Why vCloud Tech?Backup crucial Salesforce data to the cloud. Limit downtime and data loss in the event of user errors or service disruptions by using Salesforce to recover data.

Losing data is a significant concern. Ensure your data is secure using¬†AvePoint’s cloud backup¬†tool for Salesforce. With just a one-click setup, automated daily backups, Microsoft Azure Encryption, and extensive options for restoration, your fantasies are sure. Guard your business against loss of data and corruption by automatically creating backups. Set up a backup policy and restore your data with just a few mouse clicks. Utilize Backup and restore to protect your data from loss, restore data breaches swiftly, and simplify your overall strategy for managing data.

A daily automated Salesforce backup of your data will save time spent attempting to manage backups (and minimizes the risk of making mistakes, too). Keeping track of the sequence in which data will be restored is crucial to maintain connections and relationships to the related records. Customers can also use Salesforce Services or a partner to aid them with the restoration of their data, as long as they have a copy of that data. To assist customers in backing their data regularly, we provide various native options offered at no expense to our customers. In addition, several alternatives from third parties can be used for a complete solution required.

Gain complete visibility of Salesforce backup service to get utilized log-in and backup:

  • Backup and Restore:¬†Salesforce’s most complete backup solution. Backup & Restore is a paid add-on that will automatically back up your data and retrieve your files in case of data loss.
  • Data Export Service:¬†This service lets you create a manual or scheduled backing up of your information through your Salesforce UI. The process will arrange your data into a series of CSV files.
  • Data Loader:¬†This lets you export data by using this Data Loader. This is a more manual step; however, it gives you more control over the information you export.
  • Report Export:¬†An easy way of exporting data from¬†Salesforce backup¬†is by using the interface for reports.
  • Change Sets:¬†You can utilize Change Sets to transfer metadata from a Salesforce or a different org, for example, between production and a sandbox or a developer organization.
  • Worry-free Security: Each day, a backup of your data is automatically created with the capability to schedule additional backups. Retention and data protection demands are always satisfied.
  • Total recovery:¬†Search, access, and retrieve Salesforce data in massive quantities at the organization or object, record, and field.
  • Secure encryption:¬†Salesforce’s data is safe on the cloud. Ransomware and breaches aren’t a match for Microsoft Azure Encryption and the security of your user account.
  • Sandbox Seeding:

     Speedier development through seeding templates. Minimize product errors. Set user access according to permissions.
  • Unusual, then restore to the Sandbox:

     Create your Salesforce backup solution with authentic, anonymized customer information to provide an accurate testing site for innovative add-on solutions.
  • Automated and ad-hoc:

    ¬†Avoid Salesforce data loss; backup it daily using the AvePoint method. Automatic or ad-hoc, it’s up to you to plan additional backups. All backup and restore information are safely stored on Microsoft Azure.
  • Comparison backups:

     Comparison Reports show how Salesforce metadata and objects have changed since backups and can help you identify the thing you must restore when you require it.
  • Flexible, granular Restore:

     Recover an entire Salesforce organization as an object, a record, or even one field. Find and locate everything using keywords.
  • Point-in-time Restore:

     Roll back your records and entities to a particular date, letting the rollback process overwrite unwanted deletions or changes.
  • Delegated, user-restore:

     Admins can centrally regulate the restoration process or allow users to retrieve a record or the records field(s) direct from Salesforce.
  • Status Monitoring Dashboard:

     Review Backup for salesforce and Recovery details, which include dates, times, and the status of jobs (of frequently-used objects), including leads, accounts, and opportunities.
  • Reporting and auditing:

     Gain insight into Salesforce backups and restored data. You can also run additional backups, review graphs, API usage, user activity, and conduct audits.
  • Scale and Security of AvePoint Cloud:

     Hyperscale and 256-bit encryption safeguards businesses regardless of size.

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Backup and Recovery: Salesforce’s most comprehensive backup solution. Backup and restore is a paid add-on that automatically backs up your data and restores it in case of data loss.

 To help our customers back up their data regularly, we offer several native options available to our customers at no additional cost. There are also some third-party options you can take advantage of if you want a more comprehensive approach.

Go to the Filtering tab in Add Backup Job and select the items you want. You are free to choose the objects you wish, but you will find that particular things are selected by default. This default choice is based on Gearset’s extensive experience with Salesforce data.¬†

Third-party cloud backups are an essential part of data protection best practices. Reliable backups and fast disaster recovery ensure that your data (and metadata) can be restored when needed and keep your data compliant.

The most common backup types are full, incremental, and differential backup. Other backup types include full synthetic backups and mirroring.

Seamlessly integrate Amazon Connect with Salesforce to unlock the power of technology and customize the agent experience through data. As a result, we improve productivity and enable you to focus on your customers, not your tools, to provide the best customer experience.