Why vCloud Tech?Secure Connectivity For IoT Devices That Do Not Have Embedded Security

Extreme Defender IoT is an original award-winning product that offers security for points that have less or even no security capabilities embedded in them. IoT security is now a significant concern for us as a company. In the same way, we are concerned that the process of protecting numerous devices will be complicated and expensive.

The Extreme Defender for IoT solution will help us improve our Security Solution For IoT toolsets without adding complexity. It is specifically targeted at old wired devices that have to be able to roam the building, in a room, or even the campus. It will complement the customer’s existing security system by incorporating in-line security directly on the IoT device itself. It can also be used across any network infrastructure, enabling secure IoT management with no significant changes to the network.

  • Secures Your Critical IoT Devices: Apply and enforce device profile settings, control IoT devices’ network access, and isolate IoT devices into secure zones.


  • Zones Of Security At Scale: Uses Fabric Connect to create secure zones completed quickly at the edge of networks. Also, it works with third network providers, isolating groups of devices within IPsec tunnels.


  • Simple User Interface: Allow staff who are not technically skilled to access, monitor, and move their devices without burdening already stretched IT and networking teams.
  • Defender Application: It is a user-friendly application that facilitates the central creation of security profiles for different groups of IoT devices. After the profiles are set up, the non-technical personnel can safely connect and move their devices. They are also able to keep track of their equipment using simple dashboards as well as centralized inventory.


  • Defender Adapter (SA201) and the Extreme Wireless Indoor Access Point: Serves as a proxy server to the Defender application that allows you to manage and protect IoT devices. Their primary function is to watch traffic flows that include all Layer 2-7 visibility to ensure that the device functions in line with its intended behavior. The Defender Adapter is a single port device connected to both the internet and an IoT device that provides in-line protection.


  • Extreme Cloud Appliance: Available as an application based on hardware or virtual, the Extreme Cloud Appliance is a cloud-like solution that is premise-based and provides management and controller capabilities in Extreme Smart Omni Edge (wired and wireless) solutions. It has a complete set of APIs that allow you to build custom applications, and it’s the preferred platform for The Defender Application.


  • Separation And Segmentation Of IoT Devices: With visibility of layers 2-7, Defender for IoT lets users quickly divide the groups of IoT Firewall devices into isolated secured zones, thus reducing the threat surface for networks. Users can also monitor the device’s usage, location, and roaming. It can help users reduce the possibility of attackers getting access to the more vulnerable portions of networks.
  • IoT Security Without Hassle Defender For IoT Is Easy To Set Up And Simple To Maintain:

Users connect the Defender Adapter to an Ethernet port and launch the application. The Defender application identifies a typical pattern of the traffic of devices on the network. It dynamically generates an encryption policy that shuts down the devices it communicates with and how it can speak, thereby automating edge security for enterprise networks. After initial device profiles are created dynamically, a non-technical user can connect the adapter between the device and the web and select the right security profile with an easy drop-down menu.


  • Installed Across Any Network Infrastructure:

Defenders For IoT can be used on any manufacturer’s IP network, offering an in-line security solution for IoT devices and segmentation using the IPSec tunnels without changing the network. In addition, Defender for IoT integrates with Extreme Fabric Connect (TM), which gives customers the capability to utilize the capabilities of automation in networks and dynamic auto-attach features to improve security on edge.


  • Fabric Connect Secure Zones:

Extreme Defender is designed to be used for the use of Extreme Fabric Connect, the company’s Campus Fabric product. One of the primary benefits Fabric Connect has over Fabric Connect is its ability to quickly and efficiently create secure zones on a large scale. Instead of requiring complex configuration security zones, these zones are completed swiftly and efficiently at the edges of networks. On top of that, with the Fabric Connect network, an auto-attaching protocol known as Fabric Attach is available on the Defender Adapter and the Access Point. It allows dynamic automatic attachment of endpoints and complete automated network services, which means that the end-to-end secure zone is generated dynamically as the device is connected.

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