Why vCloud Tech?IoT Security Solutions To Prevent Attacks On Networks And Devices

Using Internet of Things (IoT) Security devices in healthcare, enterprises, and industrial applications provides productivity benefits; however, it could also make you vulnerable to the latest cyber threats. From IP cameras to smart elevators to industrial controllers and medical devices, IoT Protect secures your company from IoT networks and cyber-attacks. 

Quantum IoT Protect offers the most comprehensive security options to protect IoT networks and IoT and OT devices. These solutions are for environments such as Enterprise Smart Offices, Smart buildings, Industrial, and Healthcare. Suppose you are developing Internet of Things (IoT) devices or implementing them within your business. In that case, our solutions reduce your vulnerability to IoT cyber-security risks and can prevent the next cyberattack.

Check Point IoT Protect:

  • IoT Discovery & Risk Analysis: Discover the IoT and unmanaged devices on your network and assess their risk.
  • IoT Security:¬†Prevent known and zero-day threats using real-time patching and virtual IoT threats intelligence.

Security of IoT Devices and Networks from Cyber Attacks:

In the case of 63% of businesses and 90% of industrial enterprises, and 82% of healthcare institutions making use of IoT, nearly every business is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. IoT devices can make life easier for companies. However, linking IoT firewall devices to networks increases the risk of attack and opens up more access points for hackers. Learn how to implement security strategies to guard against IoT cyber-attacks, such as phishing, ransomware, and crypto mining:

  • Identifying IoT security threats across IT/OT networks
  • Creating policies to secure IoT devices quickly
  • It is essential to prevent both device-level and network-based attacks

Quantum IoT Protect for Enterprise:

Quantum IoT Protect prevents IoT cyber-attacks by adjusting its security on all IoT and OT devices in smart-building, smart-office medical, and industrial settings. Providing zero-trust policies that are specific to each device, Quantum IoT Protect makes use of the following:

  • Real-time threat intelligence
  • 60 unique security services for security
  • Runtime protection on devices to provide an entire, complete, prevention-first strategy to protect against the ever-changing cyber-physical environment


  • IoT-specific Threat Intelligence:¬†Be on top of the most recent IoT threats by using intelligence shared among 100 million gateways, endpoints, and¬†IoT secure network¬†devices worldwide.
  • Virtual Patching:¬†Guard vulnerable devices against exploits known to exploit without the need to patch them physically. More than 300 security signatures protect against IoT attacks based on networks.¬†
  • Self-Protecting the Runtime of a device:¬†Limit the threat of attacks at the device level before devices are compromised by IoT Nano-Agents.

Automatic activation IoT security safeguards, both for device-level and network-based attacks:

IoT Risk Analysis

Examine all risks associated with your devices at any moment with real-time risk analysis based upon IoT network discovery and risk assessment of firmware and threat analysis. You can view all your IoT devices classified according to their risk levels on a single screen. You can also look deeper for an analysis of the risk for each device.¬†IoT Network Solutions¬†are highly vulnerable and unprotected; therefore, they are an ideal target for threat actors. Cybercriminals continue searching for ways to penetrate or exploit devices to infect other essential systems. It’s time to act and secure every device.

Zero-Trust Segmentation

Zero Trust is the only way to reduce your IoT attack surface

  • Zero Trust Source Block the unauthorized access of malicious websites and from getting to IoT devices
  • Zero Trust for Destination Make sure that infected devices aren’t moved further and connected to malicious websites
  • Auto-generated policy Reduce the risk of your exposure and also avoid months of manual configuration of policies
  • Monitor and manage more than 1,500 IoT/OT
  • Commands and protocols

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From IP cameras and smart elevators to routers, medical devices, and industrial controls, Quantum IoT Embedded provides on-device runtime protection against zero-day cyberattacks. As a result, it serves as the most robust line of defense for IoT devices.

 Enterprises should implement network segments that isolate IoT devices from IT resources using next-generation virtual local area network (VLAN) configurations and firewall policies. In this way, both groups protect from possible lateral exploits. 

¬†IoT’s three basic building blocks are Things, the Internet, and Connectivity. Interoperable connectivity to local networks, clouds, or other devices. IoT components are interconnected by networks using various wireless and wired technologies, standards, and protocols to provide pervasive connectivity.

These tools exploit insecure interfaces, decompile firmware, and simulate and analyze code to find bugs that lead to cyberattacks. As a result, IoT devices without proper cybersecurity can be hacked in hours and without cybersecurity in minutes.

Most IoT firmware doesn’t have as many security protections as a sophisticated operating system running on a computer. Also, this firmware often contains many known vulnerabilities that may not be patchable. That leaves IoT devices vulnerable to attacks targeting these vulnerabilities.

IoT SAFE uses a trusted SIM card to secure IoT data communications instead of using proprietary and potentially untrusted hardware security elements implemented elsewhere on the device and provides a standard mechanism.