detecting global threats that quickly and accurately collects and detects any new threats. In addition, Interscan Web Security offers simple-to-use data loss prevention. It’s a template-based product that’s fully integrated and does not require additional servers or management consoles. It is used with a mobile VPN that lets you implement web security policies and protect mobile devices. And it’s more than a simple single-point solution. Interscan Web Security Services is a component of an all-layered complete user protection solution designed to provide a complete security solution across different threat sources.


  • Flexible To Meet Your Requirements:

Whatever your security and resources need, customized solutions are in place to safeguard you and your business. Trend Micro Security for Web Security Advanced provides the most up-to-date protection for internet threats, URL filtering, and application control. It also comes with enterprise-class capabilities, such as:


  • Analysis of files in the Sandbox for unknown files.
  • Cloud App access and visibility control.
  • Data loss prevention.

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