Why vCloud Tech?Safeguard your business from risk and protect yourself by leveraging analytics that you can use to take action.

Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is a modern, data-driven Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software that provides information-driven insights that offer complete visibility into your security situation to defend your company and minimize risks at an unprecedented scale. With unbeatable reports and search capabilities, advanced analytics, integrated intelligence, and prepackaged security content Splunk ES enhances the process of threat detection and investigation, allowing you to assess the extent of the most critical threats to your system to take swift actions. 

An open and flexible data platform will enable you to remain alert to changing threats and business requirements. In addition, our vast collection of partners, Splunk, community-built integrations, and various deployment options will ensure that your investments in technology are working together with Splunk ES while meeting you wherever you are in your multi-cloud, cloud, or hybrid journey.

Flexible, open database platform: 

Ingest and track tens of gigabytes of data daily from any source, whether unstructured or structured, with complete visibility.


Alerting based on risk:

 Attribute risk to the system and users, map alarms against Splunk cybersecurity frameworks, and issue alerts when the stake exceeds thresholds to overcome alert fatigue.


Advanced threat identification: 

Discover advanced threats by using machine learning and more than 700 free detections that are available for


Threat intelligence embedded:

 Prioritize alerts and speed investigations using built-in threat intelligence of Splunk Intelligence Management integration.


Security content that responds quickly: 

Get automatic security content updates straight from Splunk’s Splunk Threat Research Team to keep you current with the latest and emerging dangers.


Flexible deployment choices:

Deploy Splunk Enterprise Security in a way that best suits the requirements of your company cloud, on-premises, or hybrid.

Complete visibility throughout your environment:

Reduce data silos and gain valuable information by ingesting data from on-premises and multi-cloud deployments. Gain complete visibility and quickly identify malicious threats within your network.

Rapid threat detection:

Guard against threats using advanced enterprise security analytics, machine learning, and threat intelligence. It focuses on detecting threats and sending high-quality alerts to reduce triage time and improve the valid positive rate.

Effective investigations:

Get all the required data and begin agile studies using security analytics. The built-in, open and extensible data platform improves productivity and decreases fatigue.

Open and expandable:

Based on an open, flexible data platform, you can stay on top of the ever-changing threats and demands of the business. Splunk connects you to where you are in your journey to the cloud and links to your tools, data, and content.

Handle Multi-Step Investigations:

Conduct an investigation and breach analysis to track the activities associated with compromised systems. Use the kill chain approach and analyze the attack’s lifecycle by using ad-hoc searches and the built-in functionality of ES. Then, accelerate the detection and response using automatically generated security-related detection and investigation materials created by the Splunk Threat Research Team members.

Prioritize and Act on Incidents

Eliminate false alarms, identify more sophisticated threats, and connect security processes to industry standards like MITRE ATT&CK with Risk-Based Alerting (RBA). Enhance the workflow for incident response through centralized logs, prioritized alerts of UBA abnormalities, predefined and correlatives reports, and incident response workflows based on risk scores. Facilitate investigations and speed up response with Investigation Workbench to investigate one or more significant incidents in one glance.

Rapidly Investigate & Analyze Threats

Learn the full scope of circumstances leading to an alert of high priority using RBA. Perform rapid investigations with the ad hoc search feature and visual, dynamic, and static connections to speed up response times. Examine and pivot on any field of information automatically retrieved from the IT and security stack to quickly establish the threat’s context and track the steps taken by attackers to confirm the evidence. Use Adaptive Response actions to automate sharing, retrieval, and responses for multi-vendor environments.

Data-driven insights that provide complete accessibility and speedy detection

Splunk Enterprise Security provides professional security insight into security-related risks encountered in today’s corporate infrastructure. Splunk¬†Enterprise Security monitoring¬†is built on the Splunk operational intelligence platform. It utilizes search and correlation capabilities that allow users to collect, monitor, and report information from security systems, devices, and software. Once issues are identified, security analysts can quickly analyze and fix security issues throughout the access, endpoint, and network security domains.

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Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) is a data-centric current security information and event management (SIEM) solution that provides data-driven insights and a comprehensive view of your security posture. To help protect your organization and reduce risk at scale.

Splunk Enterprise is a platform, and Splunk Enterprise Security is a licensed application developed by and built on top of Splunk. To use Splunk Enterprise Security, you must first install Splunk and then import the application. 

Free licenses have minimal access to Splunk Enterprise features. Free support is for a standalone installation with only one instance.

A SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) system is Splunk Phantom, now known as Splunk SOAR. Programmatically detecting, researching, and resolving threats is one of the functions of security automation.

Splunk Enterprise Security is a premium app for the Splunk platform that addresses SIEM use cases by providing visibility into machine data from security sources.

SolarWinds and Splunk are the top SIEM solutions. However, McAfee ESM is one of the most popular SIEM software, with features like prioritized alerts and dynamic data viewing.