Get a better understanding of the benefits that combining fast wireless connectivity and AIoT solutions can bring to your needs for intelligent transportation. EPIC iO offers the quickest and the most secure wireless connectivity to support cutting-edge technologies that increase your revenue stream and business.

Smart transportation has been a shining feature in AIoT applications in recent times. As an integral part of the¬†smart city’s innovative infrastructure, every need for infrastructure autonomous driving, the management of fleets and parking management, rail monitoring, and technological law enforcement fall within the realm of the intelligent transport system. Covering vast and complex applications, the peripheral terminal devices in smart transportation are even more diverse. Additionally, hardware and software design is not limited to the highest level of versatility and flexibility but also enables system providers to connect and implement immediately and reduce the time for development and debugging.


Many people in the community depend on public transportation to get where they have to go. IoT plays a critical role not only in providing continuous, quick internet access to riders. The internet allows users to stream videos and music, browse the internet, and check their email. Additionally, it powers crucial solutions that can help streamline operations like managing bus routes, alerts to delays and possible delays in the transportation system, asset tracking, and maintenance requirements.


The introduction of high-speed network connectivity is crucial for education. There are various reasons why students struggle to complete homework at home. Schools are starting to include wireless connectivity on school buses to allow students more time between school and home to access Wi-Fi to finish their tasks. In addition, Wi-Fi-enabled buses are utilized to track buses and provide parents and administrators with actual-time information regarding the exact location of their kids.

Ozone and UVC:

O3D2 utilizes AI that utilizes both ozone and UVC light for scheduled maintenance. It helps to remove contaminates from all surfaces in the compartment, including upholstery. Ozone can also get into difficult-to-access places like air ducts or beneath seats.

Decontamination time:

The cleaning process is completely automated and takes a couple of minutes based on various elements. O3D2 tracks progress until everything is cleaned and then moves on to convert any excess ozone back to oxygen to ensure that it is safe to begin operations.

  • When you have an IoT temperature sensor installed inside the room that can detect that it’s too cold or hot, there is no need for AI to adjust the heating or cooling system to get it within limits. Instead, it’s black-and-white IoT that follows simple rules.
  • It is possible to use IoT sensors within turnstiles to measure the number of travellers passing through train stations or visitors to an amusement or sporting park. But this doesn’t work in un-sealed areas or to estimate the degree of congestion on a platform. For this, AI has to work using IoT.
  • If a car stops at an intersection, you’ll require cameras with AI and video to intervene if the vehicle has been there for too long.
  • IoT sensors could be scattered across a park, keeping track of the temperature, humidity, air quality, and if you open a gate in a protected area. However, you will need AI to know the number of people taking advantage of the facilities, whether tennis courts, a playground or trails, at any moment so that the cities and park planners can better meet the requirements of the residents.
  • AIoT

    The combo of Artificial Intelligence with IoT (AIoT) lets transport managers:
    Respond and understand their surroundings in real-time.
    Increase safety measures for drivers and pedestrians.
    Management of traffic flow.
    Access to information for the entire community.
    Real-time analytics equip transportation professionals with the information they need to quickly implement new-generation services and solutions directly impacting their roles and responsibilities.
  • A data-driven, automated solution

    EPIC iO’s data-driven and automated solution constantly monitors the development and performance to maintain the security of chain-of-custody, as well as regulatory monitoring and auditing of compliance using swabs manually transferred to measure the impacts. In addition, deep insights AI constantly mines every customer’s data lake to find patterns that could indicate an abrupt change in a load of pathogens.
  • Biosecurity solutions

    The biosecurity solution suite incorporates an autonomous AI with IoT with cloud and edge computing for strength and resiliency. The first version of the solution kills pathogens using precisely controlled micro-doses of FDA-approved ozone and UV irradiation. Subsequent performances are set to incorporate other evolving technologies under the command and control of EPIC iO’s open AI + IoT platform, DeepInsights.

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To make businesses safer, smarter, and more connected, EPIC iO offers software-focused technology that uses AIoT solutions. Public sector organizations and commercial companies can harvest, produce, and analyze IoT data using our open AI platform, DeepInsights.


EPIC iO offers distinctive cloud-managed solutions that can be set up and managed from a single remote location and create for zero-touch deployment. So that managing your failover solution efficiently doesn’t require a big team (or even one at all).


Management tools are available from EPIC iO to track usage and avoid overages. Furthermore, the redundant features of the Cradlepoint routers offer remote troubleshooting without needing a truck roll and network upkeep.

Since it is susceptible to the same disruptions as your primary connection and is probably slow, wired failover will likely fail if your primary connection goes down. However, the “pathway diversity” offered by the EPIC iO failover solution ensures that it is not as susceptible to disruptions as a wired connection.

You can employ “pooled” data plans from carriers that tame erratic data use with EPIC iO¬†failover solution. Furthermore, it provides various data management tools and notifications to prevent overages and provide customers confidence in avoiding overages.