Why vCloud Tech?Secure connectivity for IoT devices with no built-in security

Extreme Defender IoT is the original, award-winning product that brings security to points with little or no security. IoT security is a crucial concern for enterprises today. Similarly, we are concerned that protecting many devices would be complex and expensive.

That is especially for traditional wired devices that need to run inside buildings, rooms, or even campuses. Instead, complement your existing security system by integrating inline security directly into the IoT device. It can also be used with any network infrastructure, enabling secure IoT management without significant changes to the network.

  • Protect critical IoT devices:¬†Apply and enforce device profile settings to control network access from IoT devices. In addition, isolate¬†security solutions for IoT¬†devices into secure zones.
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  • Security Zones at Scale:¬†Use Fabric Connect to create secure zones completed quickly at the edge of your network. It also works with third-party network providers to isolate groups of devices within IPsec tunnels.
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  • Simple user interface:¬†Allow non-technical employees to access, monitor, and move devices without overburdening already overburdened IT and network teams.
  • Defender Application:
    It’s aneasy-to-use application that allows you to create security profiles for different groups of IoT devices centrally. Once profiles set, non-technical staff can securely connect and move appliances. You can also keep track of your gear with a simple dashboard and centralized inventory.
  • Defender Adapter:
      Acts as a proxy server for the Defender application, enabling management and protection of IoT devices. Its primary function is to monitor traffic flows, including all Layer 2-7 visibility, to ensure that the device functions according to its intended behaviour. A Defender Adapter is a single-port device that connects to the internet and IoT devices and provides inline protection.
  • Extreme Cloud Appliances:¬†
    Available as hardware-based or virtual appliances, Extreme Cloud Appliances are on-premise cloud-like IoT security solutions that provide management and control capabilities in Extreme Smart Omni Edge (wired and wireless) solutions. It has a complete set of APIs that can be used to build custom applications and is the recommended platform for Defender applications.
  • IoT Device Isolation and Segmentation:¬†
    With layer 2 to 7 visibility, Defender for IoT allows a user to quickly divide a group of his IoT firewall devices into isolated security zones, reducing the network’s attack surface. I can do it. Users can also monitor device usage, location, and roaming. That reduces the chances of an attacker gaining access to more vulnerable parts of your network.

Hassle-free IoT Security Defender for IoT is easy to set up and maintain:

 A user connects the Defender adapter to an Ethernet port and launches the application. First, the Defender application identifies typical traffic patterns from devices on your network. Then, automate edge security for your enterprise network by dynamically generating encryption policies that shut down the machines and calling methods you communicate. After the initial device profile is dynamically created, a non-technical user can connect an adapter between the device and the Internet and select the correct security profile with a simple drop-down menu.


Installed on each network infrastructure:

Defender for IoT firewall can be used on his IP network from any manufacturer, providing an inline security solution for his IoT devices and segmentation using IPsec tunnels without any network changes. In addition, a defender for IoT is integrated with Extreme Fabric Connect, enabling customers to leverage network automation and dynamic auto-connect capabilities to enhance security at the edge.


Fabric Connect Secure Zone:

Extreme Defender designs to work with the company’s Campus Fabric product, Extreme Fabric Connect. One of the main advantages of Fabric Connect over Fabric Connect is the ability to quickly and efficiently create large secure zones. Rather than requiring complex configurations of security zones, these zones complete speedily and efficiently at the network edge. Additionally, Fabric Connect networks allow Defender adapters and access points to use an auto-connection protocol called Fabric Attach. That enables dynamic auto-connection of endpoints and fully automated network services. That means that end-to-end security zones dynamically generate when devices are connected.

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Extreme Defender for IoT is a unique solution that provides security to endpoints with limited or no built-in security features. Especially for traditional wired devices that must run in rooms, buildings, and even campuses.

AWS IoT Device Defender is a security service that inspects device configurations, monitors connected devices for anomalous behavior, and mitigates security risks. 

Keep your software and firmware up to date Firmware protects you with the latest security patches and reduces the chances of cyberattacks. Protect your IoT devices by fixing vulnerabilities and exploits as soon as they appear. Enable the option to check for updates automatically. 

The active mode uses Microsoft Defender Antivirus as the device’s primary antivirus app. Scan files remediate and report detected threats in your organization’s security report and Windows Security app.

 By far, one of the most common attacks and infection vectors against IoT devices is a brute force password enforcement on disabled Telnet and SSH services. After gaining access to these services, attackers can download malware onto the device or access valuable information.


Why is the Defender so popular? One of the main reasons is that it is very functional. And with its emotional appeal, the Defender has held back its iconic British presence worldwide for the past 70 years.