Why vCloud Tech?Cloud Backup Services For Effortless Protection Of Your Data And Devices For Your Home Or Business And Resell

Acronis Cyber Cloud is a platform that allows service providers to offer cybersecurity in a simple, effective, safe, and efficient manner. By utilizing a single platform, you and your clients gain an access point to cloud-based hybrid backup ransomware security, file sync and sharing, and blockchain-based notarization of files and e-signature solutions that are all controlled through a central console.

Acronis Cyber Protect removes the necessity of managing multiple expensive and complex solutions and allows you to offer better protection using much less effort. Acronis Cyber Protect combines the best-of-breed backup, advanced anti-malware, and endpoint protection in a single system. Automation and integration provide unparalleled security, boosting productivity while reducing TCO. The solution comes with an agent with one interface for management and one license, eliminating the complexity and risk associated with other solutions that are not integrated.

  • Three Deployment Choices: Choose the deployment best suited to your needs Acronis-hosted (turnkey SaaS service) or mixed (hosted as well as cloud-based storage), or service provider hosted (Private Cloud).


  • The Architecture Of Multi-Tier Clouds: Create an unlimited service distribution hierarchy regarding partner and customer account levels and manage unique offerings and quotas with vertical grouping.


  • Centralized Administration: Simplify your daily operations single pane of glass can provide a multi-service, multiple-tenant portal that lets you efficiently manage your clients and the management of your services.


  • Pay-As-You-Go Price: Meet the dynamic demands of your clients with the 100% pay-per-use licensing model. Per-GB and per-workload licenses are available. Choose the one that is most appropriate for your business.


  • White Labeling Of Services: Increase your brand recognition. You can personalize your console and services by utilizing more than twenty customization options to distinguish your company.


  • Site Selection For Data Centers: Ensure compliance and maintain a local presence by choosing the best location to host your system and store customer information Access secured Acronis, Google, and Microsoft data centers worldwide.


  • Flexible Storage: Using various storage options, you can balance the benefits of infrastructure, data, and other regulatory requirements. Develop with ease with storage that meets your needs: N.A.S., SAN, disks, tapes, and disks Acronis Cloud, Cloud that is public or private like Azure, A.W.S., or Google.


  • Acronis Universal Recovery: Reduce the cost of downtime by returning Windows as well as Linux systems to hardware that is different such as bare-metal physical Cloud or virtual environments. Acronis Universal Restore technology ensures rapid and straightforward system migration in just a few clicks to overcome compatibility issues.


  • Variable Block Size Deduplication: Secure more systems while decreasing the impact on disk storage and network capacity by recording only those blocks containing changes in data since the last backup. Acronis Cyber Backup deduplication minimizes storage space by detecting repeated data and storing the same data just once.


  • Protection Of Data Across More Than 20 Different Platforms: Every system, physical, Data Cloud, virtual, and all applications are combined to protect data on all devices. Every new app can seamlessly integrate into your existing system, providing continuous and comprehensive data security.
  • Health Monitoring Of The Drive:

Be prepared for unpredictable data loss and improve your performance by monitoring the health of your drive. Using machine learning to analyze S.M.A.R.T. reports and other Operating system settings, Acronis Cyber Protect can warn you of the possibility of a disk problem before it happens. It lets you adopt the appropriate precautions to safeguard your information.


  • Anti-Malware Scanning Of Backups:

Avoid restoring damaged backups of files by incorporating a malware scanner. By scanning all backups to disks from a central site, Acronis Cyber Protect can assist in identifying malware, ensuring users can restore a clean, free-of-malware backup.


  • Safe Recovery:

The O.S. image or an application stored within a backup affected by malware could cause continual reinfection if used to recover without eliminating the malware. Removing malware detected and applying the most recent definitions of antivirus during the recovery process allows users to restore the O.S. image with confidence, reducing the possibility of reinfection.

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